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Round 1 of 5- Cancer is Knocked Out– NED! (No evidence of disease)

June 5, 2011

Nanay: 1 Cancer: 0 (Round 1 of 5 )

Yeah! We won the first round of the battle. 4 more rounds. Cancer is knocked out by Nanay. All her scans (liver, pancreas, kidney, lungs, breast, and uterus), including blood tests, shows No Evidence of Disease (NED). No progression of breast cancer and no spread to vital organs. Some call it remission, some call it cure. We call it answered prayer.

The solid nodules on her left breast- 7 out of 9 are cystic (benign), 2 out of 9 are classified as Birads Category 3 (still benign) and are smaller compared to the scan last month. The mastectomy site (where the right breast once was), shows no progression of disease (just a small fibroid – due to the mastectomy stitches). Even the uterine fibroid is smaller compared to last month’s scan. I presume, that the modified Gerson therapy is working.

Ultrasound of the whole abdomenThe liver is within normal size with homogenous echo texture.
The intrahepatic ducts are not dilated. Negative for mass.
The gall bladder mesures 4.5x 1.2cms, negative for intraluminal echoes
The wall is not thickened. Common duct is not dilated.
The pancreas and spleen are within normal size and echo pattern.

The left kidney measures 10.7×5.1×3.4 cms, and the right kidney measures 10.6x5x4cms.
The renal parenacymal echoes are within normal.
Negative for stone, mass nor caliectasis bilaterally.
The urinary bladder is well distended with a total volume of 141ml.
The wall is not thickened, Negative for intravesical echoes.
Post void study shows minimal residual urine.

The uterus measures 5.7×5.4×2.6 cms, it is anteverted.
There is a myoma at the anterior uterine segment measuring 2.5×1.9 cms
Both ovaries are not demonstrated.
Cul-de-sac is intact.

Normal liver, gall bladder, pancrease, spleen, kidneys and urinary bladder.
Myoma uteria
Suggest transvaginal ultrasound for further evaluation.

As I have predicted, her liver scans will show no tumour (that is what they meant by normal). The issues with her Phase 1 Liver detoxification is not something that an ultrasound will pick-up. But it was diagnosed through another diagnostic test, which is called Functional Liver Detoxification Profile (FLDP). I think her abnormal phase 1 detoxification is caused by too much toxins and also a failure in her digestive system (she has been constipated for more than 10 years).

Cardio-Pulmonary Exam
The lungs are clear
Heart is not enlarged
Aorta is calcified.
Diaphragm and sulci are intact. Other visualised structures are unremarkable
ECG-septal wall fibrosis (due to mastectomy)
Chest Xray- normal
CBC+platelet count- normal
FBS- normal
Creatinine- normal
Protime- normal


What does atheromatous aorta mean?
It means that she has fatty deposits on the inner walls of her aorta, which is the largest artery of the body carrying blood away from the heart. This narrows the passageway, and can become mineralized and hardened, as in hardening of arteries, or arteriosclerosis.
The tracheobronchial tree refers to the airway leading to and then branching into her lungs. It can be an insignificant finding, considered common in people over 40, or it may have clinical significance and should be investigated. Sometimes it is associated with taking anticoagulants.

…science has linked cavities, gingivitis, and missing teeth to cardiovascular disease; the same bacteria that causes tooth decay, causes inflammation in the blood vessels.

Almost all of the not-so-normal findings are part of normal aging, not of cancer! Thank you Lord for the answered prayers. Thank you to all those who prayed for us. Why round 1 of 5? In conventional medicine, a breast cancer patient is categorised as a survivor after 5 years. Some claim they are survivors if they are still alive after 5 years, even if they have a progression of disease (meaning cancer has spread to other parts of the body) despite heavy doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy or is on what they call “maintenance” medication. Nanay not only remained alive after 18 months, but she has no progression of disease, without chemo/radiation therapy. All on natural therapy (lots of prayers, organic vegetables and fruits,high quality supplements and good company).

One punch at a time

However, based on my research most cancer patients on natural therapies, usually become too complacent in the first 2 years. And start eating the wrong foods again and going back to their unhealthy habits (such us taking care of others too much and neglecting herself).This is not the time to be complacent. Manny Pacquiao did not stop his rigorous diet and training after his first win. So, I encouraged Nanay to have dental cleansing and colon cleansing and to embark on the full Gerson therapy once we are back in Singapore. I will write about her dental and colon cleansing in a separate blog entry.

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  1. June 6, 2011 5:21 pm

    I’m always heartened to read about all that you are doing for your mother and I’m sure God will answer your prayers.

    I just got my hair test results from Dr Lee recently – high levels of arsenic and mercury. Sent you an email (to your on this as well. Will ask about the liver detox profile test the next time I visit him.

    Anyway, I always learn alot from your blogs so keep up the good work!! Good health to all too.

  2. June 7, 2011 11:04 am

    hi SY,
    thanks for the encouragement. Nanay has high levels of arsenic. Now that my silver amalgam filling is removed, I also want to get myself tested for mercury still left in my body (probably after 6 months).

    Keep me updated on what you are doing to remove arsenic and mercury. I heard of Cilantro as a natural chelation treatment, but was adviced by a nutritionist to do colon cleansing, kidney cleansing and liver cleansing — then parasite removal , before embarking on chelation as it may be too hard for the kidney and liver to process. Now, we can see from my mothers Phase 1 detoxification profile, that too much toxins can burden the liver too much, and create free radicals. I still I have not seen any doctor (alternative or otherwise), to give me a complete picture.. just taking it one day at a time. I am quite certain though that extracting her decayed teeth will also unburden her system.

    By the way, do you die your hair often? My mother does. The hair dye could probably be traced to the high level of arsenic in the hair (not sure though).

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