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Sunday Morning Walk Thanks to Vernicia

April 18, 2010

Despite all the rewards of the vegetable juice and coffee enema, Nanay still wanted to make sure that we are doing the right thing, with the guidance of conventional medicine.

Silently I prayed that  the Holy Spirit send her doctors, nurses or theraphists who will be genuinely concerned about her health, and will not only help her physically, but also heal her emotionally and spiritually. I even wrote in my entry entitled “A daughter’s plea” and just went about my business of going to work, taking care of her and Zarah.

I always have problems with indigestion and constipation and so was she. Most books that talks about natural theraphy, are one in saying that Cancer is usually caused by a failing digestive system, so I decided I wanted to do a Health Screening to know what my current physical predisposition is.

I wrote “Singapore Annual Health Screening”, in Bing Search Tool, and it the first search result, is the site to Vernicia Health Screening Clinic. I usually go to Raffles Hospital for my Annual Health Screening, this time around, since money is quite tight, I looked for a cheaper alternative. It so happened that Vernicia Health Screening Clinic was offering a promotion for Health Screening Package. So, I signed up and went to Gleaneagles Hospital (one of their partners) for my Blood Tests, Urine and Stool Tests. I topped it up with additional Tests on Tumour Markers, as well as a Pap Smear and Pelvic Ultrasound.

When my medical report was ready for pick-up, Mabel called me and told me , I must go personally so that Roselind can explain the analysis of the report to me. After all the experience we’ve had in Singapore hospitals, I did not have any expectation and even came with an open mind. Maybe this medical person will be different. And so she was, she explained the results to me in layman’s terms and told me that even if I passed all the medical tests, some of it are “borderline” passing or “pasang awa”. Then she also asked me why I added the Tumour Markers, Pap Smear and Ultrasound. So, I told her about nanay.

After the discussion about my Health Screening Result, she told me that she wanted to visit Nanay, and do not worry because she would not charge me for that.

Health Screening in Singapore – Vernicia Clinia Pte Ltd
And so she did visit Nanay yesterday. They drove all the way to Upper Bukit Timah to take Nanay’s blood pressure and BMI. Nanay’s weight is 56kg (she lost about 10kg). Roselind read through Nanay’s medical reports and agreed that the vegetable juice recipe is good for Nanay and that the Coffee Enema is good for liver detoxification, but must not be overdone. She also agreed that since Tamoxifen has been around for more than 15 years, it is a relatively safe drug, and not too invasive. She also agreed that Nanay need not go for the Chemotheraphy , not because of the high-cost, but because of her age, and that chemo attacks both the cancer cells, normal cells and the immunity system. However, she advised that Nanay do go for radiation theraphy. (This proves time and again, that Breast Cancer patients need not be asked to make a decision in terms of health or money, some doctors prescribe Chemo, even if it is not needed. If we listened to her original oncologist, without asking for 2nd or 3rd opinions, Nanay would have been under chemo treatment now or maybe worrying that she really needed the Chemo worth $55KSgd, and just because we cannot afford it, we will live in fear that her Cancer will recur. Living in fear of recurrence is something that we do not want Nanay to live with).

She told Nanay that the best time to sleep is from 10pm to 2am because this is the time when our body healing/repairing time is at its peak. And if in case Nanay wakes up at 3am, that is the best time to pray. She also advised that Nanay go for early morning walk (barefoot on dewy grass) and that we are blessed to live near Bukit Timah Hill. Nanay was advised that the best time for early morning walk is from 6:30 am to 8:00am. So, we went to bed at 9pm (all lights out—so the Penial Gland can produce Melatonin) and chatted for a bit. Nanay do you pray? Then she said, jokingly, No, because I am talking to you. And said, yes of course. What do you pray for? She said, God knows what we need already, so it does not matter what we pray for. Nay, when you pray you have to be specific, you really have to ask what you need. Not because God does not know what we need, but because it humbles as, and God loves those who ask for their need in humility. See, I asked for a nurse to visit you every week, and He gave you not just a nurse but also a Nutritionist. She did not respond, but I know she understood. I told her that I have a strong conviction from God, that she is already healed, she just have to have faith that she is healed already. Whatever we are doing now and in the future, is to prevent recurrence of Cancer.

This Morning, Nanay woke up quite refreshed and chirpy. She told me, come on, lets bring Zarah for a walk. In jogging pants, white shirt and her Adidas rubber shoes, we trekked to Bukit Timah Hill. Each one of us brought our own stainless steel water containers (canteen).

The best Sunday ever since her mastectomy and surgery. Look at her smiling face!

 Thanks Roselind and Mabel of Vernicia Clinic, for bringing us a message from God, for uplifting our tired souls and bringing us back to a place wherein we can appreciate God’s Creation. Truly, whatever we need in order to breathe, live and heal from sickness was already provided to us by God. I am not at all surprised, that people like Roselind who practiced conventional medicine, will one day discover that too.  

And yes, we need Health Screening, for our peace of mind and also to monitor our health, so that if we obey the Wisdom of the Bible about eating vegetables and living to appreciate God’s creation, we have a basis for our belief, and therefore our Faith will increase.


Health Screening in Singapore – Vernicia Clinia Pte Ltd


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