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As a Christian- why do we have to see all these doctors?

May 14, 2010
We need to see a doctor. We need to undergo diagnostic tests as much as God tests our spiritual strength. Our testimony will only be much more stronger if there are tests to show that this person is really that sick. The problem with some testimonies is that it becomes something like a Pollyanna claim to some miracles. Even Buddhits, Yogis and other naturalists believe in miracles. If your testimony is not backed by a sound documentation of the real issue–it is just another "advertisement" to gain more members in CHurch rather than convincing people specially the intellectual ones– that the body is magnificiently designed by God to heal itself.
Some people are easily swayed by those who perform miracles that sometimes they would even listen to Momay, Agua or that little boy in TFC that he can heal the sick through his faith in God. Paano naman yun mga taong di basta basta naniniwala and who are naturally inclined to look at logic rather than feelings or rather than quick solutions to problems?
Yes, I truly believe that my mother is now healed! But I want more than that convinction that she is truly healed. These doctors and some of other friends who still does not believe in God’s capacity to heal the physically, emotionally & spiritually sick — will also believe.
Most of the time, when a person was healed through faith— they would go the doctor just for confirmation that they are really healed… then what will the doctor say? Ay false positive! Mis-diagnosis lang pala yun. She was not truly sick– therefore no miracle?
When Jesus healed the sick, He healed them in many different ways. Some of them were healed on the spot. Some of them– like the blind man- have to travel all the way to the River of Siloam to be healed.
Ironically, the parents of the blind man did not believe that the man was truly healed by Christ. They even thought that it was a different man. Or maybe they are just in denial.
If you are the one who is in denial, would’nt you appreciate that someone will patiently let you see the Truth? By showing you diagnostic tests to show the real cause?
How can you address an issue without knowing the real cause? How will you know if someone is healed– if you do not know the seriousness of that person’s health situation in the first place?
Would’nt you wait until Christ unravel my mother’s through persona, while He is teaching us through this all? Yes, she is healed! But I would rather continue being taught by Christ, than just saying yes she is healed, and stop right there and then, without pausing to know the real issue.
Even Peter commanded someone to Stand up and walk/be healed according to his/her faith.  God is patient.  We live in a fallen world, our bodies may be chronically sick that the chemical imbalances in our bodies may hinder us from seeing God’s wisdom. And our God is patient, He will wait for us to heal, physically, however long it may be, until our physical bodies become more stable for our spirit to come to a place where we can listen to God’s proding and patient words of admonition.
I cannot short circuit this process, just for the sake of showing everyone look — my faith healed my mother! Because it does not work that way. God will have to work on my mother at His own terms and at His own perfect timing.
Will you talk to a drunken man or a drug addict high with Cocaine about spiritual matters? No, you will wait until the toxins (alcohol/drugs) are removed from the person’s body –then you wait for that man to be conviced that he has a problem/ that he may be lacking something– finances, health, relationship, security– and you will convince that man that he is truly sick/ in need of God’s grace.
For someone like my mother who has always been healthy and who have always been doing the right thing, it is so hard to see that she needed Gods’ grace, because she is so strong.  My earnest prayer is that Nanay would see God’s grace in full splendor. 
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