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Barefooters Singapore Meetup

July 12, 2014

Not in the mood to write a long article today.. but here is some update on the Barefooters Singapore Meetup last Tuesday


Negative for -Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

July 5, 2014

OK! so.. why am I not actively blogging anymore? Well, 1. am a bit depressed. I tried to start brisk walking/running again (as you can see in my last entry)… and had started feeling some pain on my knee (which I ignored and tried to keep to myself– as I was embarrassed. and that’s actually why I have been ignoring my friend’s invitation to exercise together)…. what after all this hoo haa about this healthy living.. I have knee pain? How could it be? I am still 2 years short of 40… am not that old yet..

So I kept everything to myself.. until a swimming hiccup.. made me almost immobile for 2 weeks. My best friend “M”, nagged me to see a doctor as it could be DVT. And I said what DVT? Never heard of it.. and was even making fun of her suggestion. Then she said, its a life threatening issue. its a blood clot in the deep veins in the leg which can travel to the heart and lungs and cause embolism in no time. In my mind>> NOOO!! That could not happen to me!! NOO!!..of course being the concerned friend that she is.. she nagged me to see a doctor. In fact she is even angry at me today, for not returning her calls for a day (she probably thought I had a stroke or what).

Anyway– just to rule it out… I saw a doctor a week ago.. who advised me to take blood thinning medication (I hid it on my drawer) and drank copious amount of turmeric juice/tea (sometimes adding garlic to it)…then I saw a vascular /DVT specialist yesterday… who again negated the idea. He said it could just be a fracture. He did a very detailed ultrasound of my legs.. starting from the groins.. back of the knee to my ankle. He said my nerves (close and open ) as its supposed to do.. so its normal. He did see small clots on my ankles.. but that doesn’t even need blood thinners!!! Hah! good thing I did not take those awful sounding blood thinner (WARFARIN).

Popular Videos about DVT here:

(Quoting MH: Blood Clots are not to be messed with– if self experimenting on herbs is not of high priority for you– go to the MD immediately)

I did some lower body yoga exercises in bed to keep the circulation going on my leg== as if I lie down too long, sit too long or stand too long.. I would feel the pain again. Last night I had an acupuncture session. Not sure if it was just the acupuncture or the exercises or both that helped me. Now I can walk without my limp being noticeable.. but I still feel depressed you know why? The vascular specialist ask my mother, why she is so slim and I am so fat (my mother just shared it with me after I asked her why they were laughing when I was at the ultrasound area)…hmmm! not good! not good really!

Why is it easier to nurture other people than for me to nurture myself? Why am I so stressed lately? Well its because I have stopped going to church and Bible studies for almost a year! I can never really escape the realities of this world but I missed the fellowship with my fellow believers.

 He Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other. That is why it is just no good asking God to make us happy in our own way without bothering about religion. God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.”

—C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (HarperOne, 1980), pp. 49–50.


I also have to stop making excuses about being too busy to exercise. I also have to start taking turmeric tea/juice again, to keep my blood at an ideal “thinness”.. to reduce the risk of DVT.  I am so grateful to M for bringing this to my attention– so that I could prevent it.. its a wakeup call.. am not that young anymore.. I cannot just be complacent– — and go back to my old lifestyle…specially when feeling well.

Anyway, my friends at HilawMOM will be meeting with Malcolm Slyper of this coming Tuesday (July 8 2014).. please visit my FB page and comment if you are interested to meet us. We are still contemplating to meet at Geylang or at CHoa Chu Kang.


Cramming for JP Morgan 5K (Run/Walk)

April 12, 2014

Its been very busy at work, so I thought I should walk (the JP Morgan 5k run on the 24th April). Cant Run so will just walk :)

2 weeks before the race 
Day 1: Walk 20 minutes, walk 1 min, run 6 min (11)
Day 2: Rest or cross-train (12)
Day 3: Walk 24 minutes (13)
Day 4: Rest (14)
Day 5: Walk 26 minutes (15)
Day 6: Rest or cross-train (16)
Day 7: Rest (17)

1 week before the race
Day 1: Walk 28 minutes (18)
Day 2: Rest or cross-train (19)
Day 3: Walk 30 minutes (20)
Day 4: Rest (21)
Day 5: Walk 20 minutes (22)
Day 6: Rest (23)
Day 7: Race! Walk 3.1 miles (24)

Alternative Antibiotics – Organic Herbal Nutrients (OHN) for Plants, Animals and Humans

March 30, 2014

An English Translation of this Youtube Video



5kg combination of the following:

Red Chilli Peppers


I am Sandy of Sunshine Chicken. In our previous video, we talked about how we dont use chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics for our chickens

We would like to share with you some of our concoctions


Let us start with OHN. Oriental Herbal Nutrients. We choose plants that have pesticide, fungicidal and antibiotic properties such as garlic, onion, red chili peppers, ginger… depending on what is plentiful in your farm. This is used as fungicide for plants. For animals, it is used as preventive medicine- natural antibiotic and preventive solution for colds, flu and other sickness that animals may get.  OHN is easy to make.This is fermented. Why do we need to ferment? We can magnify the properties of the plants by fermenting, because fermenting makes it easy to breakdown the young shoots of the plants (she is referring to garlic, onions, ginger). The alcohol in the fermentation process helps to speed up the process.

THIS IS not an alternative to vaccinations (for chickens), but an alternative to antibiotics. This is used as preventive so it is given before the chickens get sick or when infections just started to set in.

5 kg of any combination of garlic/onions/ peppers/ginger. We chop them up.. so that fiber will be broken down.


Step 1:  chop the ingredients and put it in a big jar or pail

Step 2: cover the mixture with beer (here we used 3 liters of beer)

Step 3: cover with unprocessed paper (Manila paper) — paper with no prints (dont use newspaper— and secure with rubber band. Store in a cold and dry place. Let it ferment for 12 hours

Step 4: Add 1 kg molasses


(Note: Molasses is  called pulot in the Philippines- its a by product of sugar making from sugar cane. You can buy it from – Bulacan feed mills or from suppliers of raw materials for feeds. Just look at the dilution. ITs cheaper to use molasses than using sugar. Molasses is only 12 pesos per kilo. Its important to use pure molasses. Diluted molasses will not help your plants or animals.

Step 5: Cover it again with unprocessed Manila paper. And let ferment for 7 days

This can be used for humans too. For humans, we use muscovado sugar or coco sugar instead of molasses. Whatever is good for humans then its good for plants and animals too. From time immemorial we use garlic, turmeric as alternative medicines. So we use the same principle here.

Step 6: We add either gin or coconut vinegar. If you use 3 liters of beer to cover the ingredients. Use 3 liters of gin or coconut vinegar to cover the solution again.

Step 7:  Time to harvest the OHN. Just filter out the sludge. This is considered the first cycle

My comment:  , the product of the first cycle — we can call as extra virgin OHN (perhaps)

Step 8:  Repeat Step 4-7  for the 2nd cycle

Step 9: Repeat STep 4-7, for the 3rd cycle…


How to use?

2 tbsps of OHN per liter of water

Use this as spray for once a week for your plants in the farm or drinking water for your chickens (every 3 days)- as preventive. At the start of any illness– use as drinking water for chickents for 3 consecutive days.

You dont need to go to town to buy antibiotics— because you have all the incredients in the farm or at home.



Enzyme Therapy for Tonsilitis, Fibroids and other Tumuors

March 16, 2014
Papaya leaves for the papain enzymes

Papaya leaves for the papain enzymes

Come to think of it! After all that I have read and experienced, something so obvious and right on top of my nose– is the solution to my recurring tonsilitis!! Enzyme Therapy..

From 2009 – 2011, Nanay was on heavy dozes of enzyme capsules/tablets, as part of her Cancer therapy. How could I not see the connection that recurring tonsilitis is a symptom of tonsil stones (which are calcium/protein deposits almost similar to fibroids). Yes, it comes and goes. How could I not see that my recurring tonsilitis does not heal even with strong antibiotics, because the microbes have become resistant.. forming a protein/calcium/enzyme covering around them (just like turtles have their shells to protect them which inactivates the effect of antibiotics)…

Since Like destroys Like (Oil dissolves Oil.. it also goes without saying that Enzymes can destroy another enzyme…even this particular local hospital is using enzymes to disinfect their hands (Traditionally alcohol is used for frequent cleansing of hands.. now I saw posters reminding nurses and doctors to use this particular brand of cleaning agent called “Multizyme”). Do you remember there was a time when local hospitals were bothered by a certain virulent attack of antibiotic resistant microbes, causing deaths in local hospitals? Perhaps this is their solution to eradicate these antibiotic resistant microbes in hospitals.. Read here

Multi-zyme for cleansing hands in the hospital

Multizyme used in local hospitals

Multizyme used in local hospitals

How could I not see that the same enzymes that I gave to Nanay can also work for these antibiotic resistant microbes.

Note; the strong antibiotics I received directly to the veins, reduced the swelling and pain, but it did not eradicate the tonsil stones altogether.

“S”, one of my blog readers, referred me to her GP and Raffles Medical Clinics, because these doctors prescribed enzyme therapy for tonsilitis. Aside from the enzyme tablets I got from Raffles Medical Clinic, I also juice the following for fresh enzymes:

2 papaya leaves
a handful of leaves of chilli
a handful of oregano leaves
a clove of carlic
1 apple (for taste)

Yields: 2 shot glasses

I drink this concoction 2x a day. And then I eat the pulp of Aloe vera leaves. I do not have to take the cough suppresant given by the GP.

Why papaya leaves?
An overseas doctor formulate an enzyme supplement made of papaya and pineapple enzymes. Why not get it fresh?

By the way, there are other enzymes that we need for better health, namely:
A variety of proteases, including Papain (to aid in the digestion of protein). Papain, which comes from papaya, is so effective in digesting proteins that it is often used as a meat tenderizer.
Amylase (for the digestion of starches and carbohydrates).
Lipase (to digest fats).
Cellulase (invaluable in breaking down fiber cellulose into smaller units).
Lactase (which works in the digestion of dairy products).
Bromelain is a great proteolytic enzyme found in pineapples. It digests protein, and it helps reduce inflammation and swelling in joints. Unfortunately, a significant number of people are subject to side effects–such as diarrhea and stomach and intestinal discomfort–when they use bromelain. It can also cause allergic reactions, especially in people who have other allergies.
But There’s Even More
Pancreatic enzymes are part of a substance called pancreatin (or pancreas juice) produced in the pancreas. This complex includes the enzymes protease, amylase, and lipase and is released both into the intestines and the bloodstream.

In the intestines, pancreatin works to help digest the proteins, carbohydrates, and starches of our meals. Supplementation with digestive enzymes along with a meal helps share the workload of your body’s own pancreatic enzymes and can aid in digestion. HOwever, I think eating raw food is much better than supplementing with digestive enzymes.

THough, I have to admit that I cannot commit to a 100% raw diet.. so I am still contemplating whether to supplement or not. For now, I am happy with my papaya leaves concoction. I would also be juicing and eating lots of pineapple the next few days, while continuing to eat fresh aloe vera pulp.

I also have to say that, in addition to the LBB (colon cleansing) and liver flush, I reverted back to coffee enema to hasten the detoxification process (the NaCL and the antibiotics in the IV/drips is not very healthy though necessary for hydration for emergency cases) .. I have been doing the coffee enema every day 3 days prior to my hospitalization and then right after hospitalization (its been 7 days of daily enemas as we speak)… and I felt like I am doing myself good for doing this.. even if its very uncomfortable.

The nodes on my tonsils is now almost normal.. I can still feel something hard there… like a pebble stuck on the left side of my throat, but its not painful anymore.. just a slight discomfort….

I would also go for a chiropractic adjustment for a few weeks, and then do sauna baths at least 2x a week and then proceed with a juice fast and then a lymphatic drainage massage.. M and I are forming a support group for natural moms like us here in Singapore…perhaps we could get group discounts on alternative treatments later on.

Most Embarassing Experience for an Alternative Therapy Enthusiast`

March 9, 2014

Most Embarassing Experience for an Alternative Therapy Enthusiast`is to be hospitalised for 4 days for something mundane as tonsilitis, which apparently was actually Acute adenoiditis

Acute adenoiditis is characterized by fever, runny nose, nasal airway obstruction resulting in predominantly oral breathing, snoring and sleep apnea, rhinorrhea with serous secretion in viral forms and mucous-purulent secretion in bacterial forms. In cases due to viral infection symptoms usually recede spontaneously after 48 hours, symptoms of bacterial adenoiditis typically persist up to a week. Adenoiditis is sometimes accompanied by tonsillitis.


Yeah! Yeah! I thought I had this totally eradicated before (read here).


I am prone to to tonsilitis or formation of tonsil stones since I was a child. My mother used to bring me to our family doctor every month and was given a steady course of antibiotics ever since. The attacks became less frequent during my adult years but much stronger…

Prior to our dabbling in natural therapy

  • hospitalized at a Local Hospital for severe tonsilitis and dehydration in 2002 — (solution: ENT cut a portion of my right tonsils and scraped/pressed the puss out of the tonsil stones,then a course of antibiotics and painkillers via drips)
  • hospitalized at a Private hospital for severe tonsilitis and dehydration in 2004 — ( antibiotics and painkillers via drips.. this was like a stay in a hotel as at that time the company I was working for have the best medical coverage)

When we started dabbling on natural therapy

  • the tonsilitis attacks/tonsil stone formation became less frequent/less intense and started to almost disappear completely, leading me to believe that I have eradicated it

However, for the past few months, it seems I have slowly succumbed to pressure at work and ate everything on sight (everything that my equally stressed office mates passed around.. chocolates, BAKWA (cured processed piece of meat just like the tocino that Filipinos like me love very much.. very unhealthy but very yummy)…

Then we were in a very tight financial position as almost 30% of my Salary is being remitted to the Philippines for a property that I am paying for in 6 months installment. Suffice it to say, I did not spend on quality food and quality herbs — sacrificing my health for that piece of land.

So there I was… Sunday, March 2, I can not eat solids anymore… March 3, cannot drink any liquid, I vomit or cough it out and I was breathless. I asked my mother to bring me to the hospital as I really need liquids to survive. I cannot even swallow a tablespoon of water, even if I force myself to swallow it.. within seconds.. my body would shake and cough/vomit and spit out until I was breathe less.. but I knew I need the hydration as my lips are starting to crack — I have started to hyperventilate, I have’nt urinated for 24 hours, I was pale and dizzy and sleepless and my already sunken eyes were more sunken than usual. With only about 100 dollars cash left on my wallet until pay day, I am pretty sure I cannot self medicate anymore and cannot risk doing this alone… so its time for emergency procedures…. but I knew what I needed was at least the following

  • dextrose (IV/drips) to address the dehydration
  • injectable antibotics and painkillers to reduce pain and swelling so I could start drinking again
  • apparently (nasal drops too) — read here

All of those were what I needed on March 4, Tuesday when we arrived at the local hospital’s A&E at about 4pm… they went through the usual screening and then the triage and then the first treatment…which only came 3 hours later…and that treatment was not what I expected they sent me to an ENT doctor who cut my tonsils to see if there is puss, pressed and scraped it until I cried (no tears due to dehydration)…

Why did I agree for this ENT procedure in the first place?

I dont know — perhaps lack of judgement, perhaps confused because of the pain… but waiting for 3 hours for treatment this is the best that I got.. and I also remember that in 2002 I have undergone the same procedure. However, this time there was no relief after the cutting, pressing and scraping.. but the doctor kept “digging” to make sure.. thats when I pressed his knees hard to let him know that I cannot take the pain anymore. So he said, I will need to be admitted so that I can be given antibiotics via iv/drips and that tomorrow he will have a go at it again (no mention of relieving my pain, no mention of my breathless ness, no mention of the dehydration).. All he cared about is the chance to be able to cut my tonsils.

But again, I tried to trust the system this is all I got.. I have no money… all I have is my Medisave and Insurance which this local hospital will use for my treatment.

After the first treatment… I was made to wait at the A&E Lounge again for another 2 hours.. until I kicked and made crazy movements to indicate my distress.. they kept saying oh the doctor is busy.. tried to write my requests/demands on my Iphone..

Painkillers!!! (they just looked at me and said yes, doctor will see you after this patient)

After another agonizing hour… of spitting saliva, coughing/vomitting, gargling my mouth… (this is the best I could do for myself for the moment)….I was finally injected with painkiller with codine (cough suppressant) and antibiotics.. the coughing/vomitting stopped and I managed to drink perhaps a tsp of water… but I was still breathless… and increasingly tired…I finally gave up asking for treatment and collapsed on the wheelchair..

Finally at 1am they said that “I have a bed available at Ward 55A”— finally I can stretch my legs…I can finally sleep.. but sleep never came.. nurses came in and out.. iv/drips, antibiotics, pain killers, check BP, check my oxygen level, but nobody addressed my breahtlessness … and by the time I doze of at about 5am or 6am.. the DR came — as if in a nightmare he woke me up and asked me to open my mouth again… I was so angry and tired.. but I opened it and he said… you will see another doctor at 11am for another look… what!!>>>??Wake me up at this hour for an 11am appointment?? Did you know what time I got a bed? and what time exactly i was able to sleep? Of course, I cannot shout right? But I was shouting on top of my brains and no one could hear.. if only eyes could speak!!!

So, i brushed my teeth and gargled with difflam, and was wheeled into the ENT again at 11am for the painful procedure, this time its a lady Dr. Perhaps she would be gentler? More caring? 1st thing she did is to call a peer to come to take a look so he will get the experience.. Ok fine in my distress i have to tolerate young doctors needing experience. Then she poked and injected me with local anesthesia while saying yes I know the needles even more painful and she kept injecting the roof of my mouth 5 times. Then started cutting again as if I am just some piece of dead meat.All this while I was couchung and hyperventilating so i was choking on my own saliva, phleghm and blood… Then she stopped asked me to spit and gargle… And then open my mouth wide again for which I said no and then my hyperventilating esclated.. The nurses came to try to calm me down.. They said close ur mouth, breathe through your nose and I was breathing under water… I was chocking on my own bodily liquids, I try to spit, cough and vomit despite the pain as I cant breathe then I said nose drops!!! What? One of the nurses said they cant understand me through my hyperventilation, coughing and spitting… Then I tried to demonstrate ” nose drops” by pinching my nose and pretending to use a dropper to put nose drops in.. Thats when one of the nurses sprung into action. That was a huge relief! And I was able to say, just let me sleep please and give me lots of pain reliever so I could sleep.. Then they finally let me go….

On my bed, I tried to lie flat on my back with my head elevated and breathe as calmly as I could, i wasnt able to sleep as I had to spit the unending supply of saliva, blood and mucus…I asked for a pan so I dont have to run back and forth to the toilet.. They gave me a plastic bag instead which was even harder to use.. So for another 8 hrs I have to run back and forth to the toilet…i told the nurse I cant breathe.. She used that odd instrument to check my oxygen level and said but your oxygen level is ok… Its ok?!! But cant you see that i am panting here as if I am running and swimming at the same time? i am so tired!!! Just give me the nose drops please! And so she did! I was able to sleep for 2 hours.. And the cycle began, 2 hrs sleep.. Nurse check me spitting and gargling then sleep again to be awakened by injections and morr checks.. But with small doses of sleep I was able to regain strength… At about 7pm, i managed to take in a few tablespoons of water only to be told i have to stop drinking at 12midnight until the procedure the next day.. This time, I hid a bottle of water beside me and continued to drink sips of water despite the pain.. Continued to spit and gargle… Until finally a nurse said I will give you anti vomitting medicine so u can sleep longer. So she did, I woke up at 5 am and drank more water, against dr orders. I am determined to show them all I need is hydration, antibiotics, pain reliever . The 5th dr then took a look again and told me he needed to cut again and i said No. He called the most senior ENT, who said “the symptomatic issue” is improving.. So yeah you can return her to the ward for one more night of observation. I felt triumphant!!! And for once, i heard the right statement yes the symptomatic issue is improving ( and I have to deal with the root cause myself at home cause all these doctors have no idea!!!! All they know is cut and dig for puss!!!)….so to prove that I am well and i dont need those cutting procedure, I ate my mashed banana (with gusto) and the porridge ( tolerated)– I even threw away a portion of it so theyll think I have finished it all.. I can actually eat more bananas and other soft fruits… But they only give us 1 banana at a time. The drooling stopped so I was more relaxed this time and was able to engage in chit chat with my 3 ward mates… But I continued to gargle everytime.. Even without DR confirmation I knew I will be going home the next day. I cant wait to go home to continue to recover without drugs but with pure fresh fruits and fruit juices and coffee enemas. True enough, the next day, I was freed from the IV/drips (they kept the three way thingy on my hand though to deliver the rest of my antibiotics on my veins)…

Three way thingy for delivering antibiotics directly to the veins

Three way thingy for delivering antibiotics directly to the veins

A few realizations… so far…
Not all Singaporeans are xenophobic, in fact my neighbours took it upon themselves to buy a cake and birthday present for my daughter (I was on Day 3 in the hospital on her 8th birthday)… my peers in the office sent me flower basket and a note that I have been missed (they probably miss my crazy jokes)…

My daughter's birthday surprise organized by our neighbours

My daughter’s birthday surprise organized by our neighbours

Flowers from my office mates

Flowers from my office mates

As far as the nurses and doctors in this particular hospital is concerned, I know they do not mean to be mean, I know they do not mean to be detached from my pains and my distress. IT was the indoctrination and the sterile system that made them almost robotic in their approach.. everytime they make their rounds,, they spend almost 80% of their time looking at the computer rather than looking at their patients.. it so sad.. that in the advent of technology.. less and less human touch is to be expected.. the more we all have to be responsible and vigilant about our own health…

80% of the time they are looking at the computer instead of the patient

80% of the time they are looking at the computer instead of the patient


My diet since yesterday (day after being released from the hospital) is young coconut or watermelon for breakfast, up to 10 bananas through out the day .. And then for dinner more watermelon, freshly cut aloe vera meat and juice of 2 papaya leaves with apple juice…

I still take the Augmentin ( just to complete the course), but I am going to detox myself from the toxins afterwards.. I also went to Raffles Medical Clinic to get serraenzyme tabs ( recommended by Selle one of my blog readers, but they dont have serraenzyme and was given another brand of enzyme). By the way, the GP at Raffles said that the cutting was unnecessary, all I needed was injectable antibiotics, pain reliever and iv/ drips for dehydration and nose drops!!! Isnt that just what i said in the beginning of this article? I also got mad at myself for putting myself through this…and embarassed in the sense that I didnt practice what I preach about prevention being the key.

The root cause of tonsilitis? A congested liver, constipation, congested colon ==> so that is what I am going to address at home. The root cause of adenoiditis? More likely, its the same, congested liver/constipation/congested colon.

Adenoid Face: Mouth breathing due to enlarged adenoid making it hard to breath through the nose

Adenoids are similar to the tonsils in being gland of lymph-like tissue in or near the backAdenoids of the throat. Tonsils are visible in the back of the throat on each side of the uvula while the adenoids are not typically visible through the mouth and are situated high in the back of the throat, behind the roof of the mouth about even with the nose. Enlarged adenoids can cause difficulty in breathing, may affect the ears, speech may be altered, and may include a sore throat. The breathing difficulty can result in snoring and loss of sleep with resulting chronic exhaustion and irritability. Typically adenoids, like tonsils, diminish in size as children mature.

Adenoids and tonsils are known to help prevent severe bacterial or viral infections by trapping these and preventing more damaging infections in the body. In the process the glands can become inflamed and swollen themselves. In some cases this can become a chronic infection of the adenoids or tonsils and they will remain swollen for a longer period of time. The protection these glands provide is proven for babies and infants while some medical studies suggest that this protection tapers off as children grow older. Some question this information.

To help address the symtomps (while I am also addressing the root cause), I will follow the suggested recommendations here:

And also look at other possible complications:

And possible pinched nerves due to spine misalignment (which is due to my Scoliosis):

Allergic Rhinitis – Kids below 7 Years old (Singapore context)

February 18, 2014

My daughter suffered from Allergic Rhinitis from when she was a baby until shortly after she turned 7 years old. Most of my friends’ kids below 7 years old seemed to exhibit allergic rhinitis as well. For that reason, it seems I really have to write some of my thoughts around this matter. Apparently there is a very specific name for this disease prevalent on young children.

Quote from:

Paediatric allergic rhinitis (AR) Allergic Rhinitis according to a Singapore study done in 2001-2002

The most prevalent clinical symptoms were: watery rhinorrhea 61%, blocked nose 61%, sneezing 52%, snoring 17%, and epistaxis 12%

quote from:

Rhinitis is a disease of the upper airway characterized by runny and/or blocked nose and/or sneezing. Though not viewed as a life threatening condition, it is also recognized to impose significant burden to the quality of life of sufferers and their caretakers and imposes an economic cost to society. Through a PubMed online search of the literature from 2006 to September 2011, this paper aims to review the published literature on rhinitis in young children below the age of 6 years. It is apparent from epidemiology studies that rhinitis in this age group is a relatively common problem. The condition has a heterogenous etiology with classification into allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. Respiratory viral infections may play a role in the pathogenesis of long standing rhinitis, but definitive studies are still lacking. Treatment guidelines for management are lacking for this age group, and is a significant unmet need. Although the consensus is that co-morbidities including otitis media with effusion, adenoidal hypertrophy and asthma, are important considerations of management of these children. Pharmacotherapy is limited for young children especially for those below the age of 2 years. This review underscores the lack of understanding of rhinitis in early childhood and therefore the need for further research in this area.

More from the same study

The studies from Singapore show that the prevalence of rhinitis in preschoolers is substantial with prevalence of 25.3% in the 4 to 6 year age group [15] and a cumulative prevalence of 42.7% in the 2 year age group [16]. These rates are in fact comparable with that reported in the phase III of the ISAAC with rhinitis rates reported at 25.5% for Singapore schoolchildren 6-7 years old [17]. These studies indicate that the prevalence of rhinitis young children may be considerable.

And here is the proposed approach on how to manage Rhinitis “clinically”

How doctors manage rhinitis (recommended approach)

Since my daughter’s rhinitis falls under the allergic rhinitis category, we were told to just manage our environment and reduce exposure dust mites. Management also includes prescription drugs for cold, cough and fever whenever there is a severe attack. This does not sit well with me, as I know its just addressing the symptoms. What we need to know is the root cause.

I discussed this with a few of my Singaporean friends before and a few of them theorized that Allergic Rhinitis in kids living in Singapore, were caused by vaccinations. A few of them postulated that the vaccinations in Singapore were designed for Europeans and not Asians. Therefore Asian kids reacted differently. A TCM doctor which we used to see at the height of my daughter’s allergic rhinitis attacks, said that

” children with rhinitis are just detoxing the ‘toxin’s from the vaccines, and once it is completely detoxified by the body, the attacks will slowly stop, meanwhile during the kids’ first 7 year cycle, alternative ways to manage the attacks (it is drug less) is recommended.”

My daughter’s chiropractor echoed the same observation (without my prompting– I did not even mention these theories to him). He said:

whenever your daughter have a fever, embrace it.. the fever is just like a storm, as the storm/rain cleanses the environment neutralizing toxins, the fever/cold/cough is doing exactly the same thing to our bodies, it cleanses our bodies, neutralizing toxins and makes way for fast elimination of toxins…by age 7 you should see some improvements..

Interestingly, the allergic rhinitis attacks stopped shortly after my daughter’s 7th birthday (or maybe it was also because of the interventions we took during a period of years.. herbs, chiropractic adjustments, nose spa, tuina, breathing in ocean air, yes! like literally going near the beach whenever she is having allergic attacks (works like a free saline nasal spray on a wider scale and in a more fun and relaxing way)…

we sit on the stairs along with locals and tourists.. breathing the humid saline air

This is where we spend our afternoons and early evenings whenever Z have allergic rhinitis attack (free saline nasal spray).. even if the ocean is blocked by MBS.. its fun for her.. and practical for me as its just a few minutes away from the office

suffice it to say.. we managed her allergic rhinitis the natural way.. no anti histamines— we did’nt even bother much about the mites..seriously?? SIngapore is too clean already— what if we bring her back to the Philippines? she will probably have to be on a respirator within minutes upon setting foot in Philippine soil… so I don’t buy that environmental management as the main approach to manage allergic rhinitis.  

One of my blog readers and my friend M is currently trying my approach to managing allergic rhinitis of their daughters (below 7 years old)… well, lets see in 3-4 years time.. this article will probably be another favorite of my blog readers..

So, why does these attacks lessen if not stop after 7 years of age or when kids age?

Here is what the experts say:


It is apparent from epidemiology studies that rhinitis in this age group is a relatively common problem. The condition has a heterogenous etiology with classification into allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. Respiratory viral infections may play a role in the pathogenesis of long standing rhinitis, but definitive studies are still lacking. Treatment guidelines for management are lacking for this age group, and is a significant unmet need. Although the consensus is that co-morbidities including otitis media with effusion, adenoidal hypertrophy and asthma, are important considerations of management of these children. Pharmacotherapy is limited for young children especially for those below the age of 2 years. This review underscores the lack of understanding of rhinitis in early childhood and therefore the need for further research in this area.

The experts know it is prevalent to kids below 6-7 years of age… why then does it lessen after 7 years of age? Did they have lesser exposure to house dust mites? If its true that the most common cause are house dust mites.. can we prove that there is less house dust mite in the same house for all children above 7 years? Do they spend less time at home therefore less exposure to house dust mites? In my daughter;s case, it is very unlikely.. we still live in the same house, same room, we have the same routines.. she spends the same amount of time at home as she did when she was 2 years old.

If I am a clinical researcher with passion to really help children and their parents, I would find a way to find a correlation between vaccinations and possible detoxification of toxins for children age 2 to 7 years old as a possible reason that these attacks lessen after a child turns 7. If I am a researcher bent on really finding the cause and dealing with the cause.. I will move away from pharmaceutical approach..will think outside of the box.. and pray to God that someone will sponsor my resarch even if there is no promise of ROI… Anyway. ever hear of the 7 year cycle?

e.g. something so simple.. instead of giving saline nasal spray.. why not ask the parent to bring the child to the beach.. and stay there for at least 2 hours.. breathe the humid saline ocean air!! That is what 18th century doctors told their patients suffering from respiratory diseases did anyway…everything just shifted focus on drugs after  the 1950′s (major change in the medical education system).. and then everyone just forgot the basics.. and hold fast on what they believe  is TRUE.


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