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Be Prepared Challenge (Part 2)

May 13, 2011

We are currently on Week 2 (preparation to Day 1)

A silver lining:
A Singaporean, Yong Lee Rose Kien, shared her healing story based on the Gerson therapy. I printed the article and showed it to Nanay. She is still quite disciplined with her daily coffee enema but is always depressed because of financial concerns. I do believe that in anything we want in life wether it is health, wealth or love, there is always an investment that needs to be made on our part. If we want to regain our health back, we have to work hard for it and also invest money on it. It does not matter wether you do it before or cancer or during cancer… we will have to spend money anyway. Why don’t we just put our 100% commitment to it? And just bite the bullet?

Yong Lee said:
“The total change of lifestyle overwhelmed me. I had to be very disciplined in my eating habits and time management. My family and I struggled financially throughout the program, having to cope with the high cost of organic food produce in Singapore in addition to the cost of supplements, coffee for enemas, and monthly blood tests. Also, there was tension between my family and my in-laws, as we all live under one roof. They doubted my choice in pursuing the Gerson Therapy over conventional treatment. This caused some real issues when we were using the same kitchen!”

My say:
We’ve had the same issue a few months back when my brother and his family used to share the apartment with us. And we are continuing to struggle financially because now I have to pay for the full rental of the apartment. However, at least, there is no more tension in the house and the regular visits of my brother and his family has become quite a welcomed experience rather than a tensed interruption.

Yong Lee said:
At times, I felt lonely, and tempted as well, from the constant exposure to their way of cooking and eating habits. However, I did not allow these difficulties to obstruct my way to completing the Gerson Therapy. I told myself, “Once decided, I will not look back. I will persevere to complete it!” I believe that God will give me His grace and strength to complete it successfully if it is in His will.

My say:
I am glad that Yong Lee was successful in overcoming the challengs on Gerson Therapy and that she had faith in God to help her pull through the rough spots. I hope my mother would do the same.

Yong Lee said:
After one year on the Gerson Therapy, my MRI result was clear, stating “No evidence of recurrence is seen. The cervical lymphadenopathy seen earlier has resolved.” I continued on the Gerson Therapy for another year and a half to totally restore my health.

My say:
Our Gerson practitioner encouraged us to try Gerson for at least 6 months and be fully committed to it for 6 months following the regimen to a T, and then evaluate it and make a decision to add new protocols or maybe to change to a new protocol. However, I do believe that healing takes time. For Yong Lee, it took her a year to finally hear “NED” or “No Evidence of Disease”. And another 1.5 year to fully recover her health.

Nanay will start the Full Gerson Therapy on June 6, 2011. Charlote Gerson warned family members of Gerson patients being depressed or discouraged specially in the 6th month of the therapy. It seems Nanay is getting discouraged too early. So, I had to use my tough love strategy and had to tell her ” Nanay, I know this is difficult and I know this getting expensive and more than what we have expected it would be– but you realize that the other option is chemo and Herceptin. Which one do you want? Gerson or Chemo?”

Well to that she said “Nothing, it seems I will die anyway“. Ahhhh! it seems I have to try harder. This time I used the “do-it-for-me” card, which always work wonders. “Nanay, if you cannot do this for yourself, ..then do it for me, do it for Zarah. We still need you. We have to invest 2 years and a few thousand dollars in exchange for your health and a longer life.” To which she said, ” that would only be a few years anyway”. By then I my patience had run out, so I just walked out of the room, to pacify myself and came back to her and said ” You have to go through this, nanay, so I learn how to do this for myself too– just in case I also get cancer. You see, this is not just about you, its for me too, its for Zarah! I cannot just watch you die!”

After that– SILENCE! this morning, I saw her preparing her coffee enema and carrot juice! Tough Love Therapy successful!!

A message to all primary care-givers like me:The life you save may just be your own! “
” The Theory is Simple
The Therapy is Hard
The Result Transforms Lives!”

There are few more things that I would like to buy for her, e.g. a clawfoot bath tub, an infrared sauna and a Norwalk juicer (that costs almost $5ksgd)… ahhh! yeah this one goes to a wish list! On the other hand, Nanay wants me to spend my money in fixing our kitchen sink and our toilet. In my mind, I was thinking, that’s lower priority– your treatment is higher priority. Or probably not! of course I have to spend money to fix the sink and the toilet. That is where she will spend most of her waking hours..

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  1. May 14, 2011 6:20 pm

    You are a wonderful daughter! Bless you! I was delighted to see your picture in a previous post.
    I’m glad that you are there to encourage your mother…
    I’m beginning a juice fast today… I will raise a glass of juice to you both!

  2. May 14, 2011 10:57 pm

    hi Liz,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I know it is hard to walk in a cancer patient’s shoes.. and I cannot pretend I understand my mother enough in order to say the things that needed to be said.. but I do take a lot of my strength from her too.. so it pains me when she disillusionment hits her.. as it seems I have lost my source of strength too.. but you see Gerson Therapy is not a therapy for a single individual its a therapy for the whole family too.. very much unlike conventional treatment– wherein it leaves everyone else isolated.. am so glad that GT is available for even the common people like us.. that I can also do it for myself.. so that I can truly say to my mother.. I know its hard, I know its incovenient and sometimes even downright selfish– as it seems you have to stop being a mother and a care taker of everyone– and start taking care of yourself… thats why I have to be tough and tell my mother– you are not just doing it for yourself.. you are also doing it for your children and grandchildren.. This cancer hits all family members not just you as an individual.. so Liz, if you are just like my mother feeling you are being a burden to your family or your children.. please shut that negative chorus down.. and start doing this for yourself– knowing that you are also teaching us, your family, your children how to live right, how to live with dignity.. how to live healthy. God bless you and raising my glass filled with yummy green juice!

  3. August 3, 2011 3:45 pm

    I love the way you take care of your nanay, as for me I almost forgot myself, but mamang noticed it, she’s always the one who opened the door and seeing me lifting a heavy loads of carrots and some veges to our condo at the 4th floor. She cried in the morning and said “I don’t want to see you like that” , I just replied “Mamang it is my role as your son, and it is God’s commandment for every sons and daughters” then the following days my mamang is the one who prepared some juices, in case I am at 3 working days (spending other days to strictly watch her schedule). With God’s help whatever would be the result, I always thank God for having such wonderful mamang in our lives.

  4. August 3, 2011 7:04 pm

    Hi Homer,
    Mothers are like that– I think its hard for them to accept that we have to start taking care of them instead of them taking care of us. Kaya minsan pinagbibigyan ko rin sya, she makes juice for me every morning too, and sometimes nags me to do my coffee enema as well.

    Homer, in the Bible, the commandment that says Honor your mother and father, is the only commandment with a blessing. Taking care of your mamang is a way of honoring her. It might be hard for us to live normal lives but your blessings will come in other ways. For example, good job , a good boss, perhaps?

    Keep praying fro God’s will in your life and your family.

    God Bless,


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