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Sprouted Buckwheat Granola and other what have you’s

February 18, 2012

The trip to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market reminds me of my childhood. When Nanay and Tatay used to bring me every Sunday to Balintawak Wholesale Market in Quezon City, Philippines. The smell, the crowd, the excitement of picking onions, garlics, fruits and veggies from the bins and the chatter with the stall owners. Except perhaps, I really cannot chat with the Pasir Panjang stall owners in their Chinese dialects.

We started off with Zenxin Agri-Organic shop at Block 14 Stall 01-25. The selection of organic produce is the same as what you get at Nature’s Glory and NTUC Finest. So, I was a bit disappointed, I was imagining a large selection of locally grown organic veggies. Found out that they also have a good selection of Solgar brand of supplements. So, I purchased a bottle of Vitamin D3 (1000 IU) for me and Nanay. Since I have a new electric oven, and we enjoyed making our first pizza dough/crust during Chinese New Year… I wanted to relive the experience with Zarah and her cousins.

I also so wanted to be able to make my own sprouted buckwheat gluten-free flour. But I have to invest in a good grinder to make the flour of buckwheat. So, decide to buy ready made buckwheat flour. And also bought raw buckwheat– anyways. Then somehow, I found myself strolling in one corner of Zenxin, and saw someone making granolas out .. then I asked him –“what is that you are making?”– he said, sprouted buckwheat granola! Ding ding ding!! Oh, I asked, how do you make it?

Then he rattled, excitedly, first you wash the buckwheat berries, then you soak it for an hour, then you keep it moist for another 12hours and then you should see a little something like this..(showing a little tiny bit of sprout in one of the buckwheat berries)– by this time, you can say the buckwheat berry has sprouted and has realesed its enzymes! Brilliant! You know even in the Bible, the Leviticans soak their grains for several days (presumably to soften it and make it easily digestible)…so his voice kinda trailed in the background (I was thinking.. yeah am going to google “sprouted buckwheat granola” as soon as I reach home.. and am going to make 1 batch of granola for the whole family to eat for breakfast or snacks for the whole week>…

As I passed through the dry goods corner, I saw organic natural white fungus and organic dried goji berries and almonds… then remembered one of my friends saying that her daughter’s persistent cough cleared after feeding her dessert made of white fungus, goji berries and almonds. So put all of it in my cart.

There are so many other things that I bought from the market, but let me just focus on goji berries, sprouted buckwheat and white fungus.

As soon as I reached home, I googled buckwheat granola and sprouted buckwheat granolas.. so many different recipes.

But I think, will make do with what Ive got for now, buckwheat (will sprout it overnight), goji berries (same will soak overnight).. carob powder (Nanay have it on stock), apple puree.. to make my sprouted buckwheat granola..

The buckwheat flour made of sprouted buckwheat .. can wait for now..

The sprouted buckwheat granola made by the Raw Food chef at Zenxin, tasted amazing with his fresh almond milk. Am gonna soak raw almonds too and make my own almond milk…

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