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WAP Diet : Fish Eggs/Roe (Caviar)

August 8, 2011

An inspiration from Suhaina (an Indian SAHM based in Singapore):

Fish Eggs (Asian style)

Fish Eggs (Asian Style)

•Fish egg- 250 gms
•Chilly pwd- 1 tbps
•Turmeric pwd- 1/2 tsp
•Fennel pwd- 3/4 tsp
•Garlic- 2 grated
•Oil- to shallow fry
•Salt – to taste
•Curry leaves- few springs
View her blog entry and her readers comments here

The Singaporean blogger said that this is her son’s favorite. We found fish eggs similar to the eggs shown in the photo at Sheng Siong (oh! by the way, I love this family run chain of stores, they offer a lot of local produce). I immediately bought it as a I remember that Weston Price mentioned that fish eggs are excellent source of Vitamin K2 (which is necessary for healthy bones and teeth). Nanay said that Zarah eats fish egg when she mash it with rice. So, we bought 400gms of fish eggs and just fried it. It tastes delicious with fresh tomatoes and onions.

Fish Roe/Eggs (Western Style)

Fish Roe (Fish Eggs- Western Style)

Where to Get Fish Eggs?

I buy small glass jars of salmon roe at Fresh Market or higher end grocery stores for as little as ten to fifteen dollars. Make sure you find roe without any preservatives or colors added. The only ingredients should be fish roe, salt, and water.

If you can find a fresh or dried source of caviar, so much the better!

I love my salmon roe right off the spoon. I eat 1/4 – 1/2 tsp in the morning with breakfast a few times a week. They are so salty and delightful. If you aren’t sure you like it at first, try it a few more times as fish roe can sometimes be a bit of an acquired taste.

If you simply can’t get used to fish eggs off the spoon, try some topped on whole grain crackers with some creme fraiche.

What is your favorite way to eat fish roe?

Why Fish eggs as a source of Vitamin K?
There are several types of Vitamin K,
1. Vitamin K1 – which can be found in vegetables such as swiss chard, kale, spinach etcetera (however it requires a healthy body to metabolise K1 into Vitamin K2 — which is what we need for healthy teeth and bonese
2. Vitamin K2 – can be found in natto (fermented soy), which is not palatable to children, butter or hard cheese from grass fed cows/goat (which is expensive and hard to come by), and The pancreas and salivary glands would be richest; reproductive organs, brains, cartilage and possibly kidneys would also be very rich; finally, bone would be richer than muscle meat. Fish eggs are also likely to be rich in K2.
Amongst all of these natural food sources of K2, fish eggs seems to be the most economical and easy to find.
3. Vitamin K3 – is the synthetic form of Vitamin K! a definite No NO!

I am pretty sure we can eat fish eggs (Asian Style) and we can also try the western way of eating fish eggs (fish roe).
Another recipe to try is Home Made Salami (as Zarah does not eat beef- but she eats salami made with ground beef).

A common ground between Gerson Diet and WAP (Weston Price) diet is Vitamin K!! It seems Gerson chose vegetables high in Vitamin K (although it is Vitamin K1 – a precursor of Vitamin K2, assuming that a healthy body can convert K1 to Vitamin K2). Weston Price chose food sources high in Vitamin K2. T

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