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No Contradictions

January 26, 2012

In response to a reader who thought I was contradicting myself:

Upset reader says:

In One of your blog u wrote on Dr Hulda Clark’s therapy towards Parasites. Yet U wonder how often we can handle so many parasites in our body. However, U did not realise that in Dr Hulda Clark’s book(s), she mentioned about Pig has a lot of parasites. She also provided a list of parasites found in so many animals.

My say:
You have to read my articles backwards.
On June 13, 2011
– my mother was diagnosed with hardening of arteries, which I found unbelievable as she do not have high-blood pressure, does not smoke, not diabetic and does not consume too much food with high cholesterol (she eats pork occassionally)

Through my research, I found out that hardening of arteries can be due to bacteria or parasites. That was the time I begin to ask a lot of questions about the source of bacteria and parasites…

June 13- 3,2011 that is about 17 days apart, took me 7 days to read and analyze Dr. Clarke’s theory..and also consult a few naturopaths in the Philippines..My focus then is to get rid of bacteria and parasites thats already damaging her body.. of course I tried to minimize all possible sources too..

On June 30, 2011- I wrote about Dr. Clarke’s theory that many of our illnesses are due to bacteria and parasites (although I did not mention in that article pork as a source of bacteria and parasites)

If you will read that article on 30 June, my mother embarked on parasite cleansing …. and she did it purely for physical health reasons (not because of what we read in scriptures)…

Upset reader says:

In Fact – another book by Dr Rex Russell, “What the Bible said about Healthy Living”, he provided a list of Unclean Animals and parasites are found in these Unclean Animals.

My say:
The book “Gospel for Health” also talks about pork being unclean and parasites being found in these unclean animals. So, I do not see any contradiction in the above. You also have pointed it to me, that there are verses in Leviticus that talks about unclean animals. So, I prayed for it and though I find you rude and rough, I am compelled and convicted to abstain from eating pork moving forward.

You probably think I was contradicting myself when I said, for Filipinos it is hard to abstain from pork, saying it is hard, does not mean I am not going to follow my convictions. I am just stating the fact that it is HARD to change.. but we have to change.

My mother has stopped eating pork since 2 years back. I only eat pork occassionally (again because it is hard to say no to well meaning friends)… this time though, I will be firm in my convictions and say NO or abstain from PORK. Nevertheless, I cannot force my friends to abstain from PORK. They have to be compelled and convicted on their own. So there are no contradictions my friend, just sensitivity to other people’s perspective. God meets us where we are.. so we must not expect that everyone will be at the same pace as we do..

Moreover, there are so many books about health that are probably aligned with the scriptures.. however, it would be almost impossible to follow say, for example, Dr. Clarke to a T.. I know someone who really follow Dr. Clarke’s instructions to a T, and she had become a laughing stock (her neighbors find her eccentric)…we have to be very careful in following anything.. until it becomes almost like a religion or a cult..

Any theory has to be tested either in the spiritual realm (by praying and meditating on it) or in the physical realm (you try it and see if it works)– then again we know that not all theories can be tested physically as there is no way to recreate every possible permutation. So, at the end of it all, the Bible becomes the sole authority even in health matters.

Upset reader says:

Welcome to reality on understanding HOW the Two Brains work!!Pls do a Mind Map in the future.

My say:
Yes, thank you 🙂 I already use mind mapping even when I am conducting Process Improvement workshops at work…as far at the two brains and the interconnection between NT and OT… will leave you to expound on it. However, dont forget, that the Bible is a living word, we dont read it soley based on scholarly study, but in the light of the Holy Spirit, your 2 brains + the Holy Spirit …:) and since you are wiser than me, I bet you know that already.

Would you care to share with me your statement of faith? My statement of faith is here:

If we can agree on at least the first 6 statements, then I guess there is room for us to agree on other doctrines.. if not, then there is no point arguing about scriptures (if we can’t agree on the first 6)…

In addition, until you learn how to argue in a polite manner, I will not approve your comments in my blog and will not respond to your emails. Please also be specific, on your arguments, cite incidences when you think I contradict myself, so I can explain myself and see it from your vantage point. I admit I do not know everything, I cannot compare my 2 years of research to your 20 years of research. My motivation for this 2 years of research is to learn how to cope and protect my mother and my family – NOT TO tell all the world that I know everything (If the only reason for blogging is to prove I am right then- thats a complete waste of time.)

Again,there are no contradictions here– its just the process of questioning and learning.. if you are just quoting my statements here and there without understanding the context.. well then you will be utterly confused.. so if you dont have much time to read in context, just forget reading altogether.

Have a blessed day!

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