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The Ideal Dentist for Zarah

July 27, 2011

I am praying for the ideal dentist for Zarah.

This list of “what do you like about your child’s dentist and dentist practice“, came from a Yahoo Groups discussion about kids dental health. If they found these dentists somewhere else, I do hope that we can find at least 1 among the 13 pediatric dentists in Singapore who is ideal for my daughter. I am also open to explore family dentists (not specialising in pediatric dentistry), to find a potential ideal dentist for Zarah,

So, here is what most parents’ say about what they like about their dentists and their practice”:

“He briliantly salvaged my daughter’s severely decayed teeth (declared unsalvageable by dentist the previous day) using no sedation or anesthetics or drill. He saved us from GA and extracting four leterals! He is a family dentist and specializes in cosmetic dentistry and does not claim to be alternative in any way, but is totally open-mided to all that I learn about caries and fluoride that he was not taught in dental school.”

“My 3 year old had his huge cavities filled by Dr. W without sedation or nitrous. The staff is very kid friendly and handled my son’s anxieties very well. The dentist even managed to get the last filling in without a shot. He works fast and efficiently. He doesn’t blame night nursing for decay. He is very soft-spoken and gentle. This was the 8th denstist that we visited. All the rest were unwilling to work with my child without sedation or pulpotomies.”

Holistic, natural approach, very kind and caring and efficient, works with small children where possible, I would highly recomend her.

Dr. Mr was incredibly patient with our son who has a significant speech delay. He took a lot of time to make him comfortable as well as interview us about all of his teeth and lifestyle issues. We were prepared to have heal ozone done but I found out that we had stopped the decay so the ozone treatment was not necessary. Dr. M takes a homeopathic approach to dentistry and gave us many treatments to maintain the health of our son’s teeth. Very knowledgeable, kind and professional pediatric dentist.

Very kid friendly office; respects parents’ concerns and does not ‘force’ anything

Dr. J is friendly, upbeat, sweet and has a true talent for putting children at ease! She saved my daughter from GA and salvaged 4 teeth deemed unsalvageable by 2 prior (can I call them dentists?). Doesn’t use force and isn’t pushy. Very kid friendly office, staff and breastfeeding friendly! If you have had a traumatic experience, this is the only person you should consider seeing next. (BTW I am VERY picky).

Dr. D and his staff are incredible. After 3 other dentists wanted to do caps under GA, Dr. D was so supportive of more holistic/alternative management. The ozone treatment helped so much, and they are absolutely wonderful with children.

He uses ozone therapy and is fantastic with children (and adults). He truly cares about your health and takes the time to discuss any of your concerns and works with you so that you are happy. He is fantastic!

The pediatric assistant, L is positively amazing. So respectful of child and family, open to alternatives, provides healozone, totally supportive of patient desires/decisions, real compassion and desire for best for child’s overall health. LOVED her.

To this list, I would add:
A dentist who conducts research on PReventive Dentistry (Caries Risk Assessment, Cariograms) and uses diagnostic tools such as Diagnodent and Dental Xrays and Intraoral cameras and writes a detailed treatment plan. I found 1 dentist in Singapore who conducts a research on Caries Risk Assesment and offers this as a service as well (the dentist being a Christian was a bonus!). Saw a few dental clinics offering Diagnodent/Digital Xrays and Intraoral cameras. But I am hoping to find all these in one dentist/one dental clinice. Far fetched? let’s see!

This is important because the patient-dentist relationship is something that is quite vulnerable. Establishing rapport is very difficult, maintaining the relationship even more so. Up to this time, I have not found the ideal dentist yet, and I keep making some compromises while in the process of looking for one. I believe that as far as our intention is clear and good, there is nothing that is impossible. We will find this ideal dentist no matter what. In the same way, that I believe that there are conventional doctors who stay true to the Hippocratic oath, there are also conventional dentists who stay true to the Hippocratic oath, and is open to ideas for the best interest of the patient regardless of his/her incovenience.

A very nice article that both patient and dentists should read:
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the marketing hype for sedation is this: some people will agree to (or even request) sedation even though they’d prefer not to be sedated – because they worry that the dentist is going to be upset with them should they panic. They’re worried that they’ll inconvenience their dentist because s/he may have to stop what s/he’s doing, that their dentist will then get frustrated or angry with them, which in turn will cause them to react with more fear. This reasoning is usually based on the assumption that no dentist will want to deal with someone who’s “difficult” (i. e. someone who needs more assurance than the average patient).

If that is the way you feel, please don’t settle for a “put up and shut up” approach – instead, make an extra effort to find a patient and understanding dentist who has the ability to put you at ease, even if this means meeting more than one dentist (for a chat, initially) to see whom you feel comfortable with. Hey – you’re worth it !

Read more here

I used to be trusting and obedient on whatever figures of authority have to say, but now I know better. I believe in God and I know that He will help me to find a way out in every circumstance. But, we all know for sure that humanity in general is weak. Not even doctors and dentists can be truested 100%. I give them due respect, but trust is earned. As a parent, I have to be extra vigilant in finding the right practitioner for all ills and diseases including tooth decay and gum diseases. Who would have known that a simple cavity in my teeth– and the amalgam fillings that found its way there (of course my mother made the decision for me with the best of intentions)… who would have known that the large doses of antibiotics I received for frequent bouts of tonsilitis has caused my digestive issues today? I do not blame my mother or anyone specifically for that ignorance. As parents we always try to do the best that we can. We also grow smarter and more spiritually empowered from generation to generation— so now, I also pray that I make the right decision for my daughter as even dental treatments can have far reaching impact to her overall health.. and if still I miss something due to over sight or ignorance, I know that God’s grace will be sufficient for her to overcome whatever she faces in the future. And hopefully she also does not blame her mommy! I also have to acknowledge that my mother’s tenacity has been an inspiration for me to do what I have to do for my daughter. I guess I am becoming just like my mother, a skeptic in everything specially when it comes to faith and my daughter.

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  1. January 20, 2012 9:54 pm


    Find yr blog interesting, I too have TMJ and I did braces some yrs back due to TMJ.

    However, now I am still facing left-side TMJ pain as my upper jaw Teeth had shifted to the right of my mouth.

    I would like to in contact with u especially I am looking for holistic or bio- dentists here
    in Singapore too.

    This year 2012, I am looking forward to remove those mercury in my upper teeth.

    Keep in touch
    Happy Lunar New Year 2012!!

    • January 21, 2012 12:20 pm

      Hi AB,

      it seems the dentists here in Singapore (even if they want to be holistic or be called bio-dentist), do not advertise themselves as such.. probably in fear of being chased by “the authorities” for malpractice..

      will email you some of my thoughts this weekend.. am also trying to protect the doctors/dentists am seeing here in Singapore, by not mentioning their names or advertising them.. but if you genuinely need help, I can refer you to them…

      About TMJ, yeah not many people know abt this..actually aside from TMJ i also have scoliosis — my TMJ dentist in the philippines told me that TMJ and scoliosis and many other diseases of the nerves/bones/spines are interrelated.. an imbalance in one part of our being causes a domino effect that may cause degeneration of our overall health..

      Happy Lunar New year 2012
      Enjoy your family this weekend!

      • January 21, 2012 5:41 pm

        Hi Lanie,

        Thank you for yr reply.

        Pls drop me a personal email on yr doctors and dentists U are seeing here in Singapore.

        I trust that u can able to trace my personal email in yr blog.

        I am fully aware of what is going on in the medical field as I agreed with what U have said
        in paragraphs 1 & 2.

        A coin of Two Sides of Information, until ALL Information are to be accessed and studied throughout, only then can decision be made wisely.

        On the TMJ side, I thank you for the information of interrelated stuffs.

        In the Asian context of medicine found in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine (note – two of the oldest medicine found in the civilization of mankind), we have the understanding that all organs are interrelated to each other in the human body.

        I appreciate u drop me a personal email on the list of doctors and dentists.

        Looking forward to yr utmost reply.

        Have a pleasant weekend ahead.

  2. March 1, 2012 9:46 pm

    Dear Lanie,

    It is been such a relief to read your blog as the dentist is recommending 3 root canals for my 6 years old son! I am traumatised and want to find a natural way to help him with this. Can you provide me with the details of your dentists?

    I’m also trying the oil pulling method this weekend once I zip into the shops.

    Thanks for this great blog and sharing of your life stories.

    Appreciate it lots!

    • March 2, 2012 10:28 pm

      hi JT
      I try not to advice is discourage people from following their dentists advice… but 3 root canals for a 6 years old?? i think this is over the top.. did you meaning root canal treatment? be careful not to hit the nerves… email me also borrow this book from the library “Cure Tooth Decay”…

      as for the dentists.. just email me, I will send you details of our dentists here… however, all of these dentists do not call themselves alternative dentists.. they are your normal everyday dentist… but I manage to ask them to do what I call “minimal interventions” for Zarah… caveat: Zarah still goes through a lot of painful teething problems (she is also 6 years old).. but am trying to calm myself down.. she will soon be growing her permanent set of teeth..

      see here… it will pacify you and your son.. show him this video.. get him involved in taking care of his teeth..

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