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Treatment: Leaky Gut Syndrome

July 22, 2011

Note: Refer to the diagnosis on the previous blog entry, first.

Treatment for Leaky Gut Syndrome

The doctor asked us what other supplements Nanay are taking currently, so I referred to my notes and gave him all the details including dosage and frequencies. He said, it seems we only have to add Glutamine supplementation to the list of supplements. So, we purchased this product from Metagenics, she have to dissolve 1 tsp of this powder to a shot glass of water and drink 3x a day before meals. He also adviced to eat aloe vera (which we can buy from Carrefour). The product (Glutagenics) contain both Glutamine and a small percentage of Aloe Vera.

How does Glutamine and Aloe Vera stop leaky gut?

Both of this helps to heal the gut wall (its like healing from surgery or like sealing a leak in your roof). It also addresses candida and yeast overgrowth, as well as food allergies and sweet cravings.

How about FOS?
I believe she should get her FOS from natural whole food sources not from FOS supplements. Nanay has been taking garlic supplementation for the past few weeks.

Is Inulin/FOS found naturally anywhere?
Yes. It is found naturally in asparagus, garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes,
chicory root, and others
Read more here

How about probiotics?
I am greatly overwhelmed by conflicting literature about probiotics. One thing for sure, I am not going to buy probiotics with added FOS on it.

How about EFAs?
She has been taking Nordict Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil for the past few weeks, and also been taking VCO for the past few months. So, we are essentially covered here.

How about Slippery Elm and Okra?
I think I will consider this as well and ask Nanay to continue growing her Okra plant and keep eating as much Okra as she can. If not just take her Acidoll supplement which contains HCL and Okra Pectin.

Nanay purchased Slippery Elm powder from Eden Health Foods Singapore:

an excerpt from Curezone:
For Philippine cures, I know that okra, a native vegetable is used for intestinal cleansing. Also mentioned by “The Cancer Cure that worked.” It’s gooey juices seep into the fingers inside the intestines and the use of fibers like psyllium husks can clean out the dirt in the intestines. I told my kidney cancer patient to eat okra vegetables for lunch for 3 days, just okra only, nothing else. You could do the same for your eczema.

I am not surprised the eczema is an early symptom of leaky gut. Nanay have had several bouts of sever eczema (when triggered). She has been taking psyllium husks everyday since 6th June.

Candida is a root cause of leaky gut. So a 3 to 7 day virgin coconut oil detox / fast should be done first to clear up candida. This is the fastest and most effective method I know to get rid of candida.

Nanay is not keen to do another fast again. This probably will have to wait, until she is ready and convinced that Candida has to go with a more agressive treatment and that she have to go through a gluten free anti-candida diet.

My theory for my brother Bugoy, have him take Slippery Elm capsules 4x per day for 1 month, have bugoy eat okra everyday for 1 month, as many times a day as he eats rice… which is usually 2 to 3 times per day. No animal meat, if at all possible for 1 month.

I think this one is quite doable.

Then see the progress. See if the supplement approach is still needed: Zinc Carnosine, Biotin and MSM for 1 month.

We will see her progress in the next 2 months before adding zinc carnosine ( a no- no in Gerson therapy), Biotin and MSM

I will do the same. My theory is that my continuous liver stone production is caused by a leaky gut. If leaky gut is a root cause, it may be polluting my blood, and my liver has to work and form liver stones to keep cleaning my blood, this could be why in 20 liver flushes, I still expel stones.

With this knowledge, why not shoot for a higher goal? Perfect skin complection. Model like. Smooth and clear.

I believe, I should also follow a Gluten Free, Anti-Candida diet, if only for perfect skin complexion ^_^.

Note: Glutamine and Aloe Vera supplementation was prescribed by a registred endocrinologist in Singapore. He did not prescribe any other supplementation. The rest of this post are just based on my research and opinions.

And again as most “treatments” are this is also a form of diagnosis– if her leaky gut heals– then probably it will also heal her abnormal liver detoxification profile– and hopefully address her estrogen dominance and then ultimately her breast cancer. Yes, we are working backwards now.. dealing with the root cause (although there could be so many different root causes). What gives me comfort is that all the supplements/food/nutrients in the Gerson and Metabolic/Enzyme Therapies (Kelly/Gonzalez/Beard) are the same supplements/food/nutrients that heals these diseases such as leaky gut syndrome. At least now, we have names for the host of other diseases related to cancer. During the time of Gerson/Kelly, they do not have names for these pseudo diseases yet. Now they have specific names for it.. and not suprised that the treatments is much the same as what Gerson or Kelly prescribed their patients during their time.

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  1. December 1, 2012 10:23 am

    Celiac disease is often behind leaky gut, liver problems and cancers. The fingers in the intestines are damaged and need healing. This causes malnutrition and leaky gut and the auto immune reactions. Thanks for this information. I’m going to start eating okra.

    • December 1, 2012 10:58 am

      Hi robin, okra, aloe vera, slippery elm, guyabano or soursop, malabar spinach (alugbati or saluyot), basically everything which has natural sticky mucus in it can soothe and heal external or internal irritations. Stay away from dairy, eggs and gluten.. I think yoy know that already but is worth repeating as mcdonalds commercials are in our face every minute

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