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Cancer Stem Cells- an old idea – a Paradigm shift

May 18, 2011

What do you see in this image? A duck or rabbit?

A duck or a rabbit?

There is no right or wrong answer. The truth is we are all looking at the same image but we are seeing it differently. Dr. Beard/Kelley/Gonzalez saw the cause of cancer the same way (saw the image as a duck), while modern day scientists saw it differently (they are seeing it as an image of a “rabbit”)

For the full study entitled “Cancer Stem Cells- an old idea- a paradigm shift, click here

For breast cancer patients, this is more relevant:Implications of the Cancer Stem-Cell Hypothesis for Breast Cancer Prevention and Therapy, click here

A. Risk reduction – this study implies that we can use Curcumin (YES! Curcumin) or Genistein to reduce risk of breast cancer by addressing Hyperplasia. The question here is how do we detect hyperplasia? Not even mammogram (the most touted early detection device for breast cancer can detect hpyerplasia). This again proves that conventional medicine, still failed to give us an early detection device to really prevent breast cancer. However, I am quite happy that Curcumin made it to the top of Risk Reduction strategies for breast cancer.
B. Early detection – this study impliese the use of a new Cancer Marker–specifcally EZH2, an enzyme excreted by cancer stem cells (isn’t it the same as Nagalase??). However, standard testing for EZH2 is not available yet– what takes them so long to standardise this? where can get tested on EZH2?
C. Primary prevention– apoptosis or differentation of initiated stem cells via Vitamin D– I think, I have to hasten Nanay’ testing for Vitamin D levels.
D. Treatment – Conventional therapy here- is Chemo therapy and Herceptin
but note that even this study talks about limitation of Chemo and Herceptin as certain breast cancer forms a resistance to Chemo and Herceptin
E. Targeting Cancer Stem Cells – using drugs that target cancer stem cells via inhibitors of Hedgehof, Notch, WntSignaling or Direct Delivery or Cell Based Delivery of healthy stem cells to the cancer patient

However, Immunotherapy using Stem Cells is really quite expensive, I saw a few online sites selling oral version of Stem Cell Therapy. Not sure how this works though. I also wonder if one can avail of Stem Cell Therapy without using Chemo and Herceptin.

A common ground between conservative and alternative medicine:
1. the cause of cancer being unitarian or trophoblastic
2. Curcumin & Genestein for risk reduction
3. Mammogram is NOT an EARLY DETECTION DEVICE!!!
4. Primary prevention is to induce apoptosis or differentation of initiated stem cells via Vitamin D

differences in treatment
Initially, Stem Cell therapy was done without the involvement of BIG PHARMA– only scientists and oncologists where involved.

Stem Cell Therapy without BIG PHARMA's involvement

It took BIG PHARMA a little while that there is money in STEM CELL Therapy. Here is a newsletter that talks about return on investments (ROI) in developing drugs that target stem cells (instead of infusion of new stem cells to the patient),

This is the reason why early clinical trials on STEM CELL THERAPY (without BIG Pharma’s involvement) was put on hold, example here:
BIG PHARMA provides you two choices
Choice 1: CSC (Cancer Stem Cell) Targeted Cancer Therapy
Choice 2: Traditional Cancer Therapy (e.g. Chemo + Herceptin)

In the figure below: the yellow cell- represents the cancer stem cell, while the blue ones are the cancer cells (not stem-cells).
1. with chemo + Herceptin with stem cell therapy— the stem cell is eradicated once and for all
2. with chemo + Herceptin only– the non-stem cells are eradicated, but the stem cells remain, thus cancer recur at a later time
Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy versus Chemo

Alternative Treatment
no chemo, no Herceptin, macrobiotic diet + Enzyme Therapy
Beard/Kelley/Gonzales Enzyme Therapy

Please also refer to my blog entry on Dr. Yamamoto’s Macrophages (Enzymes) eating tumour cells

The conventional Stem Cell Therapy and Yamamoto’s Therapy (GC-MAF- Macrophages) are competing not only with the alternative Beard/Kelley/Gonzales Enzyme Therapy but also with BIG PHARMA.

To all breast cancer patients – who are taking either conventional or alternative treatments or both, I challenge you to learn more about the cause of your cancer, instead of just accepting what your doctors (whether conventional/alternative) prescribe to you. Just found out, that there are oncologists who agree to offer Immunotherapy on a clinical trial basis to you (these are the so called integrative oncologists)– they are willing to try out Stem Cell Therapy and probably even GC-MAF. I am currently in the look out for such doctors in Singapore. If you happen to find an oncologist who is on a commission basis with BIG PHARMA, then I guess, they will only offer you what BIG PHARMA can offer– that is Chemo and Herceptin.

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    On-going clinical trial:

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