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Curcumin and First-line Herceptin Monotheraphy (Part 1)

April 9, 2011

Here is a comparison of a Normal Breast Cell and an Abnormal Breast Cell with overexpression of Her2 receptors. Nanay was diagnosed with an over expression of Her2 receptors, which is said to be an agressive form of cancer.

and here is what Herceptin does:
Standard (conventional) care for those who are diagnosed with overexpression of Her2+ is either of the two:

1. a few cycles of chemo therapy (kill everything in its path- both good and bad cells) and then either a 6 month or 12month treatment of Herceptin (to target the Her2 receptors)
2. combination of chemo + Herceptin

Nanay’s oncologist recommended that she take the first option (a few cycles of chemo and then 6 months on Herceptin). Our intuition tells us that this is not the right way to go ( at least for Nanay).

We like the idea that Herceptin targets only the Her2 receptors and does not kill the good/bad cells. Its like a guided missile that only seeks to kill what it was programmed to kill. Chemo is like an atomic bomb, it kills everyone– good or bad.

A year after the diagnosis, I thought maybe its time to reconsider Herceptin again- through research (googling) and asking a few BC patients, I found out that First-line Herceptin monotherapy is possible, meaning it is possible to just take the Herceptin without chemo either or before the Herceptin infusions.

We have an appointment in the next few weeks with different oncologists. Will ask for MUGA scan (to test her heart) and also oncotype dx (to rule out that chemo is not right for her). Oh dear Lord, help us find an oncologist who will not dismiss all of my questions about First-Line Herceptin Monotherapy as well as our concerns that chemo will not work for Nanay.

First-line Herceptin Monotheraphy

Tests if Chemotherapy works without testing it on patients

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