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Which came first? Chicken or Egg? Mercurcy Toxicity first or the digestive/metabolic isssues?

July 13, 2011

I have digestive issues and high probability of Mercury toxicity… which is the classic “is it chicken or egg story”. It is important for me to know which came first, because that is what needs to be dealt with first (first in first out). I was told that the Hair Elements Testing is recommended to test for mercury in our bodies but it is not quite an accurate way of measuring whether it has left our body tissues or not. The best way apparently is a Trial Round of taking low doses of DMSA frequently (that’s why it is called frequent low-dose DMSA mercury chelation).

Chicken came first
Some say, “healthy people who do not have digestive issues”, will excrete mercury from their bodies via normal elimination process. Therefore, mercury toxicity is an indirect result of you not being able to excrete mercury via normal elimination (e.g. sweating, urine and feces). So, digestive issues started first??

Egg came first
Some say, mercury toxicity causes a myriad of metabolic/digestive issues such as gluten intolerance, celiac, leaky gut syndrome among others as well autistic tendencies (e.g. Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, ADD). So, the mercury came before the digestive issues?

My experience
I had my mercury amalgam fillings, when I was in Grade 4 a, and my bowel movements were pretty regular at that time (I eat lots of fruits when I was in grade school). When, I started to work in the field fruits was hard to come by, I also had 2 of my upper incisors crowned (more metals.. more mercury!). I started becoming severely constipated in year 1999, which is about 12 years ago. All I know is that both of these factors are wreaking my personal life. It could be that the compounded effects of mercury toxicity only started surfacing 12 years ago plus my poor diet (no fruits and vegetables)—led to my constipation or it could be the other way around my constipation caused my mercury toxicity symptoms to surface. Having bad metabolism and slow digestion, could have caused mercury to decide to live in my tissues. So, I cannot really tell whether it was the constipation or the mercury toxicity that came first.

This coming Saturday, our endocrinologist will be reading Nanay’s test for Leaky Gut Syndrome and I will also get some of my hair samples for Hair Elements Test (to test of mercury)—yeah I should have done this last month, but forgot (consciously forgot) to do so… making Zarah’s tooth decay a convenient excuse. Is it a coincidence that Nanay have had digestive issues (constipation) for years, and I did to? And Zarah is also always constipated?

Since the argument about chicken or egg came first or the argument about mercury toxicity or digestive issues came first, will never be solved in time…. I would start with a Trial Round of DMSA Chelation this weekend and see how it goes.

this is still about Nanay, as Nanay has high levels of Arsenic. I will go through the first round of chelation first and see if she would like to chelate the Arsenic from her body through frequent low dose DMSA chelation as well. There is a different set of protocols for Arsenic toxicity though.

Uhmm by the way, my father is also doing Oil Pulling with Sesame Seed Oil now. He has been using the waterpik oral irrigator, and a mixture of clove oil, water and bentonite clay as his moutwash. Every weekend I also get him to soak his teeth in bentonite clay and papaya powder. His teeth are now noticeably whiter and hopefully his cavities will also heal.

Yey! The whole family is getting healthier.

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