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More Diagnostic Tests by Integrated Medicine

April 22, 2010
Last Tuesday, we saw Dr. Ian Lee of Integrated Medicine at The Neuros , Biopolis Street (off North Bouna Vista Road).
We brought all of Nanay’s medical reports and the list of supplements and food she had been eating since her surgery last 8th February. He agreed that Breast Cancer is caused by many factors such as diet, nutrition, too much estrogen, stress and therefore the treatment should include a lifestyle change (diet & nutrition).
He asked us why Nanay opted out of chemo and radiation and we told him that it seems chemo and radiation oncologists does not seem to see the whole picture and missing a very important part of the puzzle. They only address the symptoms but not the cause.
Dr. Ian Lee validated that Breast Cancer can also be caused by hormonal imbalance and the prescence of envronmental toxins such as Mercury. LEad, & cadmium in Nanay’s body. He wanted to conduct a much more comprehensive diagnostic test, before prescribing treatment.
Here is the list of diagnostic tests he presctibed. For now, I can only afford $600 for both the consultation fee and tests, so Nanay took Urinary Estrogen Metabloites and Hair Mineral Tests first. Since the tests are conducted in Australia, it will take us 4-5 weeks to know the result.

 o   Urinary Estrogen Metabolites – $275

o   Urinary Organic Acids – $533

o   Hair Elements – $210  

o   Thyroid Function – $60

o   DHEA Blood Test – $58

o   Cortisol Blood Test – $55

Total Cost of Diagnostic Tests = $1191

My credit card limits has already been maxed out so I told Dr. Lee, to let me know which onese we should prioritize for this month. He said we should do Urinary Estrogen Metabolites and Hair Elements first.

 Somehow, it seems like it is a blessing that Nanay is not covered by Insurance. This way, we really try to find out which diagnostic tests/treatments will have more significant impact to her treatment plan. FOr other women who had breast cancer and are covered by insurance, they do not even think twice about going for invasive diagnostic tests and agressive treatments like chemo and radiation, because they know that their Insurance would cover it anyway and maybe some of them believe that surgery, chemo and radiation are the only options for Breast Cancer Treatment and that mammogram, CT/PET/MRI Scans and xrays are the all and be -all of diagnostic tests. When the truth is, aside from being harmful, these conventional practices are already 50 years old (almost outdated) and does not even cover the multitude of reasons why a woman had breast cancer in the first place. Not knowing all the multitude of reasons, it seems like the Surgeons & Oncologists, only work within their own silos, without looking at the bigger picture. Leaving a very significant gap, which could be fatal to a Breast Cancer Patient.

By the way, both Dr. Lee of Integrated Medicine and Roselind of Vernicia Clinic advised us that Nanay should have Omega 3 supplements too.

I just hope that Dr. Lee do not charge us with exorbitant fees. 😦

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  1. January 29, 2015 6:02 pm

    hi there,

    can you help me on alternative medicine knowledge?.. ang dami nyo po kasing ideas and experience and I want to start my journey in living well thru integrative medicine. Last CTscan ko po kc they found out that I have gallstone.. no symptoms kaya hindi sya pang surgery kagad. but ayoko po kasi magpa surgey if time comes if pwede naman thru gall bladder flush. 5mm po biggest (multiple count). I’m into supplements po kasi like calcium and HRT..

    • January 29, 2015 9:56 pm

      I wouldnt take calcium supplements and hrt if i were you. Read curezone on how to do a proper hulda clark liver flush. Read for lifelong health

  2. January 29, 2015 6:03 pm

    in addition po pala.. can you recommend a Dr in the philippines.. integrative medicine. thanks in advance

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