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July 5, 2010
Great Books to read about Holistic Theraphies for Cancer
Healthy by Choice by Cynthia B. Llantada— a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor
Cancer Healed Naturally by Betty Khoo – a Singaporean/Australian Cancer Survivor
Heathy by Choice– is a great read since the book is so thin/small but it does not mince any word, there is no redundant messages on what causes cancer.
It provides a practical guide on how you can find a good doctor, and what kind of supplements are readily available in the Philippines (like virgin coconut oil).
From this book, we learned that trampoline bouncing is a good exercise at micro-cellular level, improves lympathic drainage.
Cancer Healed Naturally– great read since it provides anectodes from different Cancer Survivors (not just breast cancer) but all types of Cancer.
Other great books to read, "What your doctor does not tell you about Cancer" and some books written by Suzanne Sommers.
While these books also believe in holistic, natural theraphies, it is too North America centric, that sometimes we wonder where we can find all those ingredients.
Healthy by Choice and Cancer Healed Naturally are more relevant to South East Asians like us (Filipinos and Singaporeans), since the herbs and food recommended here
are readily available in tropical countries.
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