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US Market Crashed Investment Banks may cut jobs

August 7, 2011

I rode a taxi last Friday on the way to work as I have an early morning meeting. I received the news in 2 different funny ways

1. Taxi Driver – “Good Morning! The US Stock Market crashed today!”
Me: “Oh, I see”
2. On the lift – the small TV screen showed this headline

” RBS may post Q2 loss, cut more jobs – Reuters”

There were about 10 of us on the lift, all looking at the screen and laughed and looked at each other…

I do not know what to say.. I know I should be worried. My mother’s treatments and my daughter’s existence rely on my monthly salary. I still have personal debts to pay…

I told my mother today, we have another item on our prayer list– that the US Market recover fast and that the job cuts do not affect us (that is all that I can say- at least for that moment)…but really, what if this is really inevitable..should I be crippled with fear? I thought the right prayer should be ” allow me Lord, to take this is as an opportunity to demonstrate my faith in the work place and possibly witness to a few of us, who will be hit by the wave”

Yesterday, I focused on supporting Zarah in her swimming lessons (she had been traumatized last year, when she and my brother almost drowned)– so even of she can kick well, she does not want to put her head under water. So, she swims quite well, with her head above the water. Its just like me, I can swim now, figuratively, as my head is still above the water. Must I train myself to swim underwater? I think I have been used to swimming under water for so long— the US Market crashing– the possible job loss– is just another wave that I must probably overcome.

When troubles come at you in waves, don’t try to resist or hold them back. Climb on the surfboard of faith and ride them out


Maybe most people on that elevator with me, is thinking along the same lines. They probably have been through waves of redundancies already, its nothing new to them as well — and almost intuitively– we all just laughed at it.. alright here is another wave! Let us see how we can have fun riding our surf boards.

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  1. August 8, 2011 1:19 pm

    Hi Lanie,
    I tried to look for your post on sweet potatoe leaves but cannot find. Can you forward me the link? Thanks.

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