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Clorine, Flouride, Plastic Bottles & Cancer

April 8, 2010

Go to and search for "Flouride and Cancer", it will lead you to a website called

The WHO guideline value (1993) for fluoride (as F) in drinking water is 1.5 mg per litre. The fluoride content Singapore’s potable water is 0.5-0.7 mg of Flouride per litre, according to the URL below:

So, why does the Singapore Government permit this? I do not know why. It is also a debateable discussion in most developed countries like the US and Canada.

What about Chlorine? I believe it is something that PUB cannot do without, because this is the only way to treat the water and remove bacteria and other micro organism. But to treat the water with Flouride for the purpose of preventing tooth decay? I think this is really debateable.

It is also quite ironic that with the proliferation of distributors of Water Filtration/Purification Systems in Singapore (Distillation/Reverse Osmosis, Chlorine Filter and Ionizers), there is only 1 company who sells Flouride Filter.

It took me 2 weeks of researching to find one distributor of Flouride Filter in Singapore.

Distillation/Reverse Osmosis also removes Flouride and other heavy metals, but also causes minerals to leach from our bodies.

So, to reduce Nanay’s exposure to Chlorine and FLouride, I purchased a Doultron Double Filter for $626 dollars at Allercare, a specialilty store for products such as Air Cleaners, Water Filters and other products used to reduce allergens in the household.

What about bottled water from NTUC and COld Storage?

I do not mind drinking distilled water, if this is the only thing available to drink. But to think that distilled water from NTUC and COld Storage are stored in plastic bottles, I have to think twice about the Dioxin released in burning (recycling/manufacturing) plastic bottles. Dioxin again is one of the environmental chemicals known to cause cancer and is present in most breast cancer tissues. <it made me guilty to think that I have fed my 4 year old daughter with distilled water stored in Plastic Water bottles since birth, well at least now, I can do something to reduce her exposure moving forward>

How about other plastic containers in our household?

I replaced my daughter’s milk bottles, with glass ones (Mothers Work in Tanglin Mall) sells them– Pigeon Glass Bottles ($8.90)and Evenflo Glass Bottles ($10.90 each). The plastic ones, of course costs much less– only about $4.90 the most.

However, next time, I will probably try Farlin Glass Bottles instead, it is only $6.20 each, available in this online store

If you are in the Philippines, read this blog on where you can by glass feeding bottles for your baby

All of the plastic lunch boxes, plastic pitchers, plastic water containers had to go away and thrown into the garbage bin, along with all the Teflon kitchen wares.

My father was so surprised, when he saw the garbage bin full of plastic containers and teflon kitchen wares. It took me a while to explain to him why I have to throw them away.

Cancer maybe incurable, so all we can do is to prevent this from happening from other members of the family. And hopefully, by reducing Nanay’s exposure, she can be healed too.

So far, I have complied to the 10 action items in this list, we cannot control the whole world, but our individual action to save our family from environmental cause of diseases, can add up.

 There are many women in my life I care very much about, and I don’t want them to have to go through breast cancer, too,” she says. “The more we know about what’s in our environment, both indoors and outdoors, the more precautions we can take.”

Currently hunting for something like this:

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