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Our Coffee Nook and Upside down Coffee Break

August 1, 2011

Upside down Coffee Break - a real work of art

So why do we introduce coffee to our body through the anus instead of just drinking it? The reason is introducing coffee through our anus directly causes it to be in contact with our colon without having our stomach, duodenum and small bowel to absorb all the nutrients before it reaches the colon. Coffee contains special enzymes which once it fills the large bowel, it will stimulate the bowel to expel all the toxins and undigested food in peristaltic waves. It will also stimulate the liver and bile ducts to produce more bile so that our digestion system works better.

Hmm yeah! This is the reason why I call this my upside-down coffee break! Ingesting coffee through the anus instead of the mouth. Eww factor is quite high, but hope you read on..

The benefits of this are elimination of constipation of diarrhea, loss of excess weight, better nutrient absorption throughout our digestive system and hence reduction in the sensations of bloating and irritability.

Nanay and I are always constipated. The number 1 benefit of coffee enema is relief from constipation and of course loss of excess weight. We still have to prove that it helps with absorption of nutrients (Nanay has been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome just before she started doing her coffee enema, so we have a good baseline test for this. After 1 year, I will get her tested again for leaky gut syndrome). One thing for sure though, coffee enema helped us clear bloating and irritability—I would even be brave enough to say that it helped me recover from mild depression.

A healthy colon is important in order to live a long and healthy life, since cases of colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases are on the rise. The admissions of people with colon cancer and bowel problems into the hospitals are alarming nowadays, and treatment is not simple with major surgery and many post-surgery complications. Some present at the age of as early as 35 years old due to an unhealthy diet at a younger age.

It would be an added bonus that it helps protect our colon. Though relief from constipation, bloating and irritability is reason enough to do this regularly, at least for the next 2-5 years. Nanay is doing this as part of her treatment plan for Breast Cancer, while I do it as a protective measure and relief from digestive and chronic irritability.

You can protect yourself by opting for coffee enema to cleanse your colon. Just think, if your colon is not working well, how can you ensure that you gain all the benefits from all the nutritious food that you eat? People talk about organic food products nowadays, and its vast benefits. However, if the digestive system itself is poorly functioning, the benefits would all go to waste. At an older age, it will get even worse since gut problems become more common later in life. After all, what is most important is that you act now so that you will be able to live a long and healthy life ahead.

Poor gut health is the cause of many diseases, from autism, cancer, depression, diabetes, hypertension, and constipation. So, aside from my mother nagging me every day to take care of myself by investing 30 minutes a day on coffee enema, I keep myself motivated by thinking about the benefits of coffee enema—including the possibility that it will heal my digestive issues and hopefully even my weight issues and my irritability. I wanted to live happier every day and live in a ripe old age of 80 years old with grace and a constant smile on my face. As of today, I already feel like am already 80 year old, so drastic measures needs to be done now. Thanks to Nanay, who prepares my coffee enema and for encouraging me to spend that precious 30 minutes every day.
Although, I have done coffee enema for 5 consecutive days last year. This is the first time I am doing it at home.
Day 1- The Coffee Break Nook
This is a special corner in our laundry room, where Tatay (my father) made a make-shift bed (more like a long wide bench) for Nanay and I to lie down on, with a hook about 5feet up on the wall, where we can hang the coffee enema bucket. From the coffee enema, bucket, a nylon tube about 3 meters long is dangling along it.
Nanay prepared the coffee enema solution for me as well as the coconut oil (lubricant for the tube). Suffice it to say, I cannot use “being busy” as a convenient excuse in not doing the coffee enema.

Nanay's Daily Reminders

Nanay keeps saying, “please do the coffee enema now, once you get started you can immediately feel the relief, so that its not going to be hard to do it again the next day”

All I need to do is insert that tube in to my anus. Hmmm ok, it must be that I need to get used to our Coffee Break Nook. I was only able to hold the coffee for about 3 minutes. But it was quite a good elimination of feces (I was constipated and was not able to move my bowels the last 2 days). So, it was really hard to keep the coffee. And it felt like I was giving birth, the spasm remind me of early labor. Yes, its very uncomfortable.
Nanay, said “ Good try! At least you were able to move your bowels. Tomorrow try to keep it for 20 minutes.” Hmmm! Nanay was right! I really felt good, in fact, I sang “I feel good! for about 15 minutes to Zarah’s amazement.
Day 2- The Upside- down Coffee BreakNanay was relentless in her pursuit. As soon as I wake up in the morning, she asked me to do my “Upside-down Coffee Break”. To which I said, I want to drink some juice first. And she did gave me an apple/malunggay juice to drink/
Was able to keep the coffee for about 4 minutes. Tried to look at what I have eliminated, it just looked black and gross (tried not to smell it). No mucus, no stringy substances (ok, I think that can wait, first I have to eliminate the feces that has been stored there for days/weeks probably even months)
Day 3- Complete Elimination
When I was younger, my elimination is always complete. You know that feeling when it seems you have dumped like a ton of brick and felt years lighter? I seldom get that, but on my 3rd day of doing coffee enema, I had successfully done a complete elimination. That feeling, that it seems my intestines are really empty.
Day 4- Relief from clogged menses
From time to time, my menses are delayed for about 2 weeks. This time its delayed for about 4 weeks. On Day 4 of my coffee breaks- my menstruation has started – without dysmenorrhia. Yey!
I skipped Day 5 – as we were quite busy and my menstruation is quite heavy.
Day 6 – Upside-down Coffee Break at 9am and at 9pmSince the next day is a Monday, I told Nanay, I would double my coffee break on Sunday. Not sure if it was a good idea, I was wide awake until 1am although, I was already in bed by 9pm. Nevertheless, it was still a good elimination.
Just like Nanay said, what is 30 minutes of inconvenience if it means a day of feeling great! Quite true! And who knows, it also means aging with grace. All I need to do is to keep at it for the next 2 years. Ahh easy to say! Hard to do! Will just take it one day at a time.

I am also quite happy that our endocrinologist is 100% supportive of coffee enema. He also believes that this could help address Nanay’s Liver Detoxification Profile and her leaky gut – I also hope that it does mine (although I have not done the diagnostic tests yet). I will do these diagnostic tests sometime– when the budget allows it.

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