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Mercury Chelation and Autism in Singapore

June 24, 2011

Autism and mercury chelation is an important topic to me, because despite what I have achieved in life, I have always thought that I am mildly autistic. Even my mother, sometimes joke aroun saying that, every time I tune out to focus on things that captures my attention. Apparently, all of us have autistic tendencies. This is probably the reason why I have a soft spot for children with Kanner’s Autism (the most common type of autism). Of all the 4 types of autism, I can relate to Asperger’s Syndrome and to Eric Chen- read his blog here.

What are the “four autisms?”
Kanner’s Autism, OCPD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and ADD.

Most people, when they hear the word “autism,” cringe. Why? Because for most people, the word “autism” carries a very deep charge; they picture Kanner’s Autism; the isolated, rocking, removed autism; as the only autism.

In fact, I would guess that most people, on hearing me suggest that their recently-diagnosed-with-ADD little boy or girl has a form of autism would feel quite angry at me for even suggesting such an idea.

In truth then, most people can not even tolerate the thought that anyone they love has “autism.” refer to the rest of the article here

Since Nanay and I will be using DMSA to chelate mercury and arsenic I recently ordered 340 capsules of DMSA from after comparing prices with

While searching for information about chelation, I found myself in several sites about Autism. Thanks to Mr. JY (father of an autistic teenager who is sending his daughter for biomedical theraphies for Autism), for the information he gave me regarding DMSA and also his confidence that this can help us.

Hi Lanie,

Thank you for your email. The health authority here, like most other health authorities do not recognise low dose chronic exposure to heavy metals and other toxins as a source of major health problems. They do not take kindly to people who practice chelation. As such, we do not offer this service.

However, there are a couple of protocols available on the internet that have been used by many quite safely. One of them is by Andy Cutler which you have mentioned. The other is by DAN! as follows:

You can purchase oral DMSA online from:

Do let me know if there is any other information that I maybe able to help you with.

Last Tuesday, I volunteered to watch Kung Fu Panda the movie with one of the 24 Autistic children under the care of AWWA ( a local charity here in Singapore). One of the children started crying in the middle of the show, the one I least expect to throw a tantrum. While the other child, who seemed to be oblivious to his surroundings is the one who really had a good time. Reacting to humurous lines from POH at the right time. I wonder if the boy who was crying for the full 2 hours is in pain or distress, that he cannot point out what is causing him pain. In one of MR. JY’s blog entries, he said that autistic children have severe digestive issues, which make them prone to stomach pain- that they are in pain, but cannot express it so that they will just throw a fit.

I wonder if these children receive biomedical theraphies the way that Mr. JY’s daughter does. As we speak, his daughter is coming out of autism after years of hyperbaric oxygen theraphy sessions and chelation therapy (among others).

Just learned that a certain Dr. Kay (a Singaporean DAN practitioner) who treats autism was also banned from using bioresonance therapy to treat autistic children. He continues his practice though, but without the bioresonance therapy.

I am glad that DMSA is FDA approved at least, so that I can purchase it online. I was told that compounding pharmacies sell DMSA if you have a doctor’s prescription. My resources are dwindling now, so I decided to purchase without prescription.

The supplements I ordered from Vitacost arrived yesterday (after 4 working weeks) — the list of supplements was on top of the package for all to see.. so am pretty sure this has been checked by local customs. DMSA will probably have to go through the same checks. But I am confident that there wont be any issue as it is FDA approved.

Back to the issue of Autism, I wonder why the government will ban something that helps people to heal from chronic diseases. I can relate with Mr. JY as a caregiver. If I have dwindling resources, I would still prefer to pay for biomedical supplements and theraphies rather than going for conventional treatments such as the ABA Therapy for Autism and Chemo/radiation for Cancer.

Most parents who chose biomedical theraphies for autism are doctors, lawyers and engineers –so, I believe they have the logical thinking skills to make an informed decision. The sad thing is, doctors in Singapore are not allowed to practice chelation, bio-resonance or HBOT. The good thing is, they (SMC) at least allow alternative practitioners to offer these services.

Message from the Singapore Medical Council = “Know the risks”WHILE doctors are not allowed to offer this treatment, it is available at centres that also offer homeopathy
and herbal treatments. A check found at least eight such centres. It is understood that these practitioners are exempt from the guidelines that govern the medical community here because they are not offering the treatment as medical doctors. Instead, these centres have to comply with the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act, which details rules on the running of all medical institutions, such as the need to keep proper patient records.

The ministry advises the public to only seek medical services from registered medical doctors operating within licensed healthcare institutions. It said that those who seek alternative treatments should be aware of the risks they may carry. Bioresonance practitioners claim that disorders such as insomnia, smoking addiction, pain, migraines and allergies can be treated using this therapy. Refer to the full article here

This also makes it easy for me to believe that even if doctors truly believe in biomedical/alternative therapies, they will not practice it in order not to be fined or censured by the medical board in their respective countries. I do hope though that Dr. Kay will offer bioresonance therapy under a clinical trial and that he can have sufficient funding and support for the trial– in order that Autistic children in Singapore will have an opportunity to be treated in a non-invasive way. I hope that parents of autistic children in Singapore join hands to make this happen and to raise funds for this clinical trial– yes sometimes we have to dance with the authorities! We do not have to run like criminals for availing ourselves of these treatments/therapies.

It is also easy for me to believe that there are good doctors out there– who are prone to isolation from their peers and who are also being labelled as quacks at the worst– even if they have the best of intentions and the experience/ science to back it up.

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  1. Chris 97623527 permalink
    February 28, 2017 10:30 am

    Hi I’m a mum to an autistic 3 yo and doing chelation. I want to ask how your experience went. Hope I can talk to you. I’m leaving my # below. Thanks. Pinky sa sg din ako.

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