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Do you want to be redeemed?

May 25, 2011

As sinners we are all in Satan’s pawnshop. With every good work, you think you redeem yourself from the pawnshop. The problem is when you do good work (base on your personal strength), your emotional bank account, your mental bank account and your physicall bank account would run dry again, and then you will have to sin again and find yourself in that same pawnshop. Wondering when this will ever end?

Jesus came to stop that endless cycle and redeem you from that pawnshop once and for all. The question is, do you want to be redeemed? If yes, what do you have to lose? That act of redemption is free, it does not cost you a cent or a dime. You have all to gain and nothing to lose. Your final goal is to redeem yourself, right? Why don’t you let Him redeem you– and experience that joy of salvation. That undeserved gift of salvation. After redemption, will you stop sinning? You will still not be sin-LESS but you will not be called sin-FULL anymore. Your relationship with God, will help you to be more sensitive and be more aware if you are about to sin and when you are sinning. You will do good works not to to repay past sins– but out of pure love and compassion, since you do not have to redeem yourself anymore. When you are redeemed you will be at peace of your position in Christ after death.

Do you want to be redeemed? Click the link below:

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