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Our Upside down Coffee Nook

August 31, 2011

Not very pretty. But our upside down coffee nook serves the purpose quite well. My father made a make-shift day bed for us from scrap wood (from an old bed frame). This is a corner of our laundry area.

Sometimes, we get stuck when we want to have the best environment or the best tools before we get started and then we find ourselves knowing all that needs to be done, but never get to doing it. Because we thought we need a nice pretty nook to start the enema, or that there is just not enough time or enough privacy to start doing it. All sort of excuses before we can finally get started.

Most people like us, get the momentum going when we took a 5 day healing trip to Tiaong Breast Cancer Haven, so a professional can teach us how to do the coffee enema properly. At that time I was down to my last cent, so I took the courage to loan money from a friend as I know time is of the esscence. Nanay (and myself) has to get started on coffee enema asap. So, we went.

Its like being on a “Biggest Loser” camp, without the cameras. Outside the camp, it was really hard to include the upside down coffee break into our daily routines. We only have 1 toilet. So, I almost pushed my father to find ways to build a day bed for Nanay (and now this day bed is mine too).

I use an old exercise mat to cover the bed, while my mother uses her own mat. We bought the coffee enema buckets (we have 2 sets) from Tiaong Breast Cancer Haven in the Philippines. The same buckets are available at Nature’s Glory Singapore as well, but 3x more expensive.

Coffee Enema is the mother of detoxification. That is why it is a key procedure in almost all of the well known Cancer Protocols such as Gerson and Kelley Gonzales Protocol.

I think mercury toxic or heavy metal toxic people should also include coffee enema in their regular routine. I do it at least 3x a month for the last few months. But I will probably increase to 8x a month while doing the DMSA chelation protocol. Nanay does it 3x a day. And she swears that she cannot get through the day without her enema.

What I have learned is, sometimes we intend to do IT ALL at once first. We thought the only way is to do it all (make all the changes ) at one go. Which is not very realistic considering most women are juggling career and family. So, in the absence of everything else, just make DO with what you’ve got now and get started!

Don’t wait until the ideal scenario becomes a reality because it will never happen! Start making small changes! and JUST DO IT!

uhmmm by the way– there will be a lot of detractors and nay sayers along the way. Try it first and then make a decision for yourself. The most frequent comment I hear about coffee enema is that it can cause you infection in the anus. Nanay has been doing it for almost 2 years now (with proper disinfection procedures), and she never had to worry about infections. I guess we have to worry more about the toxins that wrecks havoc in your body, rather than an infection in the anus (which I think will not happen if you know how to wash your coffee enema hose and bucket properly).

Ohh yeah! I find the whole enema idea YUCCKY too! But the idea of toxins and bacteria and parasites living in my tissues and my organs– i guess is not just YUCCKY but BUWAAARK!!! GROSS!

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