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Tooth Decay Reversing (Remineralizing) Protocol – Part1

June 12, 2011

Zarah’s Primary Teeth at several stages of Decay. This time this is all about my daughter Zarah (Nanay’s grand daughter). Her primary teeth falls in several categories
Stage 1. Healthy Teeth
Stage 2. White Spots (Demineralization)
Stage 3 & 4. Enamel and Dentin Decay
Stage 5. Suspected Pulp Involvement

Upper Teeth

Stage 1. Healthy Primary Teeth
My aim is to maintain her healthy primary teeth until the permanent teeth erupts. Based on the panoramic xray, a few of her primary teeth is already developing (under the primary teeth). So, I have to be extra vigilant. The biodentist suggests filling and stripping one her primary teeth to give way to an already erupting permanent teeth- not so sure about this though. But her gums are already swelling because of this new permanent teeth.

White Spots or Demineralization (first stage of decay)

Stage 2. White Spots or Demineralization
Several of her teeth have white spots or what dentists call demineralization.
Conventional Treatment includes—applying fluoride gel at home or at the dentist clinic. Flouride treatment is definitely a NO-NO!
Alternative Treatment I have found on the Internet includes- Tooth Decay Reversing or Remineralizing Protocol , click here and using other improvised Home based Remedies such as:
1. Oil Pulling- currently training Zarah by asking her to swish warm salt water or water with baking soda, instead of oil, until she can swish for 20 minutes. Then will use coconut oil with oregano oil later.
2. Applying Papaya Powder (papain) for 5 minutes on decayed teeth for 5 minutes
3. Applying Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (brand name: Adam’s Claymin) to the decayed teeth- following the papaya powder

We do remedy 1- everyday, while remedy 2 &3, was started yesterday (Saturday) and today (Sunday). Am still finding different ways of applying it to her teeth, as she keeps talking or moving, it dropped several times, so I have to put it back again several times, till we complete the 5 minute cycle. Time consuming yes! but it seems Zarah enjoys the extra attention.

Why papaya powder?
Its because Papacarie (a gel with papain) is still not widely available. Also remember that papaya or papain is a meat tenderizer. Then it is possible that papain will tenderize the dental caries that stick to the teeth, making it easy to remove using dental instruments or probably even a simple tooth brush.

Papain is an enzyme similar to human pepsin and acts as an anti-inflammatory and debriding agent. It does not damage healthy tissue, but accelerates the cicatricial process and has bacteriostatic and bactericidal action. Papain acts only on carious tissue, which lacks the plasmatic protease inhibitor alpha-1-antitrypsin, but its proteolytic action is inhibited on healthy tissue, which contains this substance.

Clinical Evaluation of Papacarie for decayed Primary Teeth

The results showed that the Papacarie was as efficient as the drill in caries removal from open carious lesions with no significant difference in the operating time. The new CMCR agent also reduced significantly the need for local anesthesia and the use of drill. In addition, Papacarie was also more comfortable than the traditional rotatory instruments.

It was concluded that Papacarie could be an effective caries removal method to treat children, particularly those who present with early childhood caries or management problems. Read more

Why clay? It provides natural calcium and minerals and also a lot of testimonials to prove that it helps in addressing decayed teeth. There is even a clinical study supporting its claim that it helps reduce the effects of aflatoxins in the body (when taken either internally or externally).

Stage 3 & 4. Enamel and Dentin Decay
Suggested Conventional Treatment is Pulpotomy via Conventional Protocols
Alternative Treatment that even our bio-dentist is considering is still Pulpotomy using Papacarie. Am so glad she agreed to research about this and consider this for Zarah. Hope she can find a supplier of Papacarie in time for our next visit.

Lower Teeth

Stage 5. Suspected Pulp Involvement
A few of her teeth are candidate for extraction which will require conscious sedation for 1 to 1.5 hours. I am very apprehensive of sedation due to a traumatic experience when she was 18 months old (two of her front teeth were extracted under conscious sedation when she was 18 months old).

I am hoping that since she is already 5 years old, that her permanent teeth can just push it out, so she do not require tooth extraction. I will try my best to clean these teeth using papain (papaya powder) and claymin. Papain enzymes to remove the dental caries and claymin to help in reminalizing her teeth. Will support her diet with natural calcium fortified food as well as cod liver oil.

Our appointment with the same dentist is in October (4 months from now) and am sure this is going to cost me an arm and a leg.

Email conversation with our bio-dentist, about Zarah’s Treatment Plan

1. Do you consider using Papacarie on some of the teeth with caries (specially those that are candidates for extraction and pulpotomy).?

According to the article of papacarie, it is used for carious teeth that are still vital. Therefore not for teeth candidates on extraction and pulpotomy. I will research more on this because its not yet introduce to our practice. No dental supplier here in the Philippines. The concept
is sensible.

2. 3 hour sedation– isn’t this too long? is it possible for us to break this into 2 dental appointments?

Actually the 3 hours will not be applied for Zarah’s case. The estimated time for her case is one to one and half hours only.
The 3 hours is for the anesthesiologist costing only. Beyond 3 hours (for adults) sedation would mean additional charge.

I am very concerned about the effects of sedation to a very young child. When I was on conscious sedation, I can hear everyone but cannot make any body movements. If Zarah will be in a similar situation, would’nt it be so traumatic, like you are in a bad dream? Is it possible to let her wear an ear plug or an Ipod, so she can hear soothing music instead of chatter all around her? The drilling may also make her agitated, even if she is sedated.

Every person has a different reaction to sedation. Anesthetic dosage for kids is not the same as for adults. Others might have a similar experienced as you have, others have very pleasant one and no memories at all. Music for Zarah is possible.

We had a very bad experience when she was 18 months old, when she was consciously sedated for the extraction of 2 of her front teeth

What was the bad experience she had on this?

By the way, why do you need to extract 4 of the front teeth? 2 of them has already been extracted (the 2 pangils). The 2 front teeth in the middle was crowned during that time, but the crown broke when she was brushing.

There was an error on this. It must only be 2 teeth for extraction.

Again, please find as attached an article about Papacarie. Please find out if you can consider using this instead of extraction and use this as part of the pulpotomy—with less drilling.

I will do some more research on this. Its definite on the articles that its usage is for vital teeth only.

For the meantime, I am using baking soda with dissolved papain (papaya powder) to brush her teeth with caries. I am hoping this will help to dissolve these caries, in between dental appointments.

Baking soda can help for dental hygiene. Therefore this can inhibits/lessen growth of microorganisms.

We are now being more vigilant in taking care of our teeth. Nanay and myself also have started doing Oil Pulling (ayurvedic treatment for oral bacteria) every morning as part of our daily morning teeth cleaning/brushing/gargling routine. I am currently training Zarah to do this Oil Pulling therapy– but using warm water first instead of oil.

Yes, oil pulling is good too. Coconut virgin oil is better to use.
I will email you again next week for the papacarie.

I am so happy with the email response of our dentist, she is considering new ways of treating tooth decay, without necessarily aggreeing with me at the onset and doing her own research. Hope all dentists/doctors are like this.

Let me put this in perspective, I am trying alternative ways of reversing tooth decay, if it will not harm my daughter and if she will be cooperative, but am not going to kiss my dentist goodbye specially if my dentist is also respectful of my decisions and also the emotions that go with every dentist visit. Zarah had a very good experience at the bio dentist’s clinic. Playing computer and Iphone with one of their staff after one of her molars was treated. In fact, she even said, mommy lets go back here tomorrow, ok? Alright, its probably the computer/Iphone and the friendly staff that makes her want to go back. But, she is also very cooperative whenever I clean her teeth, paying special attention to the ones with cavities, always asking me when we will go back to the dentist. Positive signs yes! Probably I am more apprehensive as her mother, worrying about side effects of each procedure. But, she is just a child, only thinking about growing a set of perfect teeth as a replacement to her decayed primary teeth and none of the fears associated with a dentist visit (she probably have forgotten our traumatic experience with her pedia dentist – when she was 18 months old).

Regardless, I am hoping we can reverse her tooth decay in 4 months time. If not, then again, I will have to bite the bullet and make some compromise. Am still very apprehensive of her being sedated again.

Tooth decay Reversing (Remineralizing) Protocol by Ramiel Nagel
1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times per day of Green Pasture’s Royal Blend fermented cod liver oil / butter oil mix (1-1.5 teaspoons per day)

1-4+ cups of raw grassfed milk daily, or 4 ounces of raw grassfed cheese

2 cups daily of bone soup, made from slow cooking the bones and organs of fish, chicken, beef and so on.

Optional, and helpful: 1-4 tablespoons of grassfed bone marrow. Either raw or cooked.

Also make sure to avoid, limit and monitor the intake of the foods that cause and promote cavities.

The idea behind this protocol is to reverse tooth decay even for those teeth that are canidates for extraction and pulpotomy.

I wonder if I can just use just any cod liver oil (thinking of mercury contamination). Where would I find grass fed cow’s milk and cheese in Singapore??? About the grass fed bone soup & grass fed bone marrow… how about mad cow’s disease?

So, I searched for fish bone meal– and saw sites selling fish bone as fertilizer,, aikks! Some use it for feeding pets, and animals. Uggh!

Anchovy- perfect source of natural calcium

Then viola, while discussing, with Nanay– I said– hmm! why not dilis/anchovy/ikan bilis. You can eat the bones of the fish as a whole.

I found a few recipes of anchovy (dilis or ikan bilis) powder

Nanay is quite happy to hear about this. As anchovy or dilis (in Tagalog) or ikan bilis (in Malay), is not only economical, but also a safe source of calcium and it is readily available, unlike grass fed bone/bone marrow. She also told me that her uncle used to make anchovy powder as seasoning instead of MSG and salt. So, there you go, practical, tasty and readily available source of calcium for the whole family.

Articles about clay and Papacarie (papain enzymes) related to decayed teeth:

Initially I felt guilty and helpless seeing the extent of the decay in her teeth. I cannot blame Nanay (as she is Zarah’s primary care giver)– as the extent of her own dental issues is even worse. I only had myself to blame for allowing this to happen, even unconsciously. What does a busy mom and primay care giver and bread winner have to do? Sigh! Worried that she (Zarah) will have to undergo an extensive dental procedure, that she will have to be sedated. Empowered to know, that there is still something I could to hopefull lessen invasive procedures required for her teeth. Glad that Zarah is quite cooperative and happy receiving extra attention from me, and she welcomed my extra diligence, in brushing her “brown teeth”. I just hope that the papain powder, clay, baking soda, salt water treatments will at least give some positive results– so that both mommy and Zarah will have some sense of accomplishment. Worse comes to worst, we still have our bio dentist on our side- to help us deal with those that we cannot solve on our own.

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  1. Emily permalink
    June 14, 2011 1:14 pm

    Regarding the sedation, my 3 year old son had light sedation to have an injured tooth extracted 2 weeks ago. His pediatrician, who I completely trust, told me that with the light sedation the pediatric dentist provided it would be like he remembered going to the dance, but he wouldn’t remember who he danced with! 🙂 The alternative for him was being fully awake and restrained head to toe… much more traumatic, I think. And he did great. I have found some helpful info & tips on this Mom’s Guide, if you want to check it out. Thanks for the interesting post. Lots to think about with my own kids and their future dental care.

  2. Bryan Biano permalink
    April 17, 2012 10:43 pm

    where can you buy Papaya Powder (papain) and Papaya Powder (papain) here in singapore?

    • April 18, 2012 11:26 am

      hi Brian at health food shops,,,it comes from Malaysia Titi Ecofarm.. the brand name is also Titi Ecofarm

  3. Diane permalink
    August 7, 2012 12:39 am

    Have you considered an underlying health issue as the primary cause for the tooth enamel issues? My now 7-year old son has had tooth enamel issues since he was one year old. As it turns out, he has Celiac disease. It has recently come to light that enamel deficiencies are one of the (and sometimes the only) symptom for Celiac Disease. It is very much an undiagnosed disease, with many people going undiagnosed. You will find more info. here:

  4. August 7, 2012 12:54 pm

    hi diane, thanks for the clicker.. I will review it

  5. April 16, 2013 7:07 am

    updates: my daughters left upper teeth (one of the stumps in the middle)– particularly the left one… was wobbly for the last 2 weeks and now came out on its own…

    • Annie permalink
      May 2, 2013 7:58 pm

      Hi, I’m curious if after your daughter’s molars extraction you use space maintenair(from silver) on it so that the permanent teeth can grow on the right spot? My son’s molar teeth could be extracted and I am worried about the space maintenair but from what I read if you do not use it the permanent teeth may not grow or the neighbouring teeth can go ti the empty spot from the exctrated worried about this.

  6. May 5, 2013 6:45 pm

    hi annie, my daughter is only 7 yrs old and her permanent molars are not due to erupt until she is 10-11 yrs old according to the lifetime of teeth. So I have no experience to base my opinion on this yet. But no, we did not use a space maintener for her molars (at least not yet, and I don’t have enough information to be convinced that it is indeed necessary.. and if ever I do get convinced about the need for it.. silver is a complete nono! the material for the maintenair have to be safe before I allow them to put it into my daughter’s mouth)… is it worth it to have perfect teeth and sacrifice overall health? I don’t think so.. (however this is just me.. and you have to decide on it for yourself)… if your son’s molar is also badly rotten, it also had to be extracted… whether to use maintainer or not.. am also not sure yet…

    the lifetime of teeth here:

  7. Annie permalink
    May 17, 2013 3:54 pm

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, we always want the best for our child. Somehow it is hard to find dentist who is ‘ideal’. I am still searching one.I read your blog about ideal dentist for your daughter, and wondering if you could email me the dentist contact in singapore? Thank you very much.

  8. September 4, 2013 4:43 am

    Well, it’s been over two years since this was written? Can you share what the final results were?

    • September 4, 2013 7:35 am

      She is now 7 yrs old. Her permanent teeth erupted as it should. Dentist proclaimed that caries didnt spread further and new permanent teeth are healthy and well formed… There are spaces where it shld be to make way for teeth that are still due to erupt until she is 12 yrs old. We give her herbs in spray and syrup form as maintenance (herbs came from Barefoot Herbalist MH)


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