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I can only imagine

June 7, 2011

For so many weeks, my prayer life is almost zero. I only pray intermittently, like a one way conversation, letting God know my every thought every second, but not really listening to Him. My spiritual sensitivity is so low, but I know He did not quit loving me and taking care of my family. I kept asking Him that whatever we do, He will work it out for our own good. And He did. Despite my shortcomings. Sometimes, I let Nanay eat forbidden (as per Gerson) foods, so she can enjoy her vacation, while praying Lord, may this food be her nourishment and if there are toxins in this food Lord, please help her body clear it out as soon as possible. There is no way we can live practically in this world, watching every food and drink we eat. I can only imagine every bacteria, fungi, virus and mold contaminating our food (even if one claims it is organic) and water supply. And with the limited time we have and numerous responsibilities, we cannot know it all or even avoid it all. So, our last resort at the beginning of each meal, before you even put that first bite of food in your mouth is to pray over it.

Even my daughter Zarah, had to learn it the hard way. When we were in the Philippines, she forgot to pray grace over meals (thinking she only have to pray when she is in Singapore). She had a stomach ache after a heavy meal and asked me,

mommy is it because I did not pray?

I can only imagine.. so I said, yes. You are right, we have to pray over meals not only for thanksgiving that we have food to satisfy our hunger and give us energy, but that it will also nourish us and not slowly poison us.

All of the things I have learned about health and science, only made me more reverent of God’s wonderful creation. Of how He made each part of our bodies perfectly fitted for its function and even aesthetics. How He prepared the world for us to live in. How disobedience led to ill health and our dirty environment. That despite our disobedience, He still gives us a way of escape, a detour for us to see the path He destined for us. All we need to do is to let go of everything we are holding on to. Turn off your phone. Stop texting. Stop facebook. Stop blogging. Stop searching the net for the cure. Stop looking for validation. All He wants is that we worship Him first and then He will let us know what we need to do next. Then, we plan based on the conviction He gave us. It may be hard to know what He wants for us, as it takes a great deal of prayer and meditating on scriptures. But He will see the intent of our hearts, to know Him more and to know His will.

At church, a great deal of argument is going on between using contemporary music or hymnal music during the worship service. I can only imagine, that God is not concerned about the type of music but the condition of our hearts. We could raise our hands up high or we can just stand still in awe of Him. Some of us would probably dance with joy, while some will cry tears of joy. Some of us will probably, pray in tounges, while some will fall down on their knees with head bowed down. Praise and worship should not be something to argue on, as in the end of Days, we will all indvidually have a chance to see God face to face.. as for me, I can only imagine how I would praise and worship and rever this wonderful God..

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I
Fall. Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever, forever worship you

Praise and worship should not end in the four walls of the Church, it should be done day to day, doing everything we do for the Glory of God. It is personal and as individualized in how God designed us to be unique. Participating or not participating in a certain way of corporate worship should not be used to judge someone- as abandoning God. We all have our own way of worshipping God. What matters is we worship the same God.

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