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Leaky Gut Syndrome

July 22, 2011

Nanay’s gut is leaking– too porous, that toxins and nutrients go to the liver too fast for the Phase 1 detoxification function of the liver. Yes, she have leaky gut syndrome– it wass confirmed through the Intestinal Permiability Test.

Here is the result of the INtestinal Permeability Test

Urine Volume, 6 hours = 1000mL
Lactulose Recovery 0.42H (range is 0.00 – 0.30 %) == SHE IS WAY OFF THE CHARTS!! TOO HIGH!
Mannitol Recovery 24.60 (range is 9.5-25 %) still high!
Lactulose/Mannitol Ration= 0.0170 (range is 0 to 0.035) quite OK

Lactulose High
Result suggestive of GI mucosal hyperpermeability (leaky gut). Lactulose serves as a marker of mucosal integrity. Suggest treating with glutamine, probiotics, glucosamine, GOS, slippery elm, psyllium, MSN, pectin, aloe vera, antioxidents (esp. vitamins ACE, carotenoids, bioflavanoids), zinc, selenium, folate, EFAs, gamma oryzanol

Norma LACT/MAN Ration
Repeat challenge test after a challenge meal and if increased lactulose excretion is observed, check for food allergies and use elimination/rotation diet.

I asked our endocrinologist to order this test after he read Nanay’s FLDP test which shows that her Phase 1 detox pathway is too fast.

Read more about Nanay’s FLDP here.

Some of the questions & answers between me and the doctor:

1. Q: How long will it take to heal leaky gut?
A: It took years to form a leaky gut. It will also take years to heal leaky gut.

2. Q: If the leaky gut syndrome heals, will it address the phase 1 detoxification issue?
A: Yes, if you also remove too much exposure from toxins and heavy antibiotics (in my mind, I was thinking, how about those cancer patients taking chemo therapy that are actually heavy antibiotics)?

3. Q. Will it also address estrogen dominance?
A: We hope so, leaky gut/phase 1 detox are just one of the many factors that cause estrogen dominance. All other factors must also be addressed.

4. Q. Does her 3 times a day coffee enema, cause her Leaky Gut Syndrome?
A. Of course not, it is not related. The Coffee Enema only reaches the first few inches of the bowels– it does not reach the gut. Since, coffee enema helps her to expel toxins, it should be beneficial for her. She, however should not do coffee enema forever. Is she constantly constipated? IF yes, then coffee enema should also be helping to address constipation. This is not related to Leaky Gut or cause Leaky Gut.

5. Q. I am asking this question on behalf of Nanay. She has been expelling mucus every time she do coffee enema. Is this her stomach lining? (I know it is not– just asked to put this matter to rest– and so that Nanay stops asking me).
A. OF CoURSe noT! Gut is your stomach!stomach is stomach! intestine is intestine! we are testing her gut/stomach’s ability to deal with both nutrients and toxins. The mucus she expels are not her gut/stomach lining. Again the coffee enema only reaches a few inches of the bowels, it does not reach the stomach.

That was the end of the conversation. When I got home, I realized that I have more questions about mucus build up.

Mucus build-up, which leads to candida overgrowth, which leads to leaky gut, is the cause of most all autoimmune diseases.

In restrospect, it proves that expeling mucus through coffee enema should actually help her heal her leaky gut (does not matter if it is the mucuos from her gut/stomach or from her intestines). Once the mucus build-up is gone, then the body can form the natural protective lining of the intestines as well as that of the gut/stomach. First the mucus build up has to go, then the gut/stomach lining has to heal (aloe vera helps in the healing!) . I believe our timing is just right! This is the time for healing her gut/stomach.

The other thing is, if the gut has holes in it or is leaky, then it is also possible that there will be a back flow of toxins from the liver back into the gut. Coffee enema helps to pull these toxins in the bile and expel the toxins, probably together with the mucus build up. If the candida connection to leaky gut is true, then coffee enema will help to lessen die off symptoms.

Read more here

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  1. Bianca permalink
    November 26, 2012 9:37 am

    Hi, just read the above article and detox.
    Have you tested your phase I and phase II genetics? Those can be the underlying factor of impaired detox and the gut just a result of that. Then fixing the gut won’t be a solution in the long run. You need to try to balance those out even after gut has healed to keep it that way. Another important factor is MTHFR genetics when it comes to toxic build up.

    Have similar eexperience with coffee enema and was/am worried that I am creating some sort of damage in there. It’s not called for nothing “mucosal lining”

    • November 28, 2012 8:20 pm

      hi biance,

      actually the reason why I requested for a test for Nanay to confirm her leaky gut syndrome was because of her FLDP results showing that her Phase 1 detox is faster than her Phase 2… so yes to your answer her liver detox profile/gene has already been tested..

      and I agree that everything has to be addressed holistically… trying our best…

      about the coffee enema, am pretty sure the enema saved my mother’s life.. 2 years hence, we are tapering it off.. she only do chamomille enema every other day and if she must do coffee enema.. she follows up with wheatgrass enema to counteract the effects of CE…

      our goal is that she become less dependent on CE to move her bowels.. we are getting help from Barefoot Herbalist’s products, particularly the Lower Bowel Balance Formula…

      I must say though that the coffee enema have served its purpose for Nanay, now is the time to wean her off from it…



  2. San permalink
    August 15, 2013 1:31 pm

    Hi, I also live in SG and stumbled across ur blog a couple of days ago. I hope zarah, you and your nanay are doing well. I have an autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis, diagnosed 4 years ago and I just went to see dr Ian Lee. Where did you go for the Leaky Gut Syndrome test? is your endocrinologist is also in SG? Many thanks!

    • August 15, 2013 1:36 pm

      Dr ian lee

    • August 15, 2013 7:12 pm

      Hi San,

      Yes. Dr Ian Lee is based in singapore….you can either order the test online on your own (cheaper) or order it from Dr. Lee (more expensive).. but at least you have someone to interpret the results for you…email me

      Yes, all 3 of us are doing well… and relatively drug free 🙂


    • Eidel permalink
      January 11, 2016 1:41 pm

      hi San! I stumbled upon your comments today, I too have RA, my body has autoimmune itself. I previously had vasculitis. Did you manage to get the leaky gut test done? If so, may I have some recommendations on where to order etc. Do you still have RA today or are you healed?

      Thanks!!- eidelweis

  3. Nicole permalink
    November 1, 2013 3:02 am

    Have you ever had a problem with her passing bloody mucus? I had been doing coffee enemas for two weeks without any problems, but the last two days have been having bloody mucus and constant abdominal cramps.


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