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Be Prepared Challenge (Part 3) Water Distiller & Supplements

May 20, 2011

Novita Water Distiller

Gerson specifes the use of distilled water in preparation of Hippocrates Soup and the coffee enema, as well as drinking water (if ever Nanay have to drink water). Apparently, if one is in the full Gerson Therapy the 13 glasses of juice everyday, will serve as the patient’s food and also drinking water, and should not be drinking water during the full course of the therapy (or minimal).

I purchased the Novita NW 200 at $269 sgd and the distributor delivered it directly to our house. Hah! Thanks to online shopping it saved me an incredible amount of time (and taxi fare). Tomorrow, the rest of Nanay’s Gerson Supplements from Nature’s Glory will be delivered too.

K- Salt (100gms) $26
Liver (Key Gland- 400 caps $55
Lugol’s Iodine (2x60ml) $34
Oxbile Powder (1 bottle) $33
Pancreatin 325 (400 tabs) $49
Acidol (180 caps) $39.60
Adam’s Clay pack (800g) $29
Coffee Enema Power (1kg) $53

Total= $314.60 SGD

I guess these supplements will last for a month. We still have some castor oil and VCO at home.

Where to buy Gerson supplies?
Supplements here
Coffee Enema Powder and Buckets here

A tutorial on Coffee Enema (and fruit/veggie shopping tips) for the full Gerson Therapy

Next month, I am going to purchase a better juicer (to replace our Braun juicer), great tips here

Be Prepared Challenge (Part 2)

Update on Nanay’s partial Gerson Therapy:
A few hours after her second or third coffee enema for the day, she would expel mucus and black long substances (that look like worms but does not look like worms), I was told by CT Chang (a Malaysian blogger who is currently on his 20th month on Gerson Therapy), that this is a good sign that the colon is finally being cleansed from debris and mucus stuck on the colon walls.

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