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Be Prepared Challenge! (Part 1)

May 13, 2011

Worm sleeping in - to avoid the early bird

I agree that early detection saves lives. That the early bird catches the worm. But what if the worm is smart and decided to wake up late? What if the cancer decided he is too smart to be detected by scans?

Nanay asked me why she had to go for the full Gerson therapy this time around when it seems there is no evidence of recurrence. Upekah shared a story about Ms S (a cancer patient who used a modified Gerson therapy and did not have success in managing her cancer).

Upekah had this to say:
An excerpt:

Upekah (on Ms S’ case):
>“It’s never easy at a difficult time like this to start reading and only find out what therapy is suitable. On one hand, the knowledge of alternative medicine is still at it’s infancy while at the other, there is a loved one who is now depending on your ability to pick out the right choice. So, it’s better to be prepared early and read while you are not sick. There is a Chinese saying that says “Do not only start digging a well when you are thirsty!” I learned my lesson the hard way.”

My say:“I could relate to Ms S’ brother (the one of seems to have the responsibility to pick out the right choice for his sister). My mother wanted an all natural therapy and I supported her and it seems I am the one who is more into natural therapy that she had a year ago. However, I told her we had to do a natural therapy that has some track record and history to prove its efficacy and a method that I can follow and monitor—so that I know how to help her.”

Upekah (on Ms S’ case):
In the above case (Ms S case), although the Gerson therapy was chosen, there was never really a full understanding what the therapy entails. For economic reasons, only partial organic fruits and vegetables was used. It was also compounded by the fact that only three supplements were used and even then the dosage was about 20-30% of the recommended intake. So when the therapy did not work, it was immediately assumed it was not effective with no thought as to whether one has followed the requirements of the therapy or not. Dr Max Gerson has said in his book, if you cannot follow, don’t do his therapy. Instead, attention and resources were shifted elsewhere.
My say:
This also had hit home for me. We finally found a licensed Gerson practitioner and licensed Gerson caregiver (husband & wife tandem), who would support her full Gerson therapy. Based on our initial discussion, our total expenses for the next 6 months will be around :
$ 13,680 SGD , breakdown as follows:
$1,000 Annual Scans
$600 Juicer
$290 Water distiller
$150 Gerson practitioner – initial consultation
$2,040 Initial cost

Monthly expenses $1,940.00
$800 organic food and supplements
90 x 2 Gerson practitioner – subsequent consultation (2x per month)
$260 Monthly blood tests
$700 Full-time caregiver

For economic reasons, my mother is trying to be frugal and save on organic foods and supplements and does not want to receive help from a caregiver. If she cannot do this the right way and will always be worrying about the cost, it will defeat the purpose. Either we do it whole heartedly or we don’t. Otherwise, we will be just like another Mr & Ms S.

Upekah says:
I would in such a case take full organic from the very start. This is so that the body has an opportunity to detox and get full nourishment. When my financial resources run low, then I would switch to non organic. If you have to choose between organic and non organic, use the two tables below as a guide (source:

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