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Why you should say no to mammograms

April 4, 2011

If you are a young woman (below 50 years old) who are just going for your Annual routine check-ups. Here is a reason why you should no to mammograms. There are other less invasive diagnostic tests like breast ultrasound (with elastography) and themography. Ask your General Practitioner about it. If they insist on mamograms, print this leaflet and bring it to them or their supervisors. You should not be forced to make a decision, you pay for your annual check up anyway.

Read this:

The following questions may help a woman initiate a conversation about breast cancer screening with her health care provider.

•I am interested in your opinion, but I am going to make my own decisions. Can you work with me?
•How do you evaluate my personal risk for breast cancer, and what do you consider in evaluating that risk?
•Do you recommend I get a mammogram? Why?
•At what age do you recommend that all women get a mammogram?
•What do you see as the risks and benefits of a mammogram for me at my age?
•What alternatives might be available to me if I don’t want to get a mammogram?

New Women’s Imaging Technique Allows For A More Accurate Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer
ScienceDaily (Apr. 24, 2009) — Breast elastography allows physicians to give a more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, according to a study performed at Singapore General Hospital in Singapore. Breast elastography is a new technique which looks at the mechanical properties of tissues (relative stiffness) as opposed to conventional ultrasound which looks at the backscatter of transmitted ultrasound waves through tissues.

Ninety-nine women with 110 sonographically visible lesions were evaluated with ultrasound, elastography and combined ultrasound and elastography. 26 lesions were malignant and 84 were benign on histology. “All breast cancers (100%) in the study were diagnosed correctly by elastography alone compared to 88.5% by conventional ultrasound,” said Llewellyn Sim, MD, lead author of the study. “The use of breast elastography alone or combined with ultrasound provides a more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer,” said Dr. Sim.

“Breast elastography improves the sonographic diagnosis of breast cancer. It also potentially reduces unnecessary work-up i.e. biopsies of benign breast lesions and patient anxiety,” he said.

“Breast radiologists will see elastography in a different light when they realize that it has come of age and outperforms conventional breast ultrasound. With the sterling results and knowledge gained from my study, I am more confident in using elastography to assist me in obtaining a more accurate diagnosis of breast lesions detected with ultrasound in my daily clinical practice,” said Dr. Sim.

This study will be presented at the 2009 ARRS Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, on Wednesday, April 29.

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