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My Hair Elements Test results- Analysis from DDI

August 27, 2011

Potentially Toxic Elements

Hair Elements Test Results from DDI (Toxic Elements)

Aluminum High = 12ug/g (should be less than 7ug/g
– indicatorr of exposure and assimilation of this element. Aluminum is a nonessential element that can be toxic if excessively assimilated into cells

Excess AL can inhibit the formation of alpha-keto glutarate and result in toxic levels of ammonia in tissues. AL can booond to phoosphorylated bases on DNA and distrupt protein synthesis and catabolis, Al excess can be considered when symptoms of presenile demientia or Alzheimer’s disease are observed. Hair AL is commonly elevated in children and adults low in zinc and behavioral/learning disorders such as ADD, ADHD and autism. Individuals with renal problems or renal dialysis may have elevated Al.

Possible sources of AL include some antacid medications, AL cookware, baking powwdewr, processed cheese, drinking water, and antipersperant components that may be absorved. Analyses performed at DDI indicate extremely high levels of AI are in many colloidal mineral products.

AL has neurotoxic effects at high levels, but low levels of accumulation may not elicit immediate symptoms. Early symptoms of AL burden may include: fatigue, headache, and symptoms oof phosphate depletion.

How about my Mercury Levels?
It shows that my hair contains oonly 0.34 ug/g (beloww the reference range of 0.80 ug/g).. but it does not mean I do not have mercury in my body. The likelihood that mercury is still in my tissues, blood and brain is quite high.

Essential Elements

Sulfur levels low
Sulfur is supposedly an essential element = something that our bodies need to function in ideal leavels. HOwever, the test results show that my sulfur levels are low, which suggests that I have high levels of Mercury (which is what they call Mercury burdended patient)..

Sulfur in hair is covalently bound within the cysteinyl residues of hair protein. OOn average, cysteine constitures about sixteen percent of the total amino acid content of hair. Although not well documewnted, hair S levels may vary with S-containing amino acid status in the body. Interpretation of hair S eves is condfounded by the fact soome hair conditioners and permanent treatments increase hair S, while straighteners can significantly lower hair S levels.

I seldom use hair conditioners and I have gone through a lot of hair straightening treatments in the past, but not in the last 6 years, wso I guess this is not the reason why I have looww hair Sulfur levels.

Observations at DDI indicate that hair S and urine sulfhydryl amino acid levels are often low in Mercury burdened patients.

Though my hair mercury levels are low, it does not meant that my tissues, blood and brain are free of mercury. The irony is there is no way to test mercury levels in tissues, blood and brain, while I am still alive. Autopsy procedures can measure the mercury levels– but of course that means I have to be dead for it to be tested on me. Meanwhile, behavioural observations usually suggests patterns of similaries on people who have ADD,ADHD, autism and those who are suspected with high levels of mercury.

Refer here, for more of my entries on this subject.

My Arsenic levels is in moderate levels (0.054 ug/g)– it should be less than 0.060 ug/g so still ok. Nanay, however, when tested last year, has abnormally high levels of Arsenic. Arsenic is know to be toxic and affects our DNA. Refer to Nanay’s Hair Elements Test result here.

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