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Let everyone be fully convinced in his own mind

January 21, 2012

A lesson I have learned the hard way last year, and something I have only fully cemented today

Let everyone be fully convinced in his own mind

Abram demonstrated this when he won the war for Sodom and Gomorrah (his intention was to save his nephew later years Sodom and Gomorrah would be destroyed).. but at that time.. Abram took about 400 men to rescue this city in order to save his nephew. The highest official of that city – the King, offered to give him all the riches of the city in exchange of his victory.. but Abram politely declined.. and told the King that it was not right for him to partake any of the riches of Sodom and Gomorrah.. however, he said let his men take their shares..

The first time I read this, it seems to be conflicting itself.. why would Abram, reject the offer and yet allow his men to take it?

Well, the answer is, he believed that his men, is not yet fully convinced that they should only be depending on God’s provisions for their needs.. that they should still be partaking the loots post-war.

How does it apply to chemo therapy then and other alternative treatments such as HIFU and DCA? I would say let them (cancer patients), take it if they are fully convinced in their own mind to do so.

I have had Christians tell me that God had spoken to their hearts and told them it was wrong for them to drink coffee, and they have tried to persuade me to stop, too. But I am still waiting for word from the Lord on this!

It is a great lesson to learn that there are areas of our Christian life where we must walk alone before our God, and cannot force our views on others. So Abram says, in effect,

“Let the young men have their share. It is not right for me to take anything, but they are not standing in my place. Let them have their share.”

Now, life lies ahead of us with all its possibilities of peril and danger, both spiritual and physical. How we need to go on in the strength of the Lord our God, Maker of heaven and earth. Nothing that the world offers can fully meet our hearts’ need. All that will really satisfy comes from him alone. We are in this world. We are expected to live in it. We are expected to use the world, but not to abuse it. We must not love it, nor demand anything from it.

Like Abram, we must lift up our hand and say,

“I have sworn to the Lord my God, I will not touch anything that you have to offer.”

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