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Diagnosis # 8- Hair Mineral Test- Arsenic Levels very High

May 13, 2010
Arsenic changes how cells regulate DNA and cell growth to ways more commonly seen in later stage  and more deadly breast cancers.
I wonder why the conventional doctors we saw in a Singapore Public Hospital–did not even try to find the cause of Breast Cancer and why certain breast cancers are more agressive than the others.
Dr. Lee of Integrated Medicine also had Nanay undergo Hair Mineral tests, which tests the levels of minerals in her hair for the past 6-12 months.
I was expecting she would have high levels of mercury, cadmium and lead, but the irony is her mercury/cadmium/lead levels (in the hair) is quite normal.
Surprisingly, her arsenic levels are quite high. There are 2 types of Arsenic: organic and inorganic. The organic arsenic are naturally occuring in food and nature, however the inorganic arsenic is known to be harmful. I forgot to ask Dr. Lee if they found inorganic arsenic in Nanay;s hair.
Inorganic Arsenic is a known cause for breast cancer as it alters cell signals and damage DNA cells.
Imagine if we did not test Nanay’s blood for heavy metal toxicity?? She could have been eating all the right foods and getting all the right treatment for other bodily functions–and praying everyday–but if her Arsenic levels continue to be high–then the damage to her DNA cells will continue–and this in combination with her high levels of 16OH will probably aggrevate her situation.
God has given us the wisdom to know that whatever we need to live and to heal is already in nature. However, He also reminds us that we live in a fallen world. There are certain things/toxins that we inhale or ingest in our bodies without us knowing it may cause us to be sick.
And yes, I believe in miracles. Miracles are in everyday things–the wisdom given to doctors, and laymen to know the difference between overmedication and the right medication for the right diagnosis. The difference between a quack and a miracle.
I also believe that even today Christ manifests Himself in the physical world through miracle healing. However, these miracle healings only gathered believers who probably had the grace to receive God at that point in time. And you have to agree with me, that there are "miracle healings" that gives Christianity a bad name, either because it is done by  a "false believer" or it lacks the medical records to support its claims

How might Nanay be exposed to arsenic?

  • Ingesting small amounts present in your food and water or breathing air containing arsenic.
  • Breathing sawdust or burning smoke from wood treated with arsenic.
  • Living in areas with unusually high natural levels of arsenic in rock.
  • Working in a job that involves arsenic production or use, such as copper or lead smelting, wood treating, or pesticide application.

I suspect that Nanay was exposed to Arsenic when she was working in JJ Knittwear. A garment factory exporting knitted wear to the US. She worked there for almost 24 years. However, the hair mineral tests, indicates Arsenic in the body for the last 6 -12 months, so I still cannot isolate Singapore drinking water as a source/contaminant.

I know I may be paranoid, but I guess buying a water test kit to test tap water here in Singapore, will not do us any harm (except a few dollars of expenses).

Dr. Lee did not advise any theraphy or medication to reduce Arsenic in Nanay’s body.  At least not yet. He says, that we have to support Nanay’s Kidney and Liver before attempting to remove these toxins in her body.


Interestingly, one form of Arsenic (Arsenic Trioxide) is now an FDA approved drug for cancer, which is in-league with Tamoxifen. I wonder why FDA is approving drugs with harmful toxins??


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  1. Nanay Miriam permalink
    May 13, 2010 6:27 pm

    AbstractBACKGROUND: Millions of people in Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, and Chile are consuming high concentration of arsenic through drinking water, and thousands of them have already developed chronic arsenic poisoning. There is no specific treatment. Some authors suggest the use of vitamins and minerals for more than 6 months. The present placebo-controlled double-blind study was conducted to evaluate effectiveness of spirulina extract plus zinc in the treatment of chronic arsenic poisoning. METHODS: Forty-one patients of chronic arsenic poisoning were randomly treated orally by either placebo (17 patients) or spirulina extract (250 mg) plus zinc (2 mg) (24 patients) twice daily for 16 weeks. Each patient was supplied with arsenic-safe drinking water by installing a locally made water filter at household level CONCLUSIONS: Results show that spirulina extract (250 mg) plus zinc (2 mg) twice daily for 16 weeks may be useful for the treatment of chronic arsenic poisoning with melanosis and keratosis. same site published other clinical trials indicating that1. Green Trea and Black Tea extracts reversed the effects of Arsenic2. Vitamins, selenium and zinc also helped to remove arsenic from the body

  2. Nanay Miriam permalink
    May 15, 2010 4:46 pm

    excerpt from discussionReply by Eve 1 day ago Send Message If your mother has levels of arsenic or other heavy metals, you really need to do a detox to chelate this crap out. After doing a safe liver support cleanse, try something like NAC, which binds to heavy metals to chelate them out. Do not do it quickly. You do not want the liver to be overwhelmed and have the stuff back up in the body. If we are full of these heavy metals, they block regular cell metabolism and our bodies cannot get the nutrients from food and supplements properly. I always think it is best to do a detox under a doctor\’s supervision. It can be dangerous if done too quickly. The problem of course, if finding a doctor who is experienced in helping people detox. ► Reply to This Upload FilesAttach File(s): Permalink Reply by Nanay Miriam 1 day ago Delete hi eve, I also asked Dr. Lee if we should let my mother undergo a detox to remove the arsenic. However, he firmly said, no, not yet, he wants to support my mother\’s liver and kidney first and undergo "urinary organic acids" test, to find out how well her liver and kidney functions to remove toxins out.Once he is assured that her liver & kidney functions well– he said he will advise us on what do next.We also have a nutrinitionist visiting my mother every other week, she said after the test comes out, she will also advise on how to detox properly (she mentioned some Green supplements and a few other things that I cannot remember now) ► Reply to This Upload FilesAttach File(s): Permalink Reply by Eve 18 hours ago Send Message It sounds like you have a really good doctor. He is right. It is very important that the liver and kidneys are functioning well before doing a detox. You want the pathways clear so the toxins are drawn out of the body, and do not back up. If only everyone could be so lucky to have doctor like you have! ► Reply to This Upload FilesAttach File(s): Permalink Reply by Nanay Miriam 32 minutes ago Delete hi eve, I really think he is a good doctor. When my mother asked him if we should throw away my mother\’s 1 month supply of Tamoxifen. He said he is not a big fan of Tamoxifen, however from a professional standpoint he cannot argue with another doctor on what is good or not for a patient. He said we have read enough and should be able to make an informed decision whether to continue on Tamoxifen or not.I cannot agree with you more, actually I was the one who asked whether my mother should go for a detox right away to remove the arsenic– his eyes widened and said firmly, please, no, not yet, there are other things he would ask us to make a decision on our own (like go on or off Tamoxifen)– but with the detox he did not even allow us to continue thinking about it..he said, he knows my intention is good– but detox right now is not the right time. ► Reply to This Upload FilesAttach File(s):

  3. October 9, 2013 12:09 pm

    Update: Integrated Medicine Clinic in Singapore no longer offer the Hair Elements Test due to the “guidelines from MOH Singapore”, we will try ordering it online from DirectLabs


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