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Nanay’s Test Results (Analysis based on Counting Rules)

August 30, 2011

This is Nanay’s Hair elements test results from last year. She has been taking 100mg 3x a day of ALA but not DMSA since last year.

element       result    ref range    color result ref range color
aluminum 3.6 <7.0
antimony 0.014 <0.050
arsenic 0.11 <0.060
barium 1.1 <2.0
beryllium <0.01 <0.020
bismuth 0.031 <2.0
cadmium 0.035 <0.050
lead 0.22 <0.60
mercury 0.64 <.080
platinum <0.003 <0.005
thallium 0.002 <0.002
thorium <0.001 <0.002
uranium 0.005 <0.060
nickel 0.10 <0.30
silver 0.06 <0.15
tin 0.09 <0.30
titanium 0.40 <0.70

element result ref range color under/over 50%
Calcium 617 300-1200 green under 50
Magnesium 71 35-120 green over 50
Sodium 190 20-250 green over 50
Potassium 920 8-75 red over 50
Copper 5.9 11-37 red under 50
Zinc 260 140-220 yellow over 50
Manganese 0.18 0.08-0.60 white
Chromium 0.31 0.40-0.65 red under 50
Vanadium 0.022 0.018-0.065 green under 50
Molybdenum 0.07 0.020-0.050 yellow over 50
Boron 2.7 0.25-1.5 yellow over 50
Iodine 0.31 0.25-1.8 green under 50
Lithium 0.022 0.007-0.020 red over 50
Phosphorus 0.07 150-220 green under 50
Selenium 2.7 0.55-1.1 green under 50
Strontium 1.1 0.50-7.6 green under 50
Sulfur 45500 44000-50000 green under 50
Cobalt 0.004 0.005-0.040 yellow under 50
Iron 8.5 7.0-16 yellow under 50
Germanium 0.028 0.030-0.040 yellow under 50
Rubidium 0.51 0.007-0.096 yellow under 50
Zirconiu 0.02 0.020-0.42 green under 50

Step 1
Only 9 elements (more than 5 but less than 18) are above 50%, so this criteria is not satisfied
Step 2
The following elements are in the RED ZONE (very high or very low)
potassium (very high)
rubidium (very high) c
copper (very low)
lithium (very low)
There is a high probability of abnormal mineral transportand a high probability of mercury poisoning
Step 3
The number of elements entirely inside the middle band (either white or green) is 11.
There is a high probability of abnormal mineral transportand a high probability of mercury poisoning

Both of us have high levels of arsenic on our hair, and she also have high probability of abnormal mineral transport and high probability of mercury poisoning. Not sure if she have to take DMSA with ALA this time around.

I have been away from the Philippines for more than 11 years, so I have reason to believe that the Arsenic contamination for me and Nanay did not just come from the Philippines but also from here in Singapore. Must be the chickens that we have been eating quite a lot. Arsenic in its inorganic form (the ones that are used as pesticides for poultry) is carcinogenic. Since Nanay have cancer, I believe her high levels of arsenic is prodimantly the inorganic form… We are also both in the Blood Type B group, so we really have to steer away from chicken from now on.

If you go from the research literature to the clinics of health care providers who actually do screen for heavy metal problems in cancer patients and look over the tests it is quite apparent that mercury and lead show up in a lot of these people in addition to arsenic, nickel and chromium.

Heavy metal exposure is one risk factor that can be easily screened for with a hair test, and for which there are effective means of removing the cancer causing material from the body if it is found. Read more here

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