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Analysis based on Counting Rules

August 28, 2011

More Analysis of my Hair Elements Test Results

Based on the Counting Rules (developed by Andy Cutler)

I wrote my test results on a table format for easier analysis using the Counting Rules.

element result ref range color
aluminium 12 <7.0 yellow
antimony <0.01 <0.050 green
arsenic 0.054 <0.060 green
barium 2.6 <2.0 yellow
beryllium <0.01 <0.020 green
bismuth 0.011 <2.0 green
cadmium <0.009 <0.050 green
lead 0.07 <0.60 green
mercury 0.34 <0.80 green
platinum <0.003 <0.005 green
thallium 0.001 <0.002 green
thorium <0.001 <0.002 green
uranium 0.012 <0.060 green
nickel 0.06 <0.30 green
silver <0.006 <0.15 green
tin 0.10 <0.30 green
titanium 0.3w1 <0.70 green
element result ref range color under/over 50%
Calcium 887 300-1200 green over 50
Magnesium 58 35-120 white white only
Sodium 24 20-250 green under 50
Potassium 24 8-75 white white only
Copper 11 11-37 green under 50
Zinc 160 140-220 green under 50
Manganese 0.31 0.08-0.60 green over 50
Chromium 0.35 0.40-0.65 yellow under 50
Vanadium 0.038 0.018-0.065 green over 50
Molybdenum 0.030 0.020-0.050 white white only
Boron 0.39 0.25-1.5 green under 50
Iodine 0.62 0.25-1.8 white white only
Lithium <0.004 0.007-0.020 red under 50
Phosphorus 145 150-220 yellow under 50
Selenium 1.1 0.55-1.1 green under 50
Strontium 1.1 0.50-7.6 green under50
Sulfur 40600 44000-50000 red under 50
Cobalt 0.004 0.005-0.040 yelloww under 50
Iron 8.3 7.0-16 green under 50
Germanium 0.022 0.030-0.040 red under 50
Rubidium 0.033 0.007-0.096 white white only
Zirconium 0.008 0.020-0.42 red under 50
• Test from DDi
• Test medium: HAIR

The following Essential and other elements are above 50%
• Calcium
• Manganese
• Vanadium
• Selenium
Since the number of items above 50% is less than 5 , it indicates I have a high probability of abnormal mineral transport and it indicates a high probability of mercury poisoning

STEP 2 –
The following Essential elements are very low (RED ZONE)
• Lithium
• Sulfur
• Germanium
• Zirconium
Since the number of items that have very low levels is 4 (or more) it indicates a high probability of abnormal mineral transport and it indicates a high probability of mercury poisoning

Step 3
These are the elements that are entirely in the middle section (white or green on both sides
• Calcium
• Sodium
• Copper
• Zinc
• Manganese
• Vanadium
• Boron
• Selenium
• Strontium
• Iron
These are the elements that are entirely on the white section only
• Magnesium
• Potassium
• Molybdenum
• Iodine
• Rubidium

Additional patterns which are characteristic of mercury toxicity
There are some characteristic non-statistical findings, too, in mercury toxic people. These are probably caused by other heavy metals in addition to mercury, but are NOT caused by COPPER toxicity. People who are copper toxic, with nothing else going on, have very normal looking hair analyses except for very elevated copper. Their minerals are not “skewed”.
Not everyone who is mercury toxic has these patterns, but they are reasonably common:
calcium that is vastly elevated. Usually the lithium is very low, too.
• a really characteristic pattern of very high calcium and magnesium, along with very low sodium and potassium. This isn’t present in that many cases but is common enough to mention since, when present, it suggests mercury poisoning, or something else interfering with adrenal function.
• an “all low” pattern is quite common for mercury toxic people even though many have more than 5 elements above the midline. This has a more than 1 in 44 chance of being random, but is not what you expect to see.
The most important finding is the one that the counting rules “count”: mercury toxic people generally have their essential elements much more scattered than well people, with lots of highs and lows. “Normal” people do NOT have this pattern. If you look at the hair analyses of some “normal” people it becomes quite obvious.

I can see my calcium levels is highly elevated, and lithium is low. At this point am not sure if I have normal or abnormal mineral transport (although the results show that the criteria in steps 1 & 2 are met).

When mineral transport is abnormal: OTHER TOXIC METALS
(TEXT TO BE ADDED HERE. This section is not complete.)
When mineral transport is normal: OTHER TOXIC METALS
The counting rules look for abnormal mineral transport. A person who has NORMAL mineral transport has the ability to move use and process BOTH TOXIC AND ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS. The readings on a hair test for other toxic metals (other than mercury) should be an accurate indicator of any toxicity (or the lack of toxicity). For example, if a person has normal mineral transport, but high copper and high arsenic, then the readings for copper and arsenic would be accurate, and you would want to consider how to lower the copper and arsenic.

If I have normal mineral transport, but high Aluminum, arsenic and antimony, then readings for Aluminum, arsenic and antimony would be accurate, so all i have to do is lower (chelate) aluminium, arsenic and antimony. Should I stop chelating mercury then and focus on chelating aluminum, arsenic and antimony?

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  1. meg permalink
    August 30, 2011 1:24 am

    hello nanay miriam-
    i stumbled on your blog this morning during my search on ‘how to prepare before chelation’. thank you for doing this as your blog offers a wealth of information and experience.
    i have been eating WAP diet for 4 years now but i have constant pain on the bottom of my feet. had checked my metals checked due to ‘neuropathy’ (urine method-not hair) and found high lead and mercury levels.
    i will start my 1st week of chelation tomorrow (mercury-oral DMSA and lead-suppusitory). i will do a 10 week program. wanted to know if you could share what you did to prepare for chelation and what i can do so that i do not suffer afterwards too much.
    maraming salamat po.


  2. August 30, 2011 6:41 pm

    hi meg,
    I had my adrenals checked first and my homocysteine issues addressed first, I am also geting natural progesterone cream frm our endocrinologist (the same doctor helping monitor my mother’s cancer)… I also took coffee enema at least once a week to hopefully reduce the toxic load and epsom salt baths once a month…instead of full dosage DMSa, i tried several rounds of DMSA in low dosages, to see how I react to it, so far the first few rounds are quite OK– I didnt get serious reactions yet, I am continuing 3 more rounds before I go for the full dosage. Have you been reading about Andy Cutler Protocol? Hope you do.. its quite complicated at first, but am quite convinced in terms of his logical thoughts and massive documentations about his experience and testimonials of people who followed his protocol. I am also adding coffwee enema to the mix, to ensure I get less toxic burden.. I also suffer from leg and feet pain since about the time I had my amalgam fillings in grade school…am glad you find my blog informative, I initially used this for my educational purposes only.


  3. August 30, 2011 7:18 pm

    Hi meg,
    I also tried to reduce my commitments (such as church ministries and other extra co-curricular activities), tried not to be guilty about turning down requests (We women usually take care of a lot of other people and tend to be guilty when we turn inward and try to take care of ourselves). Lately, all of my well intended charity work and even well intended deeds to my family/relatives back fired–it did not reach thew most desirable outcome, cause of my toxicity– so I had to let go of being control, of being the big sister for everyone and for once, tried to take care of myself for the sake of my daughter, cut back on late night internet browsing and even TV, and tried to sleep before 10pm (as much as I can– am not consistently there yet but trying). Chelations will take a toll on our adrenals so we have to reduce other activities that can disrupt it too..hope this helps..


  4. meg permalink
    August 31, 2011 1:33 am

    hello lanie-
    thank you again for the insights as i was very anxious about doing the chelation. almost chickened out last night but decided to do my 1st EDTA dose. slept ok but felt lightheaded and weak knees when i woke up. did the 20 minute oil pulling (very interesting) and started to make breakfast. the doctor (patrick fratellone) who is guiding me gave me mineral supplements that I MUST TAKE EARLY with a good breakfast to avoid feeling bad. good breakfast was a couple of soft boiled eggs with sea salt, tea with raw honey and coconut (no flour) pancake. i tried to make the food as mineral rich and nutrient dense with good fat as possible. enjoyed my breakfast (you are so right about relaxation) and took the supplements. felt strong enough to take a shower. the warm shower was envigorating and i felt like myself again. my detox plan is for 10 weeks with DMSA introduced next week for mercury. i have to some dental work that has to happen in between.
    the 2nd EDTA dose is Thursday….will keep you posted… praying that it is also uneventful as today.
    mtime will read more about andy cutler and ask dr.fratellone if he checked my adrenals.

    • meg permalink
      August 31, 2011 8:43 am

      hello lanie-
      read some of andy cutler’s material. thank you for sharing. now i am hesitant to undergo the 2nd EDTA dose as i know i have mercury in my mouth. from your research-is it ok to stop the process? worried that i might be making a mistake by not taking out the mercury first. maraming salamat.


  5. August 31, 2011 10:55 am

    hi meg,
    it seems Andy Cutler and his followers advice getting the amalgam mercury fillings first before chelation. And they also dont use EDTA for some reason. I have frequented a lot of alternative health stores selling EDTA and Chlorella but never got the courage or the “quickening” to buy them (I refer to quickening as either our natural instinct of what is good or bad for us)… it took me about a year to finally decide having my mercury amalgam fillings removed (that was June this year).. then I came across and thought I have done the amalgam removals too quickly –so post haste I read all that I can about supporting adrenals and making sure hormone is balanced out, turned out that it seems I have been doing quite ok on both fronts before the removal. But also took it slowly before starting DMSA chelation– as I do not want to have too much healing reactions that I dont have a clear head to make decisions for my mother (who have cancer)– so took it really slowly. I also tried to address my gall bladder issues first (accupuncture and some other herbal stuff). Your diet seems to be quite OK– I am also into taking whole foods as much as possible rather than supplementing and if I ever have to resort to supplementation- I limit it to those that are really not available in normal diet or there are no good sources (organic produce available here)– Your doubts and second guessing about EDTA is probably your instinct telling you that this is not the right wway for you.. please join the yahoo groups (frequent low dose chelation and autism-mercury)– there are lots of folks who are helpful there…

    read the articles here too and print them.. specially the counting rules and the advice about DMSA dosage and when you should start using ALA (3 months after amalgam removal).

    I also printed lots of articles about clay baths and epsom salt baths.

    Today, I have been frequenting the toilet (diarrhea), which I think is a good sign that I am successfully releasing toxins. I am always constipated, so I always welcome diarrhea 🙂

    I am borrowing Andy Cutler’s Book Amalgam Illness from the library today, so I can read more. I will buy his book about Hair Interpretation.


  6. August 31, 2011 11:04 am

    hi meg,
    based on my research I think it is better to stop if you agree that it will not produce the kind of ” results” that you wanted. Most people who did chelation (based on my research) before removal suffered massive redistribution– its like getting double dose of mercury. They say that EDTA and Chlorella, does not help in excreting mercury from the body, but it just “moves it around”, like your laundry that keeps spinning in your washing machine, but with the hose turned up– so it does not drain the wastes out.

    That is how I understood it thus, am quite sold on the DMSA +ALA protocol. particularly the frequent low dosage version of DMSA +ALA protocol (Andy Cutler’s improvised DAN protocol).

    hope you are also making informed decision for yourself.


  7. meg permalink
    September 1, 2011 1:28 am

    hello lanie-
    thank you for the reply. i know you are in singapore.i am in nyc.
    funny how 2 filipinas meet in cyber-space. sincerely appreciate all your input
    and checked the yahoo group (saw your post-good for you na tinawag mo sila on cutting and pasting. tuloy sinagot ka ng husto ni linda which i took as part of my notes).
    holding off the chelation until i get more info – ordered andy’s book.
    book is cheaper from the group. amazon has it for u$70.00 ( dble the px).
    glad you passed me this info as it makes sense to take the amalgams first before chelation.
    mtime will continue the oil pulling and do some epson salt feet soaks.
    haste makes waste….i am slowing down so that i can think clearly.
    today called the oral surgeon to ask for my records. my facial xray shows the glow where
    he did a procedure in 2007. also called my dentist to ask about the inside of
    the crowns. i see the bio-dentist on friday.
    maraming salamat.


  8. September 1, 2011 1:32 pm

    hi meg,
    yes, glad to find you here too. yeah, I know most of them are “kano”, so its okay to be aggressive hehehe! minsan kasi hirap din kumuha ng sagot, eh nagmamadali ako…

    I am also taking it slowly as in very slowly specially now i have read Amalgam Illness (just borrowed from the library here in Singapore – they even offered to extend for 3 weeks).. I am saving my dollars for the 2nd book — Hair Interpretation (good call on buying from the group since it is cheaper).

    Yes, the oil pulling and epsom salf soaks/bath really help to relieve symptoms (specially my topak).. now I know why I am acting this way for so long.. its quite ironic that simple things such as oil and epsom salt can make huge improvements on quality of life…


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