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Curcumin and First-Line Herceptin Monotherapy (Part 3)

May 24, 2011

a continuation from Part 2

A month ago a lady from a breast cancer forum told me that I have high hopes on my research about curcumin (even sarcastically telling me that I am putting her on a “nanay” test tube and sprinkling her with Curcumin). Now, I believe she continues to read my blog and I hope she does, as she is a Stage 3 Breast Cancer patient with young kids. This could probably save her life. Yes, she can ridicule me as long as she wants, and she does not have to thank me or acknowledge me for showing her what Curcumin does– as long as she can benefit from it– I am happy to bring this up again, so she learns how to respect other culture and other opinions and probably even listen to “stupid advices” from her Grandma.

My vindication: Last 18th May 2011, the NCI, yes NCI! the National Cancer Institute organised a webinar on Curcumin, and guess what? Dr. Bharat Aggrawal of MD Anderson (part of the team who developed Herceptin and also discovered the efficacy of Curcumin for cancer patients) is one of the speakers! hmmm… yeah! I am grinning ear to ear.. happy to be vindicated for standing up for my conviction even if I am ridiculed.

Here is another article, that talks about Herceptin without Chemo-therapy– which again most of the “know-it-alls” in a Breast Cancer forum, told me is impossible, that Herceptin has to go with Chemo. Ahhhh! I guess they would be reading my blog entry again but will never acknowledge me for telling them what conventional clinical trials should have been doing years ago…

Certain Breast Cancer Patients may benefit from combined Her-2 targeted treatment without Chemotherapy

This clinical trial tested Herceptin with lapatinib, not exactly Herceptin Monotherapy– but we are getting there. And at least lapatinib is a targeted therapy– not a “kill every thing in its path – chemo therapy”.

Putting my fingers crossed though, I hope Baylor College of Medicine would get enough funding to carry out this clinical trial not only in the US but also in Singapore. I also hope that they will discover or even consider comparing Curcumin to Herceptin only. Herceptin is not for the masses or the un-insured. This is still an unaffordable treatment, a far cry from the Hippocratic model — but it seems conventional medicine is getting there– finding a common ground with alternative treatment (Curcumin).

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  1. May 25, 2011 12:56 am

    email response from Anne Clarise Pavlick of BCM:

    Thank you for your interest in our study of extended lapatinib and trastuzumab. Enrollment in the study would require that you come to our clinic located in Houston, TX for an initial screening visit. After the screening process, if you are found to be eligible for the study, you would need to come in for clinic visits every 3 weeks. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.




    Anne Pavlick | Research Coordinator | Baylor College of Medicine | ‘: (713) 798-7814 | 7: (713) 798-8884

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