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Hippocrates Soup

January 27, 2012

Apparently tastes great! I cooked my first pot of Hippocrates Soup in a slow cooker…yum!

Purchased the ingredients from the NTUC Finest at Bukit Timah Plaza, they have a good selection of organic produce.

The ingredients for my Breuss Juice (beet roots, marble potatoes, celery and carrots) were ordered online (from Green Circle).. they deliver the goods in Bukit Timah every Friday. Which reminds me, I must order our 1 week supply of organic veggies and fruits today.. so they can deliver tomorrow.

On a spiritual front, a lot of prayers answered… my most difficult colleague is now an ally πŸ™‚ Our preferred vendor for certain services personally visited me today, to discuss how they can improve their services to our company.. there are a few glitches here and there (those areas that I forgot to pray about).. but manageable.

During the CNY weekend, I had coffee enema 2-3 times a day, and felt really good. Yesterday and today though, I havent moved my bowels yet. Not a very good feeling. Kept massaging the reflex points that deals with constipation.. but still no movements at all. I probably have to drink more water/soup/juice. Tomorrow, I will go to the nearest health spa, for foot reflexology (lunch hour).

Nanay is enjoying Facebook via iphone and now knows how to upload photos and create collages.. thats a big achievement for her. She enjoys connecting with relatives as far as South Africa, Dubai and Canada. Saw a few photos of her and Zarah enjoying themselves at the park…

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