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Hair Elements Test by Doctors Data

June 20, 2011

I ordered a test kit for (Doctors Data) Hair Elements Test from our endocrinologist in Singapore. It cost about 260sgd or 220 USD. It only costs about 117USD from Directlabs though (including the doctor’s order). Not sure if the cost of shipping the test kit to Singapore and then shipping the sample back to Doctors Data would probably have me spending about 220 USD as well. So, I just ordered it from our endocrinologist. I hope that he can also read the results as per Andy Cutler’s Protocol.

A quote from KD Ironside a mercury blogger:
Interestingly (and frequently wrongly interpreted by doctors), people who are mercury poisoned often have mercury show up very low on their hair tests, apparently because one’s ability to excrete it is impaired (possibly by the presence of the mercury itself). So low mercury on the test could mean a low body burden or a very high presence, which is why the counting rules are a more reliabe means of determining a problem.

Do you see why medical professionals have misinterpreted, misused, and even devalued hair tests as a means of diagnosing heavy metal problems? This sort of information is not taught in medical school. Test results can be misleading to the naïve user (most doctors), yet valuable information can be found, hence an entire book that has been researched and written about it.

Read more about her experience in Mercury Testing here

Nanay had her Hair Elements Testing done last year, she had low levels of mercury but high levels of Arsenic. Am wondering whether her ability to excrete mercury is impaired. Meaning she probably have high levels of mercury in her body, but it does not show in her hair analysis, as she cannot excrete it properly.

As for me, I can almost predict that I have high levels of mercury in my body, but whether or not my ability to excrete it properly is unknown yet. Aaaah! why are these diagnostic tests so expensive? I cannot even claim from my insurance.

We have 2 bottles of ALA but I cannot find a local source for DMSA. It has been almost a month since I had my mercury amalgam removed. I only take 1 tsp of Vitamin C everyday. I feel quite normal somehow, except for those bouts of mini-depression when I do not want to talk to anyone except for my daughter (wherein I would turn off my mobile phone for days on end and just either go to office or stay home). A lot of my friends have been quite frustrated on me over the years because of this– not sure if it is just an attitude problem or a sign of Mercury Toxicity. What I do know, is I want to get out of this viscius cycle if not for me, but for my daughter and those people who genuinely love and care for me. God knows, I have tried everything to change my moodiness and I thought, I am actually a kind and caring person if not for my bouts of moodiness and depression. That over the years, I have known how to control my moods and learned how to stay away from the crowd when “it” hits– specially around my menstrual period.

From time to time, Nanay would joke around my friends and relatives, saying they had to be easy on me as I am “mildly autistic”. I kind of shrug it off and let them try to adapt to my “mildly autistic” behaviors, as I reason out that it is my survival mechanism– tuning out the noise and just concentrating on one item at a time- if I really wanted to get something done well- otherwise I would easily be distracted and will start doing a lot of different things but never get to finish them, hopping from one unfinished task to another. While searching for a local supplier of DMSA, I chanced upon a blog of a parent whose child is authistic. His name is John Yeo. He said that most autistic child has a Vitamin B12 add folate deficiency and has leaky gut syndrome– also have allergies to wheat and gluten– that most autistic children have mercury poisoning (meaning they cannot properly metabolise and excrete mercury). I have a Vitamin B12 and folate deficiency (based on my homocysteine tests) and I am allergic to wheat and gluten (as per my ALCAT allergy testing).

Nanay has just collected her urine sample for Intestinal Permeability test to rule out leaky gut syndrome as a cause of her abnormal Phase 1 liver detox profile. I wonder if I should also have myself tested for leaky gut syndrome, as well. This will probably provide an answer to our bad tempers and behavioral problems.

Its funny that John Yeo, also wrote about the effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Doctor to her autistic teenager (who is now emerged from autism)==intially causing hyperactivity durign the 10th session. I tried Oxygen Therapy for 30 minutes (not hyperbaric but close to it) as part of my facial treatment last May 2011, and somehow it caused me to be elated for about 4 hours– even my cousins told me ” what is happening to you, Ate? Are you doped?” (relating to my extra ordinary happy mood). Anyway, I just thought oxygen therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy could probably be helpful not only for Nanay but also for me.

Hmmm first, I have to send my hair samples to Doctors Data.

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  1. S. Merih permalink
    November 30, 2011 1:46 pm

    I also had a hard time to find DMSA in Singapore and evetually I ordered from and when the package came, goverment officers called me and told me that DMSA is under special list that if next time I want to order, I must use DHL or TNT as goverment recognized shipper company.

    I understand that pharma is controlling what pills/drugs will be sold to people who wants chaletion. When I called some doctors in Singapore, no one was using DMSA in their protocol.

    There are effective methods without ingesting pills or juices, have you tried these as well ?

  2. April 30, 2012 9:59 am

    Hey Lanie, I’ve been wanting to get this test done for ages! Now I can’t decide whether I should consult a doc and order the test kit from him or just order online. A nutritionist I previously corresponded with quoted me 400 sgd for the kit.

    And oh, by the way, is your naturopath based in Singapore?

    • April 30, 2012 11:20 am

      Hi Vivi,

      Our endocrinologist is the one who ordered the test for us its about 280- 330sgd (cant remember exact amount)…they also use the same lab from which we all can order online (of course they would add some margins)

      I suggest that you order from a local doctor first, so they can help you read/interprest the results..

      In my case, I am going to order my annual test online instead and use the guidelines from Andy Cutler’s protocol to read the results… this is my personal choice.. due to the cost and I am quite convinced that Andy Cutler know what he is doing due to his experience and his background as a chemist.. a lot of people using Andy Cutler protocol also reported a lot of good testimonies..

      However, for my mother, I will check with our endocrinologist, if its ok for us to order online (so I can save on the cost), but we will continue to consult him to support my mother’s therapy (by the way, he does not vocally support Gerson nor discourage us about chemo/radiation/tamoxifen.. he offers what he can offer legally as an endocrinologist, but stays neutral about everything else.. I do respect him for that)

      Yes, I know as a customer, I do not have to ask for his permission where I should order our tests, but for the sake of keeping a good relationship with him.. I would rather ask him first..

      Our endocrinologist is Dr. Ian Lee of Integrated Medicine Clinic


  3. April 30, 2012 11:28 am


    since you ask about our naturopath (we ordered our alergy test from him).. he is also an oesteopath.. (in case you are interested to mother and I are allergic to wheat and gluten– my mother having the highest sensitivity, then me– medium sensitivity.. my daughter has mild sensitivity)…

    Osteopathic practitioner and naturopath, Adrian Lalani,

    His clinic is conveniently opposite Dr. Ian Lee’s clinic..


    • Nicole permalink
      September 5, 2014 1:16 am

      Hi, i am looking for reviews on Your osteopath – Adrian. Was he any good? How is the chages like? I would like to get some allergy testing done.

  4. October 9, 2013 12:07 pm

    Update: Integrated Medicine Clinic in Singapore no longer offer the Hair Elements Test due to the “guidelines from MOH Singapore”, we will try ordering it online from DirectLabs

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