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3 Reasons to Celebrate

May 2, 2011

Nanay at Fuyong Park with my brother, my nephew and sister-in-law at the new Fuyong Park

The Annual Health screening showed no spread of cancer in Nanay’s vital organs such as liver, bones, brain and lungs. Yehey! This is a reason to celebrate… so we celebrated today 2 May at the newly inaugrated Fuyong Park (Just a block away from hour house).

We still cannot claim even partial re-mission today, as we found solid nodules on her left breast via ultrasound. I am hopeful that these nodules are benign, because last year, the ultrasound was able to recognize the malignant tumours (mammograms and biopsy only confirmed it). This time around we are not using mammograms/biopsy to rule out that the nodules are benign- we are ordering Breast Elastography instead.

Today, 2nd May is the opening of the new Fuyong Park (a few blocks away from our house). The neighborhood association organized a party with clowns, face/hand painting, balloon artists and a small football league for kids.

It is a good opportunity for the whole family (including my brother, daughter-in-law and my niece/nephew) to celebrate the good news.

Our landlord is an officer in the neighborhood committee, and introduced us to the local MP (a government officer).

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Member of the Parliament (MP), after his speech. Opening of Fuyong Park

We had a chance to catch him after his speech and “walk-about”. The local MP asked us to send a letter of appeal to ICA and let the immigration officers know that we have approached him.

Back to Nanay’s possible Remission. We are hopeful but not totally detached from reality. Hope is an expression of faith not fantasy.

Read about Remission here

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