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Breast Ultrasound with Elastography at Medical City Breast Clinic

May 31, 2011

continued from Solid Nodules on Left Breast
Our appointment with Radiologist Dra. Baluyot is quite refreshing, she is young, enthusiastic and very respectful of our treatment decisions. Most Filipinos assume that Medical City is only for the rich and elite in the Philippines. Apparently, it is not, the staff are very warm and friendly. They asked us about Nanay’s diagnosis (ER positive, PR negative, HER2 positive) as well as her alternative therapies. There was no — OH NO’s! OH DEAR! or “why you did not take chemo”. It seems they are not surprised that Nanay survived the last 17 months.

The cost of Breast Ultrasound with Elastography at Medical City Breast Clinic (2nd Floor) is P2,000 pesos. We were able to avail a Senior Citizen discount of P400 pesos (this is the first time Nanay enjoyed being a senior citizen at 60 years old).

The ultrasound technicians and the receptionists were very professional, the facilities of the hospital is comparable if not better than that of Raffles Hospital in Singapore. I went into the the ultrasound room with nanay and one of the ultrasound technicians. After confirming that the 4 out of 9 nodules in Nanay’s left breasts are suspicious, she called Dra. Baluyot. Dra. Baluyot then confirmed it and brought us to the Elastoragphy room.

Dra. Baluyot, confirmed that only 2 of the solid nodules are “SOFT” (meaning benign), while the 2 other soild nodules on top of the areola (are of mixed echoes), the insides are a bit “HARD”, but the surrounding tissues are “SOFT” . She said there are no blood vessels around the nodules. It also seemed that the biggest of the suspicious nodules measured at 6.7 cm last April 24, is now much much smaller (it seems even less than a centimeter). Dra. Baluyot also said that the surrounding tissues are “SOFT”. I breathed a sigh of relief. It seems whatever Nanay did in the last 4 weeks worked (modified Gerson therapy and curcumin). They did not ask us to go for mammogram or biopsy, but encouraged Nanay to be monitored every 3- 6 months. Dra. Baluyot (in a Hippocratic way) also referred us to a Singapore Radiologist, who specializes and even conducted a clinical trial on elastography, a certain Dr. Lim at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). She told us that Dr. Lim at SGH trained her on elastography.

I am so glad that we do not have to go for Biopsy to rule out malignancy. Not even a mammogram. We will continue to monitor this using breast ultrasound with elastography and HCG Cancer Test (Navarro Medical Clinic).

They asked us to come back 3 hours later to claim the results, but Zarah (my daughter has been whining and wanted to go to the nearest mall). So, we went to the nearest mall (SM Mega Mall, but after 3 hours, she was so tired so we decided to go home. I will come back on Thursday to claim the results and also go to Queen Mary Holistic Center (at Medical Plaza near Medical City)– for Nanay’s teeth extractions (4 of her molars are infected– as can be seen on a panoramic xray). I realized Nanay has really neglected her health in the last 15 years. Almost all of her teeth are severely infected. I hope the bones are not affected yet. I am also getting my silver amalgam filling removed and have it replaced.
Contact Detail
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday
8:00am – 7:00pm
Consultation Hours:

8:00am – 12:00nn
1:00pm – 5:00pm
Rm. 221, 2/F, Podium Bldg., The Medical CityOrtigas Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632) 635-6789 Ext. 6527 / 6528

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  1. maddy permalink
    October 21, 2011 1:56 pm

    Have you tried getting breast thermography? I believe there is a free-standing clinic in quezon city that offers it for $100. you can check

  2. October 9, 2013 12:14 pm

    hi maddy, yes we also go for thermography with Inframed

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