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Treatment: Three Minute Therapy

August 4, 2011

Yesterday, I was so happy that I was able to submit my monthly training report not just ON TIME, but 2 days early!! Yey!

One of my self-diagnosed behavioral issues is Procrastination
Symptom: Always late in every appointment
Diagnosis: Procrastination
Treatment: Prayer,Three Minute Therapy

The Three Minute Therapy that I am embarking on consists of:
1. TME – Three Minute Exercise
2. TMWI -Three Minute Wake-up Imagery
3. TMR – Three Minute Refutation

Three Minute Exercise(Activating event):
I’m behind on making phone calls and on returning voice mail, e-mail, snail mail, phone messages, and on my “To Do” list.

(irrational Belief): These chores SHOULD take care of themselves and not plague me.
(emotional and behavioral Consequences): Anxiety and procrastination.

(Disputing): Why SHOULD these chores take care of themselves and not plague me?

(Effective new thinking): No reason exists that chores SHOULD take care of themselves and not plague me. Everyone has unpleasant tasks in his life. Since I’m not above the human condition, I can expect that I will too. This is uncomfortable, but never awful or terrible.

Read more here:

Without realizing it, what I wrote 2 days ago on my blog (entitled: I want to be Blessed) is an example of Three Minute Wake-up Imagery

Three Minute Wake-up Imagery
1) retire earlier, and
2) use Three Minute Wake-up Imagery.
These are the instructions for the latter: Every night, before getting into bed, vividly picture the following:

I want to bless myself by leaving home at exactly 8:15am (about the time that Zarah’s school bus fetches her), starting tomorrow. That means I have to be

– awake at 5am (prayers at 5:30am)
– finish my upside down coffee break and has taken a bath by 6am
– take my supplements and juices and dressed up at 7am, and spend time with Zarah between 7am to 8:15am.

I want to do it because I know it’s good for me.
I enjoy the time I spent with Zarah (help her in practicing her piano piece for about 10 minutes, then have breakfast with her and brush her teeth and then hugh/cuddle her while waiting for her school bus.

I envision being fully dressed by 8:15am, holding her hand and opening the gate and the door of the school bus, and then waving to her as I walk down the slope to my bus stop. I envision a pleasant commute from Upper Bukit Timah to Raffles Place (despite the crowd).

To deal with my excuses and rationalizations (such as probably self-diagnosing that I am autistic, I perhaps have to do the Three Minute Refutations (TMR) as well.

Excuse: It’s ok to be late again because it’ll be the last time. I hate the peak-hour traffic! I am autistic, so they should understand me. My boss would understand for sure.My friends and family should understand me better than my boss.”</blockquote>

Three Minute Refutations:
I’ve used this excuse hundreds of times. It hasn’t worked before and it won’t work now. It always has led to the next time.

This “last time” could mean losing my job and ruining my career.

How many days is this one going to last?

I don’t HAVE TO indulge this “last time.”

This “last time” could destroy my relationship.

I’m lying to myself, pure and simple.

I can change this statement to: “No more times!”

I’ll be better off now, better off tomorrow, and better off for the rest of my life with: “Being 10 minutes early in every appointment!!”

Since I choose to use, I can choose not to use.

If I choose not to use, the discomfort I’ll feel will be temporary, not forever.

Read these refutations five times a day until you’ve memorized them. Then repeat them by memory five times a day.

Whenever you have the urge for alcohol or drugs, identify the thoughts that make using seem reasonable. Then refute these excuses.

If the excuses seem to be gaining the upper hand, externalize the debate by writing down the dialogue or saying it out loud

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