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Treatment 1: Modified Radical Mastectomy – Feb 8, 2010

February 23, 2010
A few days before mastectomy, I undergo Pre-admission Testing
ECG -normal
Blood Test/count – normal
Lungs – Normal
The Pre-admission Testing conducted confirmed that I have only 3% risk of not being able to recover from General Anesthesia.
Here are the articles we read to prepare and make the unexpcted more expected:
Here is the medical term for the treatment/procedure or the specific type of mastectomy that I have had:
Modified radical mastectomy: The entire breast tissue (right breast) was removed along with the axillary contents (fatty tissue and lymph nodes).
What the articles did not tell us:
1. If you have VERTiGO, it will take you longer to recover from the General Anesthesia (the nurses informed us that usually patients wake up 3-4 hrs after surgery, but I was incoherent up to the 18th hour)– they say its because of my Vertigo. My CT Scan confirmed that I do not have anything to worry about as far as my brain is concerned.
2. That the drain that is supposed to capture the fluid from the tubes is not as simple as it sounds. My daughter has to help me to drain the fluid from the "drain", and measure the amount of fluid twice a day (8am and 8pm respectively), and report to the Breast Cancer Nurse (or BreastCAN Nurse), everyday until the total amount of fluid drained is leass than 30 ml.
Cranberry Juice Concentrate from 21st Century (buy from Pharmacy not Grocery Stores)
1. My daughter asked me to drink 50ml of Cranberry juice Concentrate 3x a day
VERDICT: Breast Can Nurse quite happy thaty the wounds healed quite fast. no infections. no soggy stitches.
She also insisted that I dont drink juice with sugar and other additives bought from normal grocery stores.
1. lots of raw almonds and fruits
2. raw veggies/salads
3. whole meal breads, sweet potato, brown rice
4. Protein from meat – limited to 50g of meat per day
5. Carrot and liver shake (for cancer eating enzymes)
6. TCM Medicine from TCM Centre @SGH called Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre
We went to the Breast Can Nurse on the 17th February. Drain removed 9th day after surgery.
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  1. Nanay Miriam permalink
    March 4, 2010 9:45 pm

    Detailed Bill for a Foreigner (Non-Resident), Non-Subdized, Non-Insured PatientWard (Class A1) 2.0 days $642.00 Single Bed RoomDaily Treatment Fee (Class NR) 2.0 days $189.60 Laboratory Investigations $1,491.40 Pre-admission TestsX-ray Investigations $520.21 Brain ScanSpecialized Investigations $36.60 PathologyRehaibilitative Services $61.20 PhysiotheraphyDrugs/Prescriptions/Injections $32.32 DripsConsumables $270.12 Professional Fees – Doctor $60.50 Miscellaneous – Non Treatment Related $80.00 Surgical Operation $5,746.80 Modified Radical MastectomyAmt Payable Before Tax $9,130.75 ADD: 7% GST $639.15 NET Payable $9,769.90 LESS: MEDISAVE $4,050.00 TOTAL BILL (after Tax and Medisave) $5,719.90

  2. Nanay Miriam permalink
    March 31, 2010 3:27 pm

    what we learned, a mother after surgery. Surgery only removed the tumuor but necessarily eradicated the cancer cells that may still be in her blood stream. After surgery, there were more diagnostic tests, specifically pathology tests–wherein they use my mother\’s breast tissue, to find out what type of breast cancer she have (is it ER+ or ER- or PR+ or PR- and whether it is Her2++ or Her2 negative or whether she have BRCA2 or BRCA1 mutated genes.So, it was more diagnostic surgery procedure rather than a treatment surgery procedure. A diagnostic procedure so that they can prescribe chemo and radiation in a legal way.They took 4 out of the 25 lymph nodes in my mother\’s armpit. Only to realize that only 1 out 4 lymph nodes has mestastatic cancer cells. Then why not remove all 25 lymph nodes?A few weeks after the surgery, we visited her surgeon and told us, "well you will undergo Chemo and Radiation Theraphy, see you again next year", as if he is expecting that there is something to operate on after one year.

  3. August 3, 2012 3:21 pm

    Hello nanay Miriam,
    My mom, just like you is currently a LTSVP here in SG, while me, like your daughter is a PR together with my own family. She has just been diagnosed with inductal carcinoma (DCIS) stage 0 , 2 weeks ago. suggested treatment are either lumpectomy+ radiation sessions (with 20 to 26% recurrence) or mastectomy (with <1% recurrence). and after family discussion our decision is to go mastectomy (we want her to live as long as she could and be live a healthy life)….

    Now our dilemma is whether to do the surgery here in Singapore or back in Manila due to costing (like you we have no more immediate family in Philippines but may consider due to expenses)…

    I am currently comparing the 'would be' hospital expenses (apples to apples), but not yet finalize…

    Just to ask, the above hospital detail expenses you have mentioned, from which hospital was it?

    I will really appreciate your response!! Thank you very much.
    Just like your family, we are also christians and we believe in the power of holy spirit and Jesus amazing grace that healing is here. His words never fails.

    best regards!

  4. August 3, 2012 11:36 pm

    hi sweetmavi,
    Nanay Miriam is my mother– I am the daughter who is a PR, and I am the writing all the articles in this blog.

    for the hospital name, email me — I normally do not post name of hospitals in my blog.

    stage 0 is not even considered cancer yet.. most DCIS patients have high rate of survival whether treated or not.

    please look for Philippine Breast Cancer Network on Facebook and talk to Danny Meneses before you make a decision about the surgery. Did she have biopsy already?


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