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Happy Mother’s Day Nanay!

May 9, 2011

I was hit by the online bug since March 2011–Every night, my mother had asked me to go to bed and stop researching about her illness, but I can’t help it.. this caricature somewhat sums it all up! Anyway, for the record, I have already stopped being glued to the PC, and have started taking action again– as I have enough information to make a decision. Nanay and I celebrated Mother’s Day in a low key fashion– just went to church as usual. Zarah is now learning to take good photos, too. We enjoyed the short Mother’s Day presentation organized by our Singles Ministry.

May 8, 2011 - Mother's Day (me and Nanay)

About Nanay- my dearest mother.. I learned to hold myself with dignity, respect and humility. My mother taught me to love and care for humanity, and a compassion that I have never seen matched. She is brilliant, and more generous than any p…erson I have ever met. I know my mother loves me more than life itself. Her latest lesson is Courage as WE seek treatment for her condition and she enter the great unknown, and faces her inner demons…And I promised her that I will be her strength when she needs it, and her patience when she cannot bear it anymore..however much as I try to be her strength and her patience.. it seems I cannot outdo her in everything..she is still much stronger and patient than I am.. she is still the one helping me fight my inner demons.. only through her that I find my own darkest fears and darkest emotions… and with her I find the True Source of strength, hope, grace, faith and love — our Lord Jesus Christ. I love you Nay! and Thank you Lord for your unending mercy and for teaching us filial love..

Zarah (my daughter) wearing skirt and top lovingly made by Nanay

Last Friday- my daughter Zarah called me at the office and sang this song on the phone.. Mommy loves me this I know, For your sweet smile tells me so, When I’m feeling very sad, You are there to make me glad. When I need a hug at night, How you hold me oh, so tight, THank you for the things you do, Mommy dear, I love you too!! 🙂 🙂

Zarah is growing up to be a sweet and caring girl — and I am sure I would have not done this without Nanay’s help. There are times when I felt I should have spent more time for Zarah, instead of working and bringing home the bacon. There are times when Zarah would call me at work and say, Mommy please go home now and read me a story— and some times I do wallow in self pity and guilt trip for not being able to do what I should be doing in the first place (mothering my own daughter)– but then I do realize that my mother was also working for all her life and it did not change how I felt about her– that she loved us unconditionally– and somehow, Zarah’s tiny little heart seem to “get” it too!

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