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Minimum Intervention – Tooth Decay

July 11, 2011

Oh yeah! Am obsessed about halting Zarah’s Tooth decay with minimum intervention.. specially now that I know that oral bacteria can also cause life treathening diseases and on the one hand dental treatments can also cause such diseases (Mercury, flouride and root canals are bad!). To say, that I am overwhelmed and confused by conflicting opinions about children’s diet is an understatement (milk or no milk? if milk is necessary what kind of milk and where to get that “kind of milk”… orange juice or no orange juice and are they referring to fake OJ or natural OJ?). Probiotics– is it good or bad? This article says, probiotic supplementation is bad for us — SIGH! So, what now? ** scratching my head***

After praying for guidance, my research has led me to this:

Step 1: Identify the root cause
Caries Risk Assessmento Clinically approved battery of diagnostic tests is now being conducted in several dental clinics in Singapore, including the Public Dental Clinic
o We will see a Pediatric Preventive Dentist who actually earns money by teaching at National University of Singapore and conducting research on preventive dentistry and sees patients 2x weekly
So what if he is earning as a researcher and professor? It means he will not be motivated to push conventional approaches such as drilling, scaling, root canals–to earn his money. And perhaps he is more motivated to cure my daughter’s tooth decay and prevent it from coming back.
o He was awarded for his Clinical dental research on Caries Risk Assessment read here:
o Preparation before our Caries Risk Assessment appointment

On the day of your visit, DO NOT
Eat, drink, smoke or brush your teeth 1 hour before the appointment time
Use any antimicrobial mouthrinse 3 hours before, or have flouride treatment or took antibiotics within 2 weeks before the test date

o He said rinsing with baking soda water is fine and actually great DIY home treatment.

This would probably put the vegan versus Dr. Price saga to rest.
Dr. Price says, bacteria is nothing terrain is everything. Whereas, vegetarians/vegans say, its not about the diet but its about the bacteria. The only thing they have in common is that SUGAR is a culprit and a major cause of tooth decay regardless if the sugar comes from whole food sources such as fruit or from processed food.
Once we have identified the major source of decay– then we can figure out how to battle it in the long term. I am pretty sure we have to battle it in all fronts (diet,oral hygiene and exercise).

Some changes we can do at home, while I am figuring out if I should stop giving probiotic supplements to Zarah and Nanay:
1.) FRUIT – must be cooked before eating it
2.) Drink FRUIT Juices with healthy fat such as butter, coconut oil or cheese to slow down the release of sugar into the blood
3.) Orange Juice – must be natural and freshly squeezed and again must be taken with Cod Liver Oil & Butter Oil before meals
4.) Main meals should have some proteins from eggs that come from grass fed chicken or beef from grass fed cows and must be eaten with vegetables
5.) Vegetables must be cooked with some healthy fats (such as ghee or butter)
6.) Stop supplementing with probiotics (our stomach can make the right amout of probiotics with good nutrition)

Step 2: Restoration
Hope this dentist would consider these products to restore the teeth or at least halt the decay.

Bentonite Clay (Brand Name: Adams Claymin)
– you can buy from Nature’s Glory Singapore and Healthy Options in the Philippines.

MI Tooth paste (with CPP-ACP or Recaldent)
o This is the brand name of a tooth paste from Europe that contains Recaldent or CCP-AP.
o It delivers Calcium and Phosphate to the teeth to remineralize it. I thought the bentonite clay does the same thing, but there are no clinical studies to back it up (though I’ve seen quite a good result in just using it 2x weekly for the past few weeks)
o You can buy OTC (over the counter) from SmileMakers Dental Clinic here:
o We can buy online from here: or from Autism Recovery Singapore
Other Remineralization toothpastes here:
o Not sure whether the other tooth pastes are available in Singapore

I also hope that he would not prescribe fluorides for treatment. Although, I can say no, it still adds quite a bit of pressure if he do prescribe fluoride. I hope he would agree to give laser/ozone treatment to Zarah, since he has done clinical research on laser/ozone as well.

Step 3: Prevention
Preventive Dentistry in Singapore
o Is defined by NUS as Oral hygiene, nutrition and dietary measures, and dental health education as a preventive dental service. The metabolic and dental aspects of fluorides in the control of dental caries. Clinical aspects are stressed and carried out in the treatment of children in pedodontics and orthodontics.
o I do hope that this is more than just applying fluorides and that they do consider the overall effect of fluoride to the body (not just the teeth)

Read about Minimum Intervention here:Note: am not endorsing any of these products/services. Am just glad that some dentists are already considering this in clinical practice which proves the point that Caries Risk Assessment is necessary, and that dental xray is not the only diagnostic tool that dentists can have in their arsenal. That tooth decay will happen in the presence of all factors, bacteria, bad terrain (patient with poor nutrition) and also high sugar diet. Thus, scaling, drilling, root canal and extraction deals only with one factor which is the bacteria but neglects all other factors that contribute to caries ( bad terrain and high sugar diet). The fact that companies are producing mouse, gel and gums with Calcium & Phosphate proves that we can reverse decay and that teeth can remineralize. I just hope that they can conduct studies on other natural products that contain Calcium and Phosphates (such as Bentonite Clay).

MI Paste contains the following:pure water, glycerol, CPP-ACP, D-sorbitol, CMC-Na, Propylene glycol, Silicon dioxide, Titanium dioxide, Xylitol, Phosphoric acid, Flavoring, Zinc oxide, Sodium saccharin, Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Magnesium oxide, Guar gum, Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Butyl p-hydroxybenzoate

Novamin contains the following:
Active Ingredient: Novamin (Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate) for Antihypersensitivity.
Other Ingredients: Glycerin, Amorphous Silica, PEG 400, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Mint Flavor, Carbomer, Potassium Acesulfame, Titanium Dioxide.
Hope they can remove all the other additives and keep the CPP – ACP and Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate. The other thing about Recaldent/CCP-AP/MI Paste is that the active ingredient is derived from Casein. Biological theraphies for autism disorders such as ADD, OCD and Asperger’s Syndrome actually avoids gluten and CASEIN from the diet. So what now? Casein or no- casein? I reckon battling tooth decay is much more confusing than battling cancer.

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