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Quick Win! My BMI is now 25.8

July 19, 2011

Unhealthy! Moderate risk of getting heart attack and diabetes!! Wait a minute! How can this blog entry be entitled a quick win! Well because last April 2011 (3 months ago), I was in the high-risk category. So, you see, I based my success in terms of where I was before and where I am now, regardless if other people are in the low risk category.

Today, our company organised a Health Screening Day, wherein I had my BMI and blood pressure measured (as well as blood drawn for a battery of tests).

I was pleasantly surprised that without me taking too much conscious effort, I have lost weight. I used to be in the BMI range that says High Risk of getting all kinds of diseases. Now, I am in the Moderate Risk Catefory (23- 27.4). My BMI is 25.8. Just tried to eat selectively, trying to follow Nanay’s diet of more vegetables/fruit/fruit juices (all natural/organic) and less carbs/proteins. I am quite happy because, I really did not feel deprived eating well. In my early 20’s, I used to do a lot of crash dieting and my craving for sugar/crabs usually drive me nuts, and I always feel deprived. But now, I felt like eating well is the most natural thing to do. I no longer crave sweet and salty foods. I still drink coffee though– and am trying to wane myself off by taking Ginseng supplement instead of coffee– however, I think coffee is the last thing to go– I simply love coffee!

I also purchased a Basal Thermometer so I can measure my basal temperature every morning, to rule out Thyroid/Adrenal issues. Another purchase I have made is a pedometer, (a tool that counts if I have made at least 10,000 steps a day). From 9am to 12nn today, I have already made 1,367 steps, a few thousands more to go to hit my target. I am not going to stress myself about it. I will just measure my number of steps in the next few days, and slowly increase it by 10% every week.

In summary, I will:
1. monitor my basal temperature for one week
2. monitor the number of steps I make for one week
3. based on the thyroid tests and other test results– consider to support my adrenals and thyroid
4. consider to add some daily exercises into my routine

If you want to know your BMI, click here:

On Thursday,
1. Zarah will go through Caries Risk Assessment (praying that her tooth decay is halted)
2. Nanay will get her test results to rule out Leaky Gut Syndrome
3. Get my blood drawn for homocysteine test (hope that the weight loss and the supplementation of folate, vitamin B6 and B12 has lowered my homocysteine levels)

Losing weight is one step closer to resolving my homocysteine issues.

Causes of high homocysteine levels

1.) Metabolic or genetic issues— If there is a deficiency or lack of an important enzyme for metabolising homocysteine, then homocysteine levels will be elevated.
Read more here and here

More and more metabolic/enzyme therapy makes sense to me, here is why:

o it is possible that like Nanay I have problems with metabolising certain nutrients.
o Nanay have problems metabolizing estrogen and was diagnosed with hardening of arteries.
o Apparently high homocysteine levels can also cause hardening of arteries.
o So both Nanay and I are pre-disposed to hardening of arteries (in her case, due to parasites, in my case – lack of certain enzymes or nutrients).

2.) Nutritional deficiencies in folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 causes or is probably the symptom of high levels of homocysteine
Read more here:

Our endocrinologist prescribed a special formula of folate, vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 supplements for a period of months – 24 April to 24 July. He also asked me to reduce my intake of carbohydrates (specially in the evening) and also to lose some weight.

Let us see if my homocysteine level go down after 3 months of supplementation and also after losing weight. If it does, then its either we have fixed the cause or fixed the symptom. Neither rules out metabolic issues though.

My prayer intention:
1. that I will be in the low risk category in 3 months time (that means losing at least 8kg)
2. that my homocysteine levels will be at normal range by this week
3. that I will have the determination to measure my basal temperature daily– so as to address my metabolic issues once and for all (with an accurate diagnosis)
4. that I can sail through the effects of chelation in the coming months

“Thank you Lord for again, helping me find a way out of my rut, lifting me up from my depressed and foul moods. For helping me realize that I need help and I need to take care of the vessel (the physical body) you have given me. Thank you for humbling me and making me realize that amidst the confusing opinions about health care, Biblical wisdom still has passed the test of time. Thank you even if I have not been a good ‘Christian’,lately.”

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