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A Father’s Hug

July 2, 2011

Good Morning My Child,

My peace I give you and My peace I leave you. This is my promise to all my creations. Everyone strives for peace in their soul. So few are willing to do what is necessary to reach a state of peace. My will is the only door that leads to peace.However the handle is on your side, you must open it. This peace is given to those who are present in daily life with Me. Give all for all. Do not make any exceptiotions in offering yourself to Me. I love you. Have complete confidence in Me for I send only the joy and good into life for you. You do not always love yourself and that makes me sad. If you could love yourself one fraction of an inch of how much I love you your life would be an overwhelming act of gratitude and joy. So let My love fill that void and guide you. I will govern your heart.

Be convinced that I will take good care of you and worry not. Only when you learn that I will hold you in my heart because I made you from Me and we cannot be separated from one another will you be truely close to understanding the love I have for you. Come walk where I reign, here there is only peace.I love you.

Be gentle today, be considerate of your neighbor. I do not hesitate to be gentle with you. Always seek the last place in line, open a door for the elderly, take a minute with the sad or the sick. Relish the gifts I have given you. Forget the self interest and follow My instructions.

~~ GOD.

I accepted Jesus in the comfort and privacy of my bedroom. Not in church. Not because of religion. Religion is only a set of rules, rituals and traditions. What God has offered me was to restore a broken relationship- He offered me a Father’s hug. And in the darkness of my soul in the last few weeks, I remember the shadows that has led me captive for years– and the moment of freedom – when Jesus asked me to come out of my self- imprisonment and decided to walk out of the house at about this time 1am and found myself in an overnight vigil of complete strangers worshipping and praising God— while the rain pounds on us– my tears were not so obvious because the rain kept washing it..

sometimes, we find ourselves in the company of strangers and find a lot of things in common with them. Sicne then, I have never cried my heart out while praising and worshipping. But I know, that in my heart I have made a space for Jesus, and that place will never ever be taken by anything or anyone else. Thats the part of my heart that seems to be brand new,, and keeps me alive today. He never promised me that life on earth will be a blast, but He taught me how to find that place in my heart, where He resides, where I can coil myself into, and find peace.. in the comfort of a Father’s Hug.

Would you like a group hug??? or would you rather wait for your turn and have a one-on-one with Jesus?
You see it is not about you knocking your way into His heart,or into buildings, temples or synagogues or churches, its Him coming to you, in spirit and love. All you have to do, is grab the knob and accept Him and say,

come to the dining table of my Heart and let us talk, I surrender to Your love and accept Your promise of peace.

If His love and His promise of peace is questionable to you, then ask! Its ok to ask. If you are alone in your room, open your Bible — His answers, His promises are written there.

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