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Taking Action (2nd time around)

April 29, 2011

Nanay have completed the 42 day fast last year, and was very disciplined and came out of it a true winner. After seeing the results of her Annual Health Screening, am sure that the fight is not over yet, although it looks like she is in remission. This time she wants to do the full Gerson Protocol, instead of the modified version.

To know more about the 42 day Breuss/modified Gerson and Kelly Protocol from, click here.

Coffee Enema Kit

Coffee Enema Kit - click image to know where you can purchase this in Singapore

I am so blessed with a very understanding boss. I was able to ran a few errands this afternoon to purchase 4 packs of organic coffee for Nanay’s coffee enema and also to purchase Charlotte Gerson’s book

hmmm by the way, here is a “friendly” description of the enemy err.. enema..

Our prayer items:
1. Praise God for outstanding results of Nanay’s blood tests and more blessings for Lanie’s good and supportive boss and family group
2. God’s mercy, leading and preparing the heart of the local MP for Nanay’s appeal to reverse ICA’s decision to decline her request for extension (long-term social visit pass).
3. Safe trip and provisions for Short-Term Missionaries (Pastor Andy, Sister Joy, Milarose, Rubilyn, Michelle, Sister Carol) for Calapan Vacation Bible School (May 8-15)
4. Provisions and support throughout the 42 day fast (from May 1 to 11 June)
a.) protection for Zarah and Tatay’s health and emotional and spiritual well being
b.) Medical practitioners who stay true to the Hippocratic Oath to help monitor Nanay’s statistics during the fast (blood pressure, heart rate, blood tests)
c.) Emotional, mental and spiritual strength for Bong, relatives and close friends witnessing our situation
d.) Unconditional love and support from friends and relatives who may not understand our treatment decisions
e.) prayer group to conduct intercessory prayer every 6am in the morning
8. Solid nodules on left breast–are benign (scans scheduled on 26 May)
9. Uterine fibroids to shrink (scans scheduled on 26 May)
10. Lanie’s homocystein levels and hypothyroid symptoms to improve (blood tests to be repeated again in July 24)

After this we are going to see what other treatment/maintenance options we have.

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  1. May 2, 2011 3:47 pm

    answered prayer! thanks to everyone who interceded for us. We have just talked to our local MP this morning, with the help of our landlord. He adviced us to send the letter of appeal to ICA and use his name as a reference. He said he will process our appeal next week .

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