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Preparing for Mercury Chelation (Part 1) for me- the caregiver

June 12, 2011

This time I am doing this for me. The conversation with our biodentist and endocrinologist has been a wake up call for me. As a primary care giver and bread winner, this is the last thing that I should put in the back burner.

After being upset about not preparing enough for the amalgam removal last week, I made some research. It seems I have done enough preparation before the procedure than what I have thought. And I have done it unconsciously.

Informative posts by Andy Cutler himself, scroll down to the section entitled
PREPARING FOR CHELATION (costs, tests, yeast, etc.)

A Month Before Mercury Amalgam removal

24 April – hormone testing results shows progesterone too low
blood test shows abnormal homocysteine levels
Solution: Natural progesterone cream to be applied on Day 10-24 of my menstrual period. Supplements to address my abnormal homocsytein levels.
Result: Depression lifted up. I can sleep a little bit better.

25 April onwards
Tried to follow Nanay’s diet including green juices and massaged my stomach for a better elimination (done a week prior to the amalgam removal).

26 May -Accupuncture to deal with my liver/gall bladder attacks (accupuncture was done on the inner arm– which is in the same meridian as my liver). Result: no more liver/gall bladder attacks

3 June – Mercury Amalgam removal
At the time, I had done the amalgam removal, I was in pretty good shape. So, I should not be worrying or regretting the procedure, at all. It seems, I was just following my intuition at every step of the way. When I read more about Andy Cutler’s protocol, it was more of a validation– that it seems I have followed his guidelines without even knowing it. It’s a cliche’ probably, but acknowledgement goes to my Lord and Saviour, who kept guiding me every step of the way.

Next Steps
1. Hair Elements Test (not Hair Toxic Elements) by Doctor’s Data Inc (DDI), see image below:

– Nanay has undergone this test last year– she has high levels of arsenic, mercury levels are normal, which was ordered by our endocrinologist in Singapore
– Andy Cutler and Aine of mercury stories also recommend this test, click here
– SY, one of my blog readers also have undergone this test as ordered by the same endocrinologist in Singapore, she was tested with high levels or arsenic and mercury (also a breast cancer patient like Nanay)
2. Finding a doctor who can prescribe DMSA for me
– emailed the Singapore edocrinologist, to know if he prescribes DMSA and if he have heard about Andy Cutler protocol
– tried to find online or OTC sources of DMSA– the closest that I have found is a homeopathic solution containing DMSA click here– not sure if it is the same thing. found out that the owner of the site is a DAN Biomedical practitioner. emailed him too.

A few cancer patients who are tested for abnormal levels of Mercury in their bodies
1. SY – one of my blog readers
2. CT Chan- Malaysian Kidney Cancer patient, refer to his blog entry here

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  1. October 7, 2013 9:18 am

    updates: I dropped the ANdy Cutler protocol due to finance issues… and logistic wise I really find it hard to follow Andy Cutler protocol.. MH way makes sense to me.. quote MH: Read books by Dr. Hal Huggins and the dental sections of The Cure for Advanced Cancer by Dr. Hulda Clark, and finally Dr. Hansens book on dental disasters and then make up your own mind. They will all say that your teeth will put you in the grave prematurel… so here is my own journey on Mercury — though for now it focuses on my transition to raw/fruitarian diet to help address a few issues first…

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