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Treatment #2 – 42 day Breuss Cancer Protocol @ Tiaong Breast Haven

March 22, 2010
We (Lanie, Nanay, Zarah & Tita Lita) spent 5 days in Tiaong Quezon at Tiaong Breast Haven, operated by Philippine Breast Cancer Network ( for a 5-day  introductory program to 42 day vegetable juice protocol (BReuss protocol) and coffee enema (Gerson Therapy).
BReuss Protocol info here:
Gerson Theraphy here:
Curcumin Theraphy here:

For a detoxicification program based on Gerson Theraphy & Breuss Protocol

1. Coffee Enema 2x a day
2. Vegetable Juice and Turmeric Tea only (no solid food)
plus supplements:
12000mg Vit C per day
7000mg Pancreatin Enzymes per day
2000mg Melatonin per day
Liver Loving (detox Formula) Multivitamins for Seniors
The cost (for the 5 day intro program and accomodation) is about Php 12,000 per person which includes personal counselling of alternative treatment options for Women with breast Cancer, as well as seminars on enivironmental factors and other matters that caused breast cancer.
This is how she looked after the 5 day protocol–she looked much healthier and happier.

The nun on the right side is also a breast cancer patient, but she did not opt for mastectomy. At the time she was under the care of PBCN she had no money. PBCN still treated her like any other paying customer.

The goal of this Breast Cancer Battle Plan are:

1. To starve the abnormal (Cancer( calles by denying them food) (as you can see in her diagnosis, these cells feed on Estrogen, and that the cells are coated by a “glue”–called ER or Estrogen Receptors, in which estrogen sticks to.) Therefore, no meat or dairy products that fed with hormones-estrogen.

2. To flush out all bad cells and toxins from her liver and intestines, hence the coffee enema, and

3. To strengthen and reinforce her natural immune system hence vegetable juice and turmeric tea (plus a supplements)

4. To convert her ph level from acidic to alkaline (since cancer cells thrive on acidic environment)

5. To increase her melatonin level (hence the melatonin supplement)

6. To increase her level of digestive and metabolic enzymes (to digest protein that leads to the growth of cancer cells), thus the Pancreatic Enzyme supplement

This battle plan is an adaptation from experiences of Rudolf Breuss, Max Gerson and Sat Kaur Dham and Dr. Kelley all of whose natural approaches to human healing combine very well. The program will put her in a 42-day fasting with raw vegetable juice and tea, to remove the metabolic wastes from the body, free the cell membranes from protein build up (which suffocates the cells prevernting proper oxygeneation) and provide the boddy with the necessary essential vitamins and minerals while fasting.

WHY WE CHOSE this PROGRAM? this is not only affordable, but also non-TOXIC and non-invasive. It requires a great deal of effort and determination from Nanay and from the whole family, but it makes us more bonded to each other and makes us more in control of the situation.

I have seen how my mother looked after mastectomy (at the time when she was high with the General Anaesthesia) and how she looked after the 5-day protocolf of drinking vegetable juice and turmeric tea. The difference is quite outstanding. A lot of people may question our decision to go via this route instead of Chemo Theraphy. Be rest assured, that we have done our homework and we reached this decision with open eyes.

Post Mortem (18 months post-operation)
There is no “cure” for cancer yet- but it can be managed, for a blow by blow account of Nanay’s Treatment Options, read

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  1. Nanay Miriam permalink
    March 22, 2010 12:58 pm

    From Left (Cristy- Full-time Nurse at PBCN), Dr. Divina Hey – Gonzales (another guest of PBCN who just want to detox like Lanie, Lanie, Nanay (Breast Cancer Warriror), Sister Cristina (another Breast Cancer Warrior).

  2. Nanay Miriam permalink
    March 31, 2010 2:38 pm

    Nanay is currently on Week 2 of this 42 day juice fast. Still doing her twice a day coffee enema, taking her supplements and still walking around the house as normal.I just wish that she can regain the color on her cheeks (she looks a little bit pale now). Cristy said she may want to drink Ampalaya juice or take Ampalaya supplements. Wondering where I can buy them from here in Singapore.Since RO Water System or Distiller is in the thousands of dollar range here in Singapore, I bought a Novita Water Purification System with Ionizer (Alkaline Water) for $199 dollar.I also brought natural bristle body brushes for skin brushing and taught her how to do skin brushing everyday.

  3. Nanay Miriam permalink
    May 6, 2010 10:16 pm

    Nanay has completed the 42 day juice fast and coffee enema program with flying colors last 26th April.

  4. Linda permalink
    January 2, 2013 1:59 am

    May I ask, what is the result of this Protocol? Is she fine? Did you try something else after that?



    • January 3, 2013 10:00 pm

      Hi linda . NED ( no evidence of disease or progression till today) yes she did a lot of other things after thw fast. Uve got to read my blog in its entirety to know more, i cant rewrite everything again


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