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Just soooo busy

August 25, 2011

I hope I can “un-busy” myself and spend more time with my mother and daughter. But how can I? Its that part of the year, when performance appraisals determine your payscale or even your job stabilitiy.

We received quite a good feedback on one of the major projects we have delivered last week. So, my manager gave me a “Thank You Day OFF”, which means I can take a day off without taking it from Annual Leave entitlement. I am taking my Thank You DAY OFF tomorrow. Today, I have just delivered a 1 day orientation for our new hires, just realized that I have not lost my flair for training yet… I thought I could go home early today, as we finished the class at 4pm, so much for my Thank you DAY Tomorrow, it seems like I have worked extra 4 hours today already. SIGH! I just hope that I can really take a breather!

To think I am going to use my THANK YOU DAY OFF just to catch up on paper works and bills and also applying for Parent Volunteering opportunities so my daughter can get to one of the top Primary Schools in Singapore. Oh, did I mention, I am also going to the doctor tomorrow to finally get my Hair Mineral Analysis Test (which I have been postponing for 4 weeks now). Did I also mention that I also need to bring Zarah to naturopath as well? THe irony is.. I dont have appointment scheduled for both doctors.. just so damned busy to make an appointment.. perhaps am going to spend the THANK YOU DAY OFF– just to make appointments?? perhaps I could also make myself an appointment for a haircut, facial and massage? I badly need either of those.

Sorry, am whining! just need to let it all out..

One thing I have done for my family this week is– to find a new swimming coach for Zarah.. a female coach, who specialises on children with traumatic experience. We are going to meet her this Saturday morning.

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