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5 day prayer & fasting

January 18, 2012

Its a long weekend! starting this Saturday (20 Jan) to Tuesday (24 Jan).

Instead of going for a holiday trip, I will be embarking on a 5 day prayer & fasting (20-25 Jan for the following concerns

– more intimate relationship with God (wisdom and guidance)
– for co-workers (in Singapore and the rest of Asia and UK) who will either be losing their jobs or getting more workload and therefore sacrificing their time for their own family and their own health (that they may also seek the Lord at this junction in our lives)
– for the West (UK and US) to remember that they have a Christian heritage (American laws are based on Christian foundations)– may they not continue to turn around from their rich Christian heritage
– for the East (Asia) to continue to get to know the Lord more and realise the pattern of humanity as reflected in the Old Testament..
– that the leaders in my workplace make the right decisions not only for their own job security but also for the lives that will be impacted in every major decision they make
– Nanay’s continous healing (physically, spiritually and emotionally)
– my own health concerns (weight, metabolism issues)
– My brother to continue to grow in faith (no matter how small)
– May all the people we meet whether they make our life easier, or more challenging– see how the Lord works in our lives and not only respect our convictions but also join us in getting to know Christ more
– for the Lord to give me wisdom and guidance on how we can get out of the slavery of credit card debts (how I can continue to sustain Nanay’s treatments).. if this includes giving away my ‘widows mite’.. may the Lord give the peace that surpasses all understanding..

– that the vegetables I will be buying are really organically produced and that it will provide the right sustenance and nutrition as I embark on this 5 day prayer & fasting..

– that I may find opportunities to talk about the Grace of God to people I will encounter in this journey..

To anyone who is reading this and praying for us, may the desires of your heart be also supported by Christ.

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  1. January 19, 2012 1:33 pm

    Hi Nanay,

    Thanks for your reply and information. Yes i have purchase the Gerson Supplements from Nature’s before but according to my research i found out that most of their products contain magnesium sterate which is a immune suppressor.
    In the midst of wait for your reply, i have also email Gerson Institute & found out about the B12 Injections. The recommend B12 Injections is Methycobalamin; a better form of Cocobalamin which is easily absorb by the body. Most B12 i found were the cheaper version called Cyanocobalamin which hinders absorption & doesn’t have a lasting effect in the body. In my 3 month trial of the Methycobalamin, i have experience better metal clarity & better bowel movements. It’s even improve my coffee enema session! I’m currently taking 1 shot of 5cc once or twice a week. I’m have also secure a batch of Gerson’s recommended supplements from USA which are excipients free (NO Magnesium Sterate).
    On my 3 months on the Gerson, i have realize that it’s really is truly difficult & demanding to maintain the Gerson protocol here in Singapore. Most times, it really is stressful trying to keep up to the schedule. I been off the program now but still sticking to the Green juices. With a much better idea how this therapy works, I’m able to understand how to help many of my students cope and improve on their health journey. However, i do not recommend Gerson to anyone that doesn’t have any helper or care-giver, the amount of time & attention given to prepare the protocol is too tasking for one when he/she is suppose to be healing. I salute you for managing it for your mom & yourself. Hope my information helps you in some ways. God Bless You & your Mom.


    You can email me at

  2. January 20, 2012 9:13 pm

    Hi Max,

    I agree with you, its really difficult to follow Gerson , but I think if anyone follow it to a T, will benefit tremendously. My mother is also on modified Gerson diet…

    I will be on Breuss juice fast tomorrow, until Wednesday…will post something about it as and when I have time…


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