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TRIAL ROUND 1 – Andy Cutler Protocol (Mercury Chelation using DMSA)

July 15, 2011

I will be starting a trial round of the Andy Cutler Protocol tomorrow as part of diagnosis of Mercury or Heavy Metal toxicity. based on research, the Hair Elements Test is not the most accurate way of testing if you have mercury in your body. It is good to have Hair Elements Test, if you are intending to claim for insurance for mercury related symptoms. But, I guess knowing if you have mercury in your hair is not enough, you have to know if you have mercury in your tissues, your blood and your brain.

Trial round 1 starts tomorrow. Please pray for me.

Start ROUND 1 of DMSA 12.5mg. Take 12.5mg or less every 4 hours [or more often, 3hr] on the hour, including waking up at night!!!!

If you miss a dose by an hour or more, stop the round. It is important to take some time off between rounds. Members most often wait until their next scheduled round before starting again; however, at a minimum, the time off would be the length of time you typically take off between rounds.

I realized that I purchased DMSA in 100 mg capsules, so I had to find a way to divide each 100mg capsules into 8 smaller dosage (of 12.5mg each). I am also concerned about the half life of DMSA when dissolved on water, glad that someone pointed out that it has to be dissolved in juice (acidic/tart) liquid and that syringe can ensure minimal oxidization and allows accurate dosing.

Most syringe can take up to 5-10mg though and I agree, that since 100 mg, makes 8 smaller doses of 12.5mg which I have to take over 24 hours, 4 out of 8 of the solution would have been past its half life.

Probably I should try to divide DMSA 100mg capsule in to 2 batches so that

1. break 100 mg capsule
2. divide powder/beads into 2 (will check later if its beads indeed so it will
be much easier and accurate)
3. at 7am in the morning dissolve half of DMSA in 4ml of orange juice and also
take my first dose (1ml), then take the subsequent dosage at 11am, 3pm and 7pm
4. at 7pm in the evening dissolve the other half of DMSA in 4ml of orange juice
and also take my 5th dose, then take the subsequent dosage at 11pm, 3am and tam

Read more here

A round is 3 days ON and 3 days OFF initially (later you can increase the number of ON days and OFF). You need to take at least as many days OFF as ON. A common chelating schedule for DMSA is 7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm -11pm – 3am. You can also take longer breaks between rounds if necessary to recuperate.

So, my schedule for the first trial round would be:
Day 1 – 16 July ( 7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm -11pm – 3am)
Day 2 – 17 July (7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm -11pm – 3am)
Day 3 – 18 July (7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm -11pm – 3am)
Day 4, 5 & 6 – OFF DAYS (just monitor)

Day 2,3,4 – 17- 19 July (OFF DAYS)
Day 5 – 20 July (ON DAY) (7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm -11pm – 3am)
Day 6,7 & 8 21-23 July (OFF DAYS)
Day 9 & 10 – 24 & 25 (ON DAYS) (7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm -11pm – 3am)
Day 11,12& 13 – 26-28 July (OFF DAYS)
Day 14, 15 & 16 – 29-31 July (ON DAYS) (7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm -11pm – 3am)

If there are any side effects monitor these and if too intolerable, stop and do the next round at a lower dose. Some people find that they need to start chelation at 5 or 6 mg, or even as low as 1 mg. The amount of chelator tolerated initially is very individual.

If no side effects or mild manageable side effects occur then wait three days or more before you start ROUND 2 DMSA at 12.5mg.

If no side effects or mild manageable side effects occur then do another ROUND [3 days and 2 nights] of DMSA at 12.5mg. You can increase your round by a day or two if you are doing well. So, on this round you could chelate for 4-5 days ON.

There is another guy who have just started on his first trial round of frequent low dose dmsa chelation. I found him on a yahoo group- hope we can exchange notes.

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  1. July 18, 2011 8:49 pm

    I was not able to finish the 3 day trial round as my mother and daughter have bad colds and cough, so I thought I should stop for a while and resume when they are getting better. It would be risky to have all of us down at the same time. I have updated this blog entry with my new schedule..


  2. November 5, 2011 9:44 am

    We are doing our first heavy metal chelation and lymphatic system cleanse this weekend. Haven’t done anything like this before but I have read the reviews and results, and I’m excited. The lymphatic cleanse is called Herbal Release @ & the heavy metal chelation (sounds scary right?) is HumiKleanse @ I have your blog bookmarked.

  3. October 7, 2013 9:27 am

    ive dropped the Andy Cutler Protocol and currently doing it the MH Way for now… (for practical reasons)

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