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Fungal Theory (maybe YES!) but NO to Baking Soda Treatment

May 16, 2011

Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate

I may consider to research about the Fungal Theory (as a cause of cancer), but NO, never would I allow my mother to take Baking Soda (orally or by injections) to cure her of cancer! I believe in the efficacy of natural medicine, that cancer thrives in acidic environment, that we need to alkalize our bodies, but NO to BAKING SODA!!

NOTE: not even Dr. Simoncini (Italian oncologist who discovered the Fungal Theory), not even Dr. Doug Kaufmann (supporter of Fungal Theory), asked anyone to take Baking Soda orally for cancer treatment. Neither should you!

I would probably consider the alkaline treatment as outlined here:

and again, no to BAKING SODA! Yes, it is cheap! Curcumin is cheap! And it for sure healed my mother’s arthritis (caused by an acidic environment)– so yes, I would continue to buy Curcumin for my mother, not only because it is cheap, but because it is effective and safe. I hate it when people dismiss ideas and stereotype individuals when they are being challenged. Why is it so easy to dismiss clinical studies on Macrophages, when they would easily jump on a baking soda therapy at one blink of an eye? I am all for alternative treatments but not when it is bordeline absurd and almost sounds like quackery. The fungi theory as a cause of cancer is worth revisiting, but I do not think taking large doses of baking soda whether oral or by injections will help– it may kill the fungi but it will probably kill the host as well– what difference does it have as compared to chemo? (killing both the cancer cells and the host– patient as well??)

News from the Netherlands Health InspectorateFebruary 4, 2008
The Administration of Sodium Bicarbonate to Cancer Patients is Hazardous.
The infusion of sodium bicarbonate to vulnerable patients is hazardous and ineffective. This is the conclusion of two expert physicians who wrote reports on request of The Netherlands Health Inspectorate (Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg, IGZ). The IGZ asked them for advice when in 2007 a patient with cancer died in the Free University Medical Centre in Amsterdam after she had received sodium bicarbonate in a clinic in Bilthoven. Currently, the clinic has, under the pressure of the IGZ, stopped administering this therapy and will not restart it. In the meantime it has not been firmly established that the patient has died as a consequence of the sodium bicarbonate administration. The Public Prosecutor is still investigating this.

Based on the expert report, the IGZ has first of all reached the conclusion that there are no scientific data that justify the administration of sodium bicarbonate to patients with cancer for other indications than described in the official prescription information. There is no scientific proof whatsoever showing that this therapy cures or can slow its progress.

The IGZ concludes that the administration of sodium bicarbonate even has risks for patients with high blood pressure, patients with diseases of lungs, heart, or kidneys and for patients with cancer. This is certainly the case if a number of specific blood levels are not monitored daily before, during and after the treatment. The balance of the body can become completely disturbed when large amounts are administered. In severely ill patients, this may lead to organ damage. In sick people, there is in fact irresponsible health care if this product is administered without monitoring.

Given these risks and because there is no scientific basis for the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate apart from the registered indications, the IGZ concludes that physicians should not apply this treatment. If physicians administer these despite this warning and/or the IGZ receives reports of cases thereof, the reports will of course be investigated, whereby the aforementioned considerations will play an important role. The IGZ will not hesitate to inform the Disciplinary Medical Board.

On the other hand, there are legitimate use of Baking Soda in saving lives (as in the case of cardiac arrest). But administration of Baking Soda for this type of situations still need to be done under the supervision of conventional doctors.

However, even for the legitimate use of baking soda for emergency situations such as cardiac arrest, it is still considered dangerous
The alkaline. sodium bicarbonate was thought to counter the accumulation of ltactic acid in the blood that poisons the body. During a heart attack, the liver’s normal ability to break down lactic acid is impaired, causing an upset of the body’s delicate acid/ alkaline balance.

Dr. Arieff, professor of medicine at University of California at San Francisco and chief of geriatric research, Veterans’ Administration Medical Center, previously co-authored a study that found bicarbonate given to animals actually made heart and liver function worse, causing a rise in lactic acidlevels (Science, 15 February 1985). This is the opposite of the desired effect.

The study was comprised of people with severe heart disease who were about to undergo diagnostic cardiac catheterization. Half the people were given sodium bicarbonate by vein and the other half were given a small amount of saline (salt) solution as a placebo. None of those getting placebo showed any adverse effects. However, all five of those given bicarbonate were observed to have reduced coronary blood flow, decreased oxygen use, and increased lactic acid levels.

While the adverse effects of bicarbonate disappeared within two hours, Arieff pointed out that the hearts of people with severe disease are working as hard as possible to supply a normal amount of oxygen during a cardiac emergency and “bicarbonate might push them over the brink.”

Even Cancer Tutor (an alternative website)– put this in RED LARGE TEXTS! – DO NOT TAKE BAKING SODA ORALLY as a cancer treatment.

Here is another blog entry that talks about fighting fungus through alkaline diet– but NOT BAKING SODA!

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  1. July 10, 2011 4:39 am

    Your are totally wrong, my friend. Please read Simoncici book. Baking soda works not because of its alkalinity. It is an an absurd idea by health hacks. Just do your own experiment – dissolve baking soda in water and measure pH. I did – water has 7.4, 7 grams of baking soda in 8oz raises it to 8 pH. If you read the book, Somincici says it is saline solution that makes fungus break up and baking soda is the only substance that disperses at very rapid rate in the body, so fungus does not have time to adapt. Alkalinity/Acidity theory is an absurd one – no living organism can live in acid. It has things backwards – because tumors are more acidic does not mean acid creates tumors. The acid is the result of tumor’s altered metabolism. I hope your mother does not get cancer because baking soda is the only treatment that actually works. Please read the book.

  2. July 10, 2011 9:36 am

    Totally wrong? I am totally wrong… that means you are totally right? My mother already have cancer… and it beats me why you have to be so sarcastic. Our bodies (even without cancer) creates natural acid (Hydrocholoric Acid)– to digest proteins in the stomach.

    Simoncici applies baking soda directly into the tumor, not ingest orally. I agree that acid (the unfriendly left -rotating acid) is the result of tumor’s altered metabolism. Thats why Simoncici applies baking soda directly into the tumor. IF you ingest baking soda, it not only alters the left-rotating acid but also the right-rotating acid that is beneficial for our bodies to protect itself from infection.

    You still have a lot to know Gary!! And though I cannot claim that I am totally RigHT.. I am not totally wrong. I know a cancer patient who died because of too much baking soda ingested orally causing him the opposite of Acidosis which is Alakalosis.

    Hope that you reconsider your position– if you are taking too much of baking soda orally. I have taken it myself and I agree that it provided immediate relief…. but it should not be taken frequently.

  3. July 10, 2011 9:58 am

    Excess (left-rotating) lactic acid can be removed by taking a daily half-hour bath in water heated to 370C, to which 100 grams of baking soda have been added. The baking soda increases the water’s pH-value, which pulls the acid from the body. Hirneise: ‘It is cheap, fast and 100% effective. When the lactic acid has been removed, you’ll need less morphine or none at all.

    DO NOT TAKE BAKING SODA ORALLY TOO FREQUENTLY!! Alakalosis can actually cause you mental confusion… so you better ask someone who is more sober to review this for you…

  4. July 10, 2011 10:02 am

    Again, I do believe that Baking Soda kills fungi and that it neutralizes excess acid (regardless of where the acid came from)— but YOU DO NOT WAN TO KILLL THE HOST as well.. what difference does it make from chemo theraphy (killing the cancer cells as well as the host).. BAKING SODA kills FUNGIO– but can potentially kill the HOST if taken orally too frequently.

  5. July 10, 2011 10:08 am

    Lemon is an acid but it alkalanizes the body when it reaches the stomach. I agree that baking soda immediately alkalanizes a severly acidic body– but if taken too much, too frequently— it creates the opposite effect.
    — our stomach then creates more organic acids– then you check your saliva ph and see that you are too acidic=- then you take more baking soda.. and the body reacts again by making more organice acids— thus the vicious cycle…

    take fresh turmeric juice instead… or have daily hot baths with baking soda instead of taking it orally… or maybe even use it as enema…

  6. July 10, 2011 6:25 pm

    Once again all your references are to “acidy” theorists. Acid/alkaline theory is on the same level as “chemotherapy” theory. There are cancers that thrive in alkaline environment. Baking soda works not because it is increases pH, the pH increase is one of the side effects, but because it creates highly saline and electrolytic solution. Actually, it is SALT in baking soda that kills the fungi. Salt also happens to alkalize. There are MUCH MORE powerful alkalizing agents than baking soda but they don’t work. Anti-baking soda argument – “it can POTENTIALLY kill host” it too generic – water can potentially kill host too. Simoncici writes that there are some cases where baking soda must be used very carefully intravenously – renal insufficiency, for example. But he also says that in such cases the dosages must be adjusted. I have not heard of ONE CASE when somebody died of taking too much baking soda orally – in the worst case, you get a bad diarrhea. There is really no factual support for the “theoretical” fear of alkalizing body too much with oral baking soda. Acid/Alkaline theory is on the same level as modern medicine – it looks and tries to treat a symptom instead of the cause.

  7. July 10, 2011 6:32 pm

    Any BTW, you are correct about “vicious cycle”. However, the right way to take baking soda is 20-30 minutes before a meal. Then these newly created acids will help in digestion.

  8. Lanie permalink
    July 11, 2011 8:49 pm

    you are contradicting yourself gary, sign that you are mentally confused.
    you said water can kill too– (e.g. if you drown in a swimming pool)– too much of a good thing can be lethal as in the case of water and baking soda. Salt in baking soda is still part of baking soda, whether the sodium or bicarbonate kills the fungi– it still is part of the baking soda. And my argument here is not whether sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is effective in killing fungi or whether the salt/sodium or bicarbonate is killing the fungi, I believe that too.,. in fact even the mold in our faucet was addressed by baking soda (whether its the sodium or bicarbonate that did it– its still baking soda as far as I am concerned).

    MY ARGUMENT here is…. baking soda should not be taken orally too frequently, as too much bicarbonate taken orally creates the vicious cycle (stomach creating more acids in reaction to the bicarbonate)– thus increasing the ph more— then the patient will be triggered to take on more baking soda… until he dies of edema..or alkalolis

    by the way, I am pro- alternative… I am always for finding the root cause of every disease including tooth decay. we are not argung about the root cause of cancer in this blog entry, but of taking too much of a good thing… taking too much of baking soda orally!

    I for one, took baking soda diluted in water once when I felt very toxic after my amalgam removal, and I felt immediate relief… but am not or am not going to ask my mother or anyone for that matter to take it orally every day…

    cause as you say if water can kill if too much of it surrounds you enough to suffocate you then that applies to baking soda too..

    even Simoncici did not ask his patients to take baking soda orally– it was injected directly into the tumuor!

  9. July 14, 2011 12:03 am

    Lanie, DRINKING too much water can kill you. Not swimming in the pool. There were a lot of cases in the media where forced hydrated children died. It ls also a well known danger in endurance athletes who over hydrate. Once again, read the book – Simonici injects baking soda into tumors that cannot be reached by drinking it. For example, for intestinal and colon tumors he says drinking baking soda works just fine. I never said to drink it every day either. Once fungus spread into other organs beyond digestive tract, drinking baking soda is of little use. However, it is still valuable to have courses of 1-2 weeks every 4-6 months to keep intestinal fungus (candida mostly) under control, especially when there are symptoms. As for salt killing fungus, google “salt fungus” to learn what every aquarium owner knows – salt kills fungus. You can also learn how people for thousand years treated nail fungus with baking soda.

  10. July 14, 2011 3:52 am

    Here is a references to the safety of oral baking soda:

    Studies with bicarbonate loading have employed various exercise protocols, different doses and times of ingestion. Ergogenic effects were investigated in relation to sprint and middle distance running, rowing, swimming, cycling and different forms of strength exercises. In most of them, significant improvements in performance have been recorded (Gao et al., 1988; Goldfinch et al., 1988; McNaughton, 1990; 1999; McNaughton and Cedero, 1991; Pilegaard et al., 1999; Thomas et al., 2005). There are however studies that do not show benefits of bicarbonate ingestion on performance (Cairns, 2006; Hollidge-Horvat et al., 2000).

    Experiments have been conducted with different doses of sodium bicarbonate, ranging from 100 to 500 mg/kg of body mass (Horswill et al., 2004; McNaughton et al., 1999). The research literature suggests that doses below 200 mg may cause elevations in blood bicarbonate but do not improve anaerobic performance.

    !!!! Ingesting doses greater than 300 mg/kg of body mass does not further increase alkalosis, !!!!!

    thus most scientists suggest this dose (McNaughton et al., 1999). The time allowed between ingestion and exercise has also varied from 30 to 150 min in endurance exercise and may had an effect on the alkalotic state achieved prior to exercise (Horswill et al., 2004; McNaughton, 1992; McNaughton et al., 1999; Parry-Billings and MacLaren, 1986). In well trained athletes performance benefits following bicarbonate ingestion are most often observed in single bouts of anaerobic exercise, lasting from 60 to 240s however ergogenic benefits of bicarbonate ingestion were also registered in short duration repeated sprints or resistance exercises, yet during final few repetitions or in the last trials of an exercise protocol (Bishop et al., 2004).

  11. July 15, 2011 7:14 pm

    I do not have time to argue with you, it seems you are a matured man set in your ways. but am gonna repeat this but will never repeat this again:
    1. I am not refuting that baking soda kills fungus (whether nails, or in digestive organs or other parts of the body)
    2. I am not refuting that baking soda is helpful in relief of symptoms and other emergency issues
    3. I am not refuting that water if taken in excess or any liquid in excess (and anything in excess for that matter) is BAD for anyone.
    4. I am not refuting that salt/sodium is bart of baking soda/sodium bicarbonate.

    At least we have one clear common ground (which you have clearly agreed on)
    I said:
    our stomach then creates more organic acids– then you check your saliva ph and see that you are too acidic=- then you take more baking soda.. and the body reacts again by making more organice acids— thus the vicious cycle…
    You said:
    BTW, you are correct about “vicious cycle”. However, the right way to take baking soda is 20-30 minutes before a meal. Then these newly created acids will help in digestion
    I said: and this one bears repeating– one last time:
    water if taken in excess or any liquid in excess (and anything in excess for that matter, which includes baking soda) is BAD for anyone.
    What really concerns me is that cancer patients, does not know what excessive baking soda means–specially when feeling desparate. It is very dangerous to tout all the goodness of baking soda withouth being clear about its negative effects (if taken excessively or improperly). For that reason, I am not recommending this to my mother or for anyone.

    If you decide on this for yourself, go ahead. each of us have to make our own treatment decisions– it seems you are in the right frame of mind to know when to stop (ON OR OFF DAYS).

    Thanks for the exchange. Our virtual conversation is the classic Paradigm shift: What do you see in this image a duck or a rabbit?
    What do you see a duck or rabbit? There is no right or wrong answer.
    There is no right or wrong answer. You say DUCK, I say RABBIT.

    Read more about another case of paradigm shift here:

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